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AIDS: Made in America part 8

The Rockefellers’
Stable of Talent
‘Are you there, Henry?’

On page 83 of The New York Times edition of The White House Transcripts the following conversation between President Richard Nixon and White House Legal Counsel, John Dean is reported:
“President: Hoover to Coyne to Nelson Rockefeller to Kissinger. Right?
“Dean: That’s right.
“President: Why did Coyne tell it to Nelson Rockefeller?”
Here one has the very image of democracy in America.
Dean and the president have been trying to track down the route by which conversations exchanged in the confidence of the Oval Office have become known to persons who were not present at the time they were made.
The presence of Hoover, the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation in ‘the loop’ is no surprise to Nixon. After all, this corrupt and evil guardian of the law in the United States at the time was known to have spies and sources everywhere so that he could maintain his blackmail files and keep his great Washington power. And ‘Coyne’, probably Ed Coyne of the Wall Street Journal, was no great surprise… he was known to have back channels to many Washington insiders, but, the fact that Coyne brought Nelson Rockefeller in to the loop seems to catch Nixon by surprise: “Why did Coyne tell it to Nelson Rockefeller?”
The exchange between Dean and the president is significantly informative on a number of fronts. First of all, the fact that not only had Hoover learned of the matter under review, he had shared it with a member of the media. Then, not only did the media member have the information as background for any stories that he might see fit to use, he had also passed the information to none other than Nelson Rockefeller!
In other words, the information had been passed up the ladder to a key member of the Rockefeller power center, demonstrating just who it was in the democracy of the United States that was at the center of the shadow government which was really running things. Even Nixon didn’t know.
Then, it is important to note where the information went when Rockefeller had it: Henry Kissinger. Up to the top, Nelson Rockefeller, then out to the Rockefellers’ man in the White House: Henry Kissinger.
We introduce this chapter with this snippet from history to demonstrate where the real power lies in American politics: the money interests who have corrupted senior administration officials (Hoover); who have representatives of the fabled ‘free press’ as intelligence gatherers (Ed Coyne); and who control the president’s senior executor in all matters dealing with National Security (Henry Kissinger).
The power core of the United States is built upon wealth, which controls the media, the medical establishment, the pharmaceutical industry, the military industrial complex, the ‘public’ politicians, American foreign policy (including that instrument of foreign policy… the making of war).
And the core of the wealthy establishment is the Rockefeller network.
The wars that the American people have allowed themselves to wage on behalf of the wealth power core, including that in Vietnam for tin and tungsten; that in the Middle East for oil; and finally, that secret war in Africa for that continent’s great untapped resource base, and employing the de-population weapon of AIDS, have all been contrived by the lackeys of great wealth, and in 1973 when Nixon was being double-crossed while himself double-crossing others, the flow of information was to Nelson Rockefeller and from him it went to Henry…’Are you there, Henry?’
So, the major stud in the Rockefeller stable of talent, was Henry Kissinger, but we’ll leave him to the end of this article. Let’s start back in 1943 in Brazil where the Rockefellers ruled supreme. Who was in the stable there?
Edwin Lennette worked at the Yellow Fever Research Service in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, for, nominally, the Brazilian Ministry of Health and the Rockefeller Foundation. One of his areas of research was an investigation of encephalitis. One of the experiments he participated in involved the Venezuelan equine encephalomyelitis virus [VEEV]. Thus, Lennette was right in on the ground floor of biowar weapons research for, when Dr. MacArthur of the Pentagon was briefing the Congressmen about Pentagon research in that field, on June 9, 1969,he was asked what pathogens were being worked on. MacArthur replied: “…Incapacitating agent (among others): Venezuelan equine encephalomyelitis virus (and) Lethal: Yellow fever virus”!
Hillary Koprowski turned up in Brazil in 1940, where he, too, worked for the Rockefeller Foundation! One of his fellow researchers was Edwin Lennette, and consequently, one of his areas of expertise was VEEV, which, as one author points out was later put to use in the development of a vaccine by Koprowski and the U.S. Army and whose potential as a ‘biological warfare agent was swiftly recognized.’ In 1944, Koprowski used his Rockefeller links to immigrate to the U.S. where he first worked for the Rockefeller Institute. Then, he went to Lederle Laboratories and association with Herald Cox, whom we have already met. [We have noted elsewhere that the disease pathogen Coxiella burnettii had been named in honour of Herald Cox and Frank Burnet. C. Burnettii, in turn, is the causative factor in Queensland fever (Q fever) and the latter was also identified by MacArthur in his report to Congress, as a ‘disabling’ bioagent being worked on by the Pentagon.]
From Lederle and some early and mysterious trips to Belgium and the Congo, Koprowski arrived at the Wistar Institute and was a part of much that followed.
Meanwhile, in another part of the stable, Dr. Bjorn Sigurdsson was also working for the Rockefellers. In the early 1940’s Sigurdsson was working at the Rockefeller Institute in New Jersey. Later, with hundreds of thousands of Rockefeller dollars he returned to his native Iceland, to study ‘experimental pathology’. He was just in time to experience the first major outbreak of a mysterious ‘incapacitating’ disease agent that hit over 1000 Icelandic students, five of whom developed Parkinson’s Disease and later died. From there he went on to study the nature of the sheep retroviruses, which co-incidentally, are a major component of the ‘lethal’ disease pattern called HIV-1, and which by being able to take over the reproductive mechanism of its host cell [RNA-directed DNA polymerase], can perpetuate itself in its victim.
In the 1970’s Fritz Deinhardt looms very large in the Special Virus Cancer Program. In Progress Report #8 alone, he is cited 19 times. An expert, it would seem, in cancer. But, it wasn’t always so. In fact, back in 1958 the record shows that he was a great colleague of Hilary Koprowski, and, when Hilary was in the Congo testing something on chimpanzees at Camp Lindi, there also was Fritz Deinhardt plying the poor chimps with a hepatitis vaccine that he was researching. Of special interest to us in this precis about AIDS, was that part of Deinhardt’s work focused upon the role of hormones in contagious liver diseases. This research becomes even more pertinent when one has a chance to study the SVCP, Progress Report #9, for in the latter document the following is reported as an important discovery:
“We have for the first time demonstrated that the virogenic markers, group specific antigens (g.s.) and RNA directed DNA polymerase, can be activated by alteration of the physiological endocrine balance.”
What is so relevant about this discovery (made for the first time!)?
To begin with, the ‘endocrine balance’ has to do with the role of the hormones, and the role of the hormones has everything to do with the ability of certain mycoplasmal species to alter that endocrine balance. Here is how it works: 1. When roused to action by some trauma, certain mycoplasma will up-take pre-formed cholesterol from its host cell. Cholesterol, in turn, is antecedent to the production of hormones in certain secretory glands. If the cholesterol supply is limited due to mycoplasmal up-take, then the supply of certain hormones is ipso facto also limited. Hence, the significance of Deinhardt’s hormone research vis a vis hormone balance, hepatitis, and chimps in the Congo. [See the article in this issue: “Robert Gallo; ‘Thanks Luc.’” and note how cholesterol figures in mycoplasma infection.]
However, of significance to us at this point is the fact that Deinhardt’s work was to a large part financed by the Rockefeller Foundation.
Put Fritz Deinhardt in to the Rockefeller stable of talent.
We have noted elsewhere in this Special Edition of JODD, the role of certain Belgian scientists in a variety of Koprowski-related activities. However, we should take particular note of Dr. Ghislain Courtois. It turns out that in 1955, before embarking upon a vaccination program in Central Africa where the records of just what was being vaccinated against had been lost, Dr. Courtois was brought to America for a three month study session. He started this tour at the Rockefeller Institute in New York, then he continued his studies at Rockefeller-sponsored labs in Trinidad and Rio de Janeiro.
Then in 1958, a very critical year in the history of AIDS, Dr. Courtois visited the Wistar Institute for a training course. After this course, he traveled to Tulane University in New Orleans for further ‘study’. As we develop in greater detail in our work-in-progress, The Crime Beyond Belief, Tulane was a significant Rockefeller-dominated research center for biowar weapons development. However, at this time it is enough to note the large role played in the education of Dr. Courtois by the Rockefeller empire.
There are many others that we could cite whose activities had links with the Rockefellers. However, we trust that we have made our point: the whole story of AIDS cannot be told without someone from some part of the Rockefeller empire appearing in the narrative. Now, we will direct our attention to the most significant of the Rockefeller stable: Dr. Henry Kissinger.
In Kissinger, the rubber of eugenics theory meets the road of population control. The insidious presence of the Rockefellers is translated into the realpolitik of the Nixon administration and a number of threads of science and power lay the ground for 1981: the year when a disabling pathogen and a lethal pathogen are officially in the human family and the rate of population growth begins to slow. Although President Nixon is the passenger in the limousine and thinks that he is giving the orders, and Kissinger is the chauffeur at the wheel, the route has been set by Nelson Rockefeller and his family, through his friends in high places.
President: “Hoover to Coyne to Nelson Rockefeller to Kissinger. Right?”
“Are you there, Henry?”
Heinz (later changed to Henry) Alfred Kissinger was born on May 29, 1923, in Germany. In 1938 his family fled Germany for Britain and shortly after for the United States. In 1943 he was drafted into the U.S. Army where he played an unusually successful role as a district administrator in the occupation of his birth state. His major move towards a significant role in world affairs came in 1956 when Nelson Rockefeller appointed him a director of a Rockefeller Brothers Fund special project to study the major domestic and foreign problems of the United States. Essentially, he was to develop political positions for Nelson Rockefeller’s bid to become president of the U.S.
However, all of Rockefeller’s money and duplicity together with Kissinger’s insidious skills in manipulating those whom he targeted, were not enough to defeat Richard Nixon in the latter’s bid for the job. Early in 1968 it had become evident that Nixon was going to be the Republican Party’s choice as their candidate, and Rockefeller met with Nixon to strike a deal. Essentially the deal was this: Rockefeller would withdraw from the race and devote his money and media strength to the election of Nixon, if, in turn, Nixon would appoint Kissinger as his head of the National Security Council [NSC] when he had won the election. Nixon agreed, mainly to get Rockefeller into his tent during the campaign.
Thus it was that Kissinger became the Rockefeller’s man in the White House. Nelson Rockefeller had added the key stud to his stable of talent. As head of the NSC, Kissinger essentially controlled the Pentagon and the CIA and the great eugenics plan of the Rockefeller family became official (although publicly unstated) United States policy. The MK-SVLP sub-program of MKULTRA had become The Special Virus Leukemia/Lymphoma Program [SVLP] under Johnson when he appointed John David Rockefeller lll co-chair of his Population Control Committee, ending the Kennedy era opposition to the concept. Johnson had moved population control from the basement to the back kitchen. With Nixon’s designation of Kissinger as head of the NSC and as the president’s special assistant for security affairs, population control moved from the back kitchen to the living room. Under the guise of a great war against cancer, the Rockefeller man in the White House, Henry Kissinger, launched an all out attack upon the Third World’s people.
The WHO smallpox vaccination campaign, initiated on a trial basis in the mid-1950’s, and revived by the Johnson administration with its John D. Rockefeller lll and Wilbur Cohen Population Control Committee in 1966 went all out in late 1968 when Henry Kissinger came to dominate United States foreign policies on behalf of his Rockefeller patrons. Thus it was that on June 9, 1969, Dr. Donald MacArthur of the Pentagon was free to share in secret Hearings with several Congressmen the fact that ‘eminent scientists’ were ready to launch a double-barreled assault on the world’s population growth rate. One barrel would fire a disabling pathogen at the White population [CFS] and the other barrel would fire a lethal pathogen at the Black population [AIDS]
All that was needed was $10 million and from five to ten years time and by 1980 the Rockefeller/ Kissinger/ Pentagon/ NIH / CDC attack on population growth would be under way with the twin epidemics of AIDS and CFS.
An Interlude For Justice
At this point, we want to make sure that all of the people involved in this greatest crime in history, the death and disablement of millions of people from AIDS and CFS, is not laid completely at the door of Henry Kissinger. Kissinger was and is part of the executive branch of the eugenics war against humanity in general. He is not alone. In the core are the Rockefeller dominated industrialists, militarists, and media moguls. Around that core are the descending orders of support for the evil policies now at work. And, finally, there are the people of the United States who by a mix of mental lethargy, disinterest, misinformation, disinformation, ‘kick-butt’ mentality and self-centeredness have allowed themselves to become mankind’s’ greatest enemy rather than mankind’s’ best friend.
As part of this total plan are people such as Christopher Hitchens who, while appearing to condemn the evil, singles out Kissinger as the criminal for punishment. Hitchens, in his book The Trial of Henry Kissinger alludes to Nelson Rockefeller only three times en passant and David Rockefeller only twice. If one were to judge by Hitchens’ disinformation, Kissinger is the heart of darkness, was literally working alone, and he alone should be put on trial.
Don’t buy that crap.
Kissinger was and is just one stud in the Rockefeller stable. The stable owners (the Rockefellers and their cohorts); the pliant media assets (including The New York Times, Time, Readers Digest, and Science) which misinform and disinform; the bought politicians; and the public at large are all to varying degrees, complicit in making the United States of America the real ‘evil empire’.

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