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AIDS: Made in America part 1

From The Journal of Degenerative Diseases Summer, 2004 Vol.5, Number 3. This will be a multi-part series to show AIDS was indeed "made in America" as a project to depopulate the world pillage sovereign nations of their resources. This has been an ongoing project since WWII by the Rockefeller Foundations. After reading this, anyone receiving a vaccination sponsored by ANY government is crazy. Many thanks to Donald W. Scott, Editor-in-Chief and William L.C. Scott who are the authors of this information.

The word AIDS is an acronym made up of the first letters of the words in the phrase ‘acquired immune deficiency syndrome’ or sometimes ‘ acquired immunodeficiency syndrome.’
According to many medical history reference books AIDS was identified as a specific disease entity in 1981. And therein lies our first anomaly. You see there was an earlier phrase that was strikingly similar to the one now in use to label the horrible epidemic that is killing over 8000 people a day. The earlier phrase appeared ten years earlier in 1971 when it was used by two medical researchers who were working at the Stanford University School of Medicine in California! The two researchers were Thomas C. Merigan and David A. Stevens. They had used the phrase in the title of an article published in the November-December issue of Federation Proceedings.
Here is the title of the Merigan, Stevens article: “Viral infections in man associated with acquired immunological deficiency states.” Note the acronym formed from the phrase: AIDS. Now, how does it happen that ten years before there was such an entity as AIDS, Drs. Merigan and Stevens are able to write about AIDS?
Was it just a co-incidence, or is there more here than meets the eye?
To answer this question we will have to take a look at who the people were that coined the acronym and what they were involved in. And, we’ll have to look at the institutions that were involved: who were they? What were they up to? Who was paying them and with whom were they working and for what reason? However, before we answer these and other questions, here is another strange thing about AIDS that you need to know.
On June 9, 1969, Dr. Donald MacArthur of the Pentagon met in secret with a small group of Congressmen who were on a deep secret committee that monitored the work being done by the United States in the field of biological and chemical weapons development. They were gathered to approve the Congressional Black Budget items for 1970. It is important to note this meeting because it means that the development of AIDS and other biowar agents was an official U.S. Government activity. It wasn’t just a group of rogue lunatics abusing positions of power. The Government of the United States as the elected representatives of the American people was and still is heavily involved in finding ways to kill and maim human beings in order to advance Government policies and objectives. As a consequence, the American people themselves are culpable in mass murder, for it was and is their agents who are doing the dirty work.
So, June 9, 1969, Pentagon to Congress: Dr. MacArthur tells the peoples’ representatives the following: “There are two things about the biological agent field I would like to mention. One is the possibility of technological surprise. Molecular biology is a field that is advancing very rapidly, and eminent biologists believe that within a period of 5 to 10 years it would be possible to produce a synthetic biological agent, an agent that does not naturally exist and for which no natural immunity could have been acquired! That’s an ‘acquired immune deficiency state…AIDS!
Let’s parse those last seven words: ‘no natural immunity could have been acquired.’
Now, if one has no money, one has a deficiency of money. If one has no immunity, one has a deficiency of immunity; or, put another way: one has an ‘immune deficiency’. Furthermore, note that MacArthur is speaking about an acquired immunity.
If MacArthur’s eminent biologists have told him that within ‘5 to 10’ years they could have an agent that does not naturally exist, it would, of course, be one which they would have to engineer in their laboratories. And, it would be available between 1975 and 1980.
When was AIDS initially diagnosed in the United States?
And is it an agent for which no natural immunity could have been acquired?
Of course it was and is!
But, MacArthur has some other details for the peoples’ representatives in Congress. He tells them that this new agent…”might be refractory to the immunological and therapeutic processes upon which we depend to maintain our relative freedom from infectious disease.”
What infectious diseases might he be talking about?
Well, he could be referring to something like Kaposi’s sarcoma, which is a disease affecting the skin and mucous membranes and was formerly limited to elderly men, especially in certain North African countries.
Or, he might be talking about Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia, which shows up in infected lung tissue as cysts, containing six or eight oval bodies, and that attacks especially the interstitium of the lungs with marked thickening of the alveolar septa and of the alveoli.
And, of course, he could be talking about lymphadeno-pathy, which was what Luc Montagnier found in the blood of some early AIDS victims. When Luc was studying his samples of blood from the AIDS victims, the virus-like particles that he spotted were like those that he in his experience as a leading microbiological researcher associated with lymphadenopathy. The latter is a disease characterized
by the abnormal enlargement of the lymph nodes so Luc named his discovered particles “Lymphadenopathy Associated Virus” or “LAV. ” Thus the first acronym to be used to label what is now labeled as AIDS was LAV.
At this point, Luc Montagnier made a mistake. He sent a summary of what he had discovered to the American researcher, Robert Gallo. Gallo promptly used Montagnier’s work to re-produce the LAV particle in his own lab and he re-named it HTLV-111, or Human T-Cell Leukemia Virus, third species.
If you haven’t followed the above paragraph, here is what it means: Gallo had stolen Montagnier’s intellectual property. Period.
Montagnier sued for damages.
Thanks to pressure from President Ronald Reagan, Gallo and Montagnier got together in a secret session wherein they agreed that both had discovered the disease agent that caused illness by lowering the victim’s immune system. Furthermore, they would share in any profits to be made from this dramatic discovery, and Luc would drop his legal suit against Gallo. Later they agreed that the newly discovered organism should be called a Human Immunodeficiency Virus [HIV] and the LAV and HTLV-111 labels should be dropped.
Getting murky, isn’t it? But, we’ll make it all clear in the article below, titled: “Robert Gallo: ‘Thanks Luc.’”
To summarize to this point. In 1969 Dr. MacArthur of the U.S. Military biowar research folks, told some devious Congressmen that eminent biologists were almost ready with a new infectious organism, which would be refractory to the human immune system. This new organism would make humans infected with it subject to diseases that they otherwise would have been able to fight off as part of their natural immune defence system. Diseases such as Kaposi’s sarcoma; Pneumoniae carinii pneumonia; lymphadenopathy; and others.
Such a masterpiece of biological engineering could be ready between 1975 and 1980, if Congress approved. Well, Congress did approve and work by MacArthur’s ‘eminent biologists’ continued with re-newed vigor. [See the article below: “The Rockefellers’ Stable of Talent (Are you there, Henry?)]
Then, lo and behold, in 1981 there popped into the world a new disease organism which Luc Montagnier of France called LAV and which when stolen from Montagnier by Robert Gallo, had been re-named HTLV-111, but which by agreement became HIV and which, it is now claimed, is the cause of AIDS.
And, we have already noted that AIDS, whether caused by LAV or HTLV-111 or HIV, and which presents as various opportunistic diseases such as described, had turned up in the scientific literature ten years before it had been officially discovered. It turned up in an article by Thomas Merigan and David Stevens.
So, critical dates to remember:
1969: the Pentagon promises AIDS
1971: Merigan and Stevens write about AIDS
1981: AIDS discovered!
Please take a moment as a (hopefully) moral human being and savor this chronology:
1. Promise of AIDS; 2. Reference to AIDS; 3. Delivery of AIDS. Then ask yourself these questions: Is the AIDS that MacArthur promised Congress the same AIDS that by 2004 has already killed millions and is going to kill millions more? If it is, then ask: Were Merigan and Stevens part of that group of ‘eminent biologists’ to whom MacArthur had referred? In other words, were they all involved in the creation of the most deadly weapon of war ever devised by man?
To answer these and other questions, let’s take a closer look at Merigan and Stevens and the institutions for which they worked.
According to the brief biographical notes which accompanied the November-December article ‘Viral infections in man associated with acquired immunological deficiency states’ published in Federation Proceedings by Merigan and Stevens, the authors are listed as being members of the “Division of Infectious Diseases, Department of Medicine, Stanford University School of Medicine, Stanford, California.”
So, let’s start with Stanford University and any link the latter institution might have with the eugenics school of thought. Here, we hit the jackpot. It was Stanford University that spawned Dr. Paul Ehrlich who, in 1968 ( just the year before Dr. MacArthur’s promise of a new infectious agent that would help control world population growth) published his book titled The Population Bomb. In this book Ehrlich urges that the United States Government must “…take immediate action at home and worldwide to slow population growth.” The book was an immense hit with the public at large and scared many of them badly. But, it also had fans in high places, including a Congressman from Texas named George H. W. Bush and the about to be designated National Security Advisor to President Nixon: Henry Kissinger.
But, we cannot of course condemn people as guilty because of their association with criminals. Just because Stanford University was a hot bed of eugenicists didn’t make Merigan one, and his article on AIDS ten years before there was any such thing as AIDS might have been a co-incidence. Just might.
To determine whether Merigan was an early member of MacArthur’s group of ‘eminent biologists’ who were sure that they could produce the AIDS we have come to know so well, let’s skip ahead a few years to see if Dr. Merigan, the 1971 psychic writer about AIDS has any possible links with the AIDS that popped into the world in 1981.
Where was Dr. Merigan eighteen years later in 1989?
Why we find him acting as Chairman of the Primary Infection Committee of Tony Fauci’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases doing work on AIDS Clinical Drug Development. In other words the psychic was working with the real McCoy AIDS, trying to find ways to make a buck out of the tragedy. And what kind of researcher was he is this role? Well, one researcher has this to say:
“Merigan stripped them [AIDS victims] of their humanity and made them part of his laboratory work, the work of his cohorts, the researchers. It was a damning exercise in selfishness. It was also an exercise in ignorance.”
Now we can turn to Merigan’s psychic co-author, David A. Stevens.
In February 1971, Dr. Stevens is listed as a co-author of another significant study titled “Concurrent Infectious Mononucleosis and Acute Leukemia. Case Reports. Review of the Literature and Serologic Studies with the Herpes-Type Virus (EB Virus). The article appears in Volume 50 of the American Journal of Medicine. Stevens is also noted as having been at the time he shared in writing the article “ From the Viral Biology and Viral Leukemia-Lymphoma Branches and the Program Analysis Section, National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, Maryland.” By the time the article saw the light of day in print, Stevens had joined Merigan at Stanford.
To those readers who are not already familiar with the labyrinth of evil hidden within the bowels of the National Institutes of Health, let us advise you right off that the title of the above article is rife with scary implications. Let us now parse the title and demonstrate why the article might well rightfully frighten a reasonably moral reader.
Concurrent…flowing together… just what is it that is flowing with what else? Why none other than a disease form called ‘infectious mononucleosis’ united with another disease form called ‘leukemia.’ And, with what does Stevens et al tie these in? He ties them to the Herpes-Type Epstein-Barr Virus.
So, in the same year (1971) that Stevens is writing about AIDS, which is still ten years away (1981), he is also writing about the concurrence of ‘mononucleosis, leukemia and Epstein-Barr’.
And when do you suppose that these three were destined to meet again?
Well, they pop up in 1981 (the same year that AIDS was officially acknowledged.) In that same year they are all associated with another new disease entity called Chronic Fatigue Syndrome [CFS].
Now isn’t that interesting?
At this point we must return briefly to the Meeting of June 9, 1969, when Dr. MacArthur of the Pentagon told several devious Congressmen that eminent biologists with whom the Military was working believed that by 1980 they could have a bioweapon that was lethal because it would be refractory to the human immune system…AIDS.
An Interlude
We need to add something else that MacArthur revealed on June 9, 1969. In that same meeting he told the Congressmen that not only was the Military working on a lethal biowar agent, but that they were also working on a disabling biowar agent. It is now evident that the lethal agent produced AIDS and the disabling agent produced CFS in the victims.
Why have a lethal weapon to fight against a growing world population and a disabling weapon?
The answer to this question is cruelly logical, and here it is: this moral cesspool that we call ‘modern society’ is so selfish and self-serving and ethno-centric that it is possible to kill off 8000 Black and Brown skinned humans a day as is happening with AIDS, without any worry about a public outcry, but if 8000 Whites were dying daily [three 9/11’s daily] there would be a revolution. So, to take the latter (especially women) out of life without killing them, the Military developed the ‘mirror-image’ of AIDS, that is CFS, and as we shall see, contrived to create a parallel epidemic of the disabling disease.
Along with the science of developing the lethal and disabling population control agents, the dark powers with the necessary resources also developed what they term ‘media assets’ to down-play the tragedy and to blunt public demand for answers.
Thus AIDS was labeled ‘the gay plague’ and CFS was labeled ‘the Yuppie flu’ to make them sound like something less than the terrible diseases that they are. In the media AIDS victims were presented as homosexual sinners and the victims of CFS as neurotic middle-aged women, and the public health agencies could ignore the dawning epidemics because the public really didn’t care.
And, as we have noted, both AIDS and CFS officially came into the human family in 1981.Just eleven years after MacArthur’s promise to Congress.
End Of An Interlude
We can now return to David A. Stevens and his research article linking mononucleosis, leukemia and Epstein-Barr virus. In the Interlude above, we introduced the fact that a mirror image of AIDS turned up in 1981. It is critical to note that when CFS appeared in the world, none other than Stevens’ former co-author, Dr. Thomas Merigan, emerged as an expert on the new disease. He also turned out to be quite a liar when it came to explaining some of his ‘expert’ opinions. His self-proclaimed motto was “If you can’t dazzle ‘em with brilliance, baffle ‘em with bullshit” and that is just what he tried to do.
A case in point involved an early CFS victim named Julie Pritchard. When she became ill she was referred to Merigan. Without even examining her physically, he declared that there was no evidence of a viral infection and dismissed her. Pritchard puts it this way: “Let me just be brief. I went to Stanford, and they never, ever - they never touched me basically. Neither one of them [Merigan and a doctor Leslie Dorfman]. They never examined me. I was not physically touched by either of them. They spent fifteen minutes with me- combined - and drew the conclusion that I was a neurotic middle-aged broad who had mental problems. Then they told me to go away.” (On the record by author, Hillary Johnson: Osler’s Web)
Is it just a co-incidence that two doctors, Merigan and Stevens, were busy in 1971 studying and writing about AIDS and another disease presentation where mononucleosis, leukemia and EB virus were concurrent, and then when AIDS and CFS [which was linked to the same three disease signs and symptoms] became diseases on the record, the same two Doctors turned up as experts on both? And, is it just a co-incidence that the Pentagon in 1969 revealed that they were working to develop a lethal biowar agent [such as AIDS] and a disabling biowar agent [such as CFS]? Let’s continue following the trail.
When researchers publish articles such as the AIDS/ CFS articles by Merigan and Stevens in 1971, their observations do not emerge from the ether. Their work is based upon precedent work, and when one examines where the current position originates, greater insight is gained into just what was going on to produce later expertise in the subjects under study.
In other words, upon what precedents were ‘eminent biologists’ like Merigan and Stevens drawing that permitted them to become so psychic about pending disease tragedies? We need to consider their sources.
One of the Merigan-Stevens’ sources was a ‘Wallace P. Rowe’, who with four co-authors wrote an article in 1966 which was published in the Annals of Internal Medicine. Although all five authors are of interest, Rowe, especially, needs to be studied further. In the late 1940’s and early 1950’s Dr. Rowe was working with a Dr. Robert Huebner on an assignment from the United States Navy, attempting to find out why Naval Recruits were subject to infection presenting as what they called a chronic or ‘walking’ form of pneumonia.
In the process of their research Rowe and Huebner had come to realize that the chronic pneumonia (which they attributed to a pleuropneumonia organism) was often accompanied in the recruits by a ‘spontaneous degeneration’ of the adenoids. And there you have the very beginning of AIDS.
If any one person can be called the ‘father’ of AIDS, it is Dr. Robert Huebner. But, he had a number of co-researchers, and others, like Merigan and Stevens, drew upon Huebner’s research as they worked their AIDS/ CFS psychic magic. However, before we turn our attention to Huebner, there are a couple more points to be made about the 1971 research of Drs. Merigan and Stevens.
It is evident that in 1971 researchers such as Drs. Merigan and Stevens could write articles which anticipated both AIDS and CFS, because they were, wittingly or unwittingly, part of a larger research project to develop these two great plagues.
At the end of Dr. Stevens’ report on the concurrence of mononucleosis, leukemia and Epstein-Barr virus, the authors thank a Dr. Robert Manaker and a Dr. Edward Henderson for their ‘critical review of the manuscript’. Obviously, one scientist does not ask other scientists for their critical review unless those being asked are acknowledged as experts in the field of study. Who, then, were Drs. Manaker and Henderson, and what had they done to merit the confidence and respect of Stevens et al?
Robert Manaker has several claims to fame. First of all, his last initial “M” is coupled with the last initial of one of his colleagues, a Dr. Paul Kotin, “K”. This pairing of “MK” turns up in a strange government document titled “Special Virus Cancer Program (SVCP) Progress Report #8 “, dated ‘July, 1971’. Here is how these initials appear on page 282 of the document cited: “MK-SVLP”.
Observe two things about this MK-SVLP acronym. First, note the L. It stands for ‘Leukemia/ Lymphoma”. Now observe that the reference is in the Progress Report for the Special Virus Cancer Program. SVLP and SVCP… what is unusual here? Just this.
When Richard Nixon became President in the election of 1968, he designated Henry Kissinger as his National Security Advisor. A couple of years into his presidency, Nixon declared his famous ‘War on Cancer’. Then, in 1971 the scientists running the program issued their report on the progress of this war, but for some reason, they labeled their first report as “Progress Report # 8 “. Where were the first seven reports?
Well, it is not until we get to “SVCP-Progress Report # 10” that we learn from page 4, that the SVCP had originally been the SVLP from 1965 until 1967. Then, when Nixon and Kissinger came to power in 1968, the study of Leukemia/Lymphoma suddenly became the study of Cancer!
As we observed above in our discussion of LAV / HTLV-111 / HIV things seem to get awfully ‘murky’; so, in the whole matter of SVLP /SVCP murkiness is the dominant quality. And that murkiness is intentional. You see, back in 1952-3, when eugenicist Nelson Rockefeller joined the Eisenhower administration as a special link between the President and the newly created Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), and for a while as an Under Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare, Rockefeller set up a covert program known as “MKULTRA”. Ostensibly the program was to study ‘brain-washing’, but actually it was a secret program which had within itself over 180 sub-programs. One of these sub-programs was devoted to following up on the recent work of a Dr. Robert Huebner who had established a linkage between the spontaneous degeneration of the adenoids and a mysterious microorganism, which he called a PPLO or pleuropneumonia-like organism.
We will develop the Huebner/ PPLO research in the next article “Robert Huebner: ‘Adenoids to Alzheimer’s’”, and the Rockefeller / Kissinger/ SVCP cluster in a later article. But at this point we should note the use of ‘MK’ as prefix to CIA covert program code names. Was the MK of MKULTRA the same MK as that in MK-SVLP?
We’ll see.
Before we leave Tom Merigan and David Stevens, we must do one more thing…we must look at the sources they quote as listed in the References at the end of each article. First to “Viral infections in man associated with AIDS”, note and watch for the following:
17. Burnet, F. M.…Please see Exhibit One: the ‘Burnet/ Kissinger’ re-print below.
76. DeConti, J. R. …
And in “Concurrent Infectious Mononucleosis and Acute Leukemia”, note and watch for the following:
7. Henle G., Henle W.
9. Henle G., Henle W.
10. Henle G., Henle W.
15 Henle G.,.Henle W.
33. De The G.

What are we to conclude from this brief overview of the Merigan/ Stevens’ articles about AIDS and CFS written ten years before there were any such diseases? We can only conclude, and we shall bear this out in the following articles of this Special Issue of JODD, that the authors knew and were working with other ‘eminent scientists’ working with the Pentagon to create new weapons of war. And what war would these weapons be used in? It was the war against the growing population of the world, secretly declared upon millions of innocent victims by the Rockefeller/ military/ financial/ cabal built around the doctrine of eugenics.


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Thankyou for the answer to a question Ive been asking for over 50 years!

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If you havent already seen this link below- its a well researched read..lots of useful history pulled together also on biological warfare in colonisation.. .i Believe it was particularly heightened in colonizing victoria as that was only a decade after Haiti rebellion had seen formerly enslaved people fight back and defeat France and thenBritain!
And British were obsessed with preventing a repeat of this afocusing on the Victorian eugenics society in so called Australia and their "contributions" ..including that burnet guy.. to this day the Burnet Institute in Melbourne CONTINUES to monumentally fuck over drug users. we were literally given a range of unreliable and faulty Medical Equipment for injecting with in 2018... with a ten dollar aud supermarket voucher (no cahs of course!) ...for using 18 syringes ecen tho there were known quality Control issues of a very serious nature..like needles falling off while injecting in vein...wtf


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