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AIDS: Made in America part 6

The Belgians and the Portuguese
Those Pesky Black Nationalists

At the end of World War Two, imperialistic nations such as France in West Africa, Algeria and Vietnam [the latter they fondly labeled ‘French Indo-China’], Great Britain in India and the Middle East, Holland in Indonesia, Belgium in Central Africa (The Belgian Congo), and Portugal in West Africa had a big problem. In many cases Black ‘colonial’ troops had served the imperial powers’ interests well. Field Marshall Sir Archibald Wavell, for example, paid high tribute to his Black forces recruited from British East Africa, who had done such a tremendous job against the forces of Japan in the Battle of Burma. Now, many of these same battle-trained ‘colonials’ were aspiring to independence, and each imperialist power responded in its own way.
In general terms, the British benefited from having elected a post-war socialist government with Clement Attlee as Prime Minister. Attlee and his Labour Government set about to negotiate India’s independence, and to a lesser extent independence for Kenya, Uganda, and Ghana. But France, Holland, Belgium, and Portugal tried to maintain the old order by brutal repression of nationalism in the colonies. Those pesky Black nationalists!
The situation was complicated by a dawning of a new imperialism for the old. Although mouthing anti-colonial slogans, powerful forces in the United States embarked upon the creation of an American Empire to replace the crumbling empires of European nations. Blithely blind to the reality of what they were doing, the leaders of the U.S., while condemning colonialism, did all that they could to support the anti-nationalist activities of France in Vietnam, Belgium in the Congo and Holland in Indonesia [In respect to the latter, see Exhibit One below, p.29]. As it became evident that such efforts were doomed to ultimate failure, and the European powers were forced to withdraw their flagging and defeated armies, the U.S. needed a new strategy… especially in Africa.
That strategy was provided by the Rockefellers and their Council on Foreign Relations allies and it consisted of a program of genocide in resource-rich Africa. First, kill off the nationalist leaders like Patrice Lumumba and replace them with puppets and well-armed warlords to fight among themselves. Then, introduce a lethal new biological weapon which is refractory to the human immune system and which is spread by fluid exchange [including vaccines, blood transfusions, sexual intercourse and illicit injected drug use] and the Black Continent with its wealth will fall easily into the hands of the U.S. military/ industrial complex.
As we have already noted, this strategy received a big boost when the U.S. elected General Dwight Eisenhower as President in 1952. With Nelson Rockefeller militarizing the Public Health Agencies [Centers for Disease Control and the National Institutes of Health] while concurrently initiating the covert programs of MKULTRA, MKNAOMI, and MKDELTA (possibly MK-SVLP ) and, with the Dulles brothers, Allen and John Foster respectively, directing the new instrument of state terrorism called the CIA and the foreign policy establishment, the secret war of world conquest was launched.
In the atmosphere of international discord that characterized the times and, with a cold war between two dominant ideologies, communism and capitalism, raging, America sought covert allies for their secret war. Such allies were readily found in Belgium and Portugal, and a little later, in the Apartheid regime of South Africa. The French were pre-occupied with armed conflict in both Algeria and Indo-China, while the British were dis-engaging from their former colonies, and the Dutch were growing increasingly anxious to get out of their former colonies. But Belgium and Portugal maintained an obstinate urge to do what they could to hold onto the wealth they controlled in Africa.
As we noted in an Interlude above [“David Carr: ‘Pre-treated. But for what?”] there was a small clique in Great Britain privy to the genocide and co-operating in it, but this was not on the same level as the co-operation which was provided by Belgium and Portugal.
l. Belgium, the Congo and HIV-1
The evidence [scientific, historic and political] now available to the AIDS researcher demonstrates to a compelling degree that certain people in Belgium were determined in the 1950’s to do all that they possibly could to destroy the national aspirations of Black leaders in the Belgian colonies and to replace these with puppets. These aspirations were supported by the United States in pursuit of its neo-colonial scheming. Historically and politically, Dwight Eisenhower by a ‘wink and a nod’ ordered the CIA to kill Lumumba, and to instigate a move to replace him with Moise Tshombe in copper-rich Katanga Province.
Although the actual murder of Lumumba took place a few weeks into John F. Kennedy’s administration, the Belgian/ U.S. co-operation had been initiated early in the 1950’s. However, our emphasis is upon the scientific evidence and we must precis that here.
In the 1950’s a Belgian physician named Ghislain Courtois was placed in charge of a significant Belgian medical research laboratory in Stanleyville in the Congo. In this role he presided over two important medical research activities. Despite the fact that the area was plunging towards independence and people like Courtois ran the very real risk of being turfed out of the country, a significant new and large addition to his laboratory was built. In addition, at a place close to but difficult to access from Stanleyville, the Belgian government financed the establishment of Camp Lindi where, it was announced, over one hundred chimpanzees would be assembled for medical scientific research.
Then, in 1957 none other than Hilary Koprowski arrived for a visit to the medical laboratory and chimp farm. At the time of Koprowski’s visit, he was still an employee at Lederle where he was working with biowar weapons researcher, Dr. Herald Cox. [If one needs some clue as to how involved in biowar research Cox was, one can find it in the fact that the microbe responsible for Q-fever, Coxiella burnettii, is jointly named after Herald Cox and Frank Burnet of Australia, and Q-fever is identified in the June 9, 1969 Hearings (see above) as a biowar agent being worked on by the Pentagon].
At any rate, Koprowski saw fit to visit the Belgian research installations in 1957, shortly before he went to the Wistar Institute, and to re-new his association with several Belgian researchers. Two significant details emerge from such records as survive of the Congo laboratory, the chimpanzee camp, the Ghislain Courtois research, the Koprowski / Belgian co-operation in subjects such as rabies research and the development of oral polio vaccines. One significant detail is that both Koprowski and the Belgian scientists involved later ‘lost’ their records. The second significant detail is that while in the Congo, Koprowski co-operated with the Belgians in testing polio vaccines.
In respect to the latter vaccine test program several other details emerge which are disturbing. First, although the polio vaccine was to protect children from the ravages of polio, Koprowski also insisted on vaccinating all adults that he could get his hands on. Furthermore, evidence now has come to light that Koprowski vaccinated hundreds of Blacks in the Congo and in Rwanda-Burundi, but he failed to note this in his [already skimpy] records. These areas later became known for the early appearance of AIDS and later for the high incidence of AIDS.
There are further areas for concern, and these revolve around the fact that although the first vaccines used had come from America, it wasn’t long before a ‘polio’ vaccine was being manufactured under vague auspices in Belgium. Discussion of this aspect of the U.S./ Belgian co-operation is vehemently denied by all parties, despite the preponderance of evidence that plain and simply, Belgium co-operated with the U.S. to concoct a vaccine for the Black citizens of Central Africa.
Finally, it is our duty to report that the areas whose citizens were first vaccinated by the U.S./Belgian efforts were the first areas from which HIV-1 emerged on a large-scale epidemic basis. And, we need to report the species of pathogen is that which is now known as HIV-1 as distinguished from another species known as HIV-2.
And therein lies another story… the story of Portugal and AIDS.
ll. Portugal, Guinea-Bissau, Goa, Brazil & HIV-2
According to a strange story that is heard throughout the world, there was once a green monkey which bit a Black woman and transmitted a simian immune deficiency disease agent to her. Patient Zero one might call her. The said lady then had intercourse with someone to whom she passed the SIV, who had intercourse etc. and before long an infected person had intercourse with a Canadian airline steward who, although celibate while in his home country and heterosexual when visiting Africa or wherever it was that he picked up the SIV (now known as HIV) turned homosexual whenever he visited the United States. In the U.S. travel-enabled as he was with his airline employee pass, he scooted around New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles having sex with some 2,500 fellow gays. And that, Dear Children, is how AIDS came to be in Africa and among homosexuals on the American east and west coasts.
Patient Zero plus One you might call him, but according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control his real name was Gaetan Dugas.
Imagine anyone in his right mind believing this myth or any part of it to the effect that AIDS came out of monkeys in the jungle into the human family!
Such a myth makes it impossible to account for several anomalies.
First, there is the anomaly that there are two major HIV streams: HIV-1 and HIV-2.
Does the presence of a second strain suggest that perhaps a blue monkey (Yes, Virginia, there are blue monkeys known in formal company as Cercopithecus mitis schoutedeni) bit a Brown woman in Brazil?
Or does it suggest something more supportive of our research evidence: that AIDS was developed in American laboratories and that HIV-1 started off in the Lederle Lab and was the seed for HIV-1 presenting in Belgian-controlled Congo and other places, while HIV-2 came from some other laboratory? A laboratory in or associated with Portugal?
Let’s consider the evidence about HIV-2.
The first, and indeed the absolute, fact about HIV-2 that one must face up to is this: the major areas of the world which are infected with HIV-2 are areas where the Portuguese language is spoken. These include the former African colonies of Portugal, the Goa enclave in India, and Brazil.
There are two main streams of the so-called HIV current in the world. How can one possibly account for that fact? One can, of course, just ignore the problem. Or, one can accept that HIV-1 came into being when a green monkey bit a Black woman and HIV-2 came into being when about the same time a blue monkey bit a Brown woman.
Or, one can face the fact that HIV-1 and HIV-2 were developed in American military controlled laboratories, and that changes occurred when Belgian and Portuguese controlled labs took over some of the vaccine production.

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