Thursday, January 7, 2010

What is AIDS?


A few years ago, I was approached by a man who was dying of cancer. His doctors had written him off. They had told him there was nothing they could do; he was terminal. After we got to know each other, he decided for reasons of his own to confide in me the dark secrets that he knew as a result of his career in some very dark places. He knew the dark truth about our worst nightmare, he said: The AIDS virus was created by man. Intentionally. The AIDS epidemic was designed with specific goals in mind and carried out according to plan.

Like everyone else, I'd heard that speculation. And I knew that anyone who indulged in it was likely to be dismissed as a nut case. How could anyone believe such a monstrous fantasy? It made no sense. It was beyond imagination. But this man was very sane. He was a solid professional, whose connections were at high levels in several countries. He was not indulging in speculation. He knew what he was talking about. He knew the names and the numbers. He knew where some of the work was done. He knew the answers to the questions: How? And why? He knew many of the details. He knew where to look for the rest.

I've spent the years since then pursuing the truth about the AIDS epidemic. It was not a pleasant experience. This is a truth that we were never supposed to know. It was supposed to remain a secret. Forever. To my surprise, I discovered that a lot of people-scientists, doctors, government intelligence agents, even some politicians-know parts of the story and are willing to talk about it, if their anonymity is protected.

A few of them have gone public, most notably, Dr. John Seale in England, but the press has generally ignored them-or ridiculed them. The press, after all, has its reputation to uphold. It would not want to risk dismissal as a nut case by flirting with dangerous truths. Better to accept the conventional wisdom as passed down by government officials who are, in the words of one observer, "paid a salary to tell lies to the American people."

That's part of the AIDS tragedy. Millions are dying around the world and millions more will probably die before the public even becomes aware of what has really happened to us in the last fifteen years-and why it has happened. Full Disclosure answers those questions: How? And why? I offer it in the cause of public awareness. I trust that it will inspire others to pursue the truth. Because the truth is our only hope.


"It is entirely plausible that the AIDS epidemic was started in the U.S. deliberately. Few people would need to know of the plan, and the actions of one person would be sufficient to ignite the epidemic. Maximum effectiveness would require that the introduction of effective means of stopping the virus was blocked for as long as possible, by a carefully planned and sustained campaign of disinformation. The special problem of the release of an AIDS-like virus is that it opens up a Pandora's Box, but it is naive to believe that nobody would be willing to do so."

-Dr. John Seale
Member of the Royal College of Medicine, London
Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine
September 1988 (Volume 81 pp 537-539)

For the sake of his conservative audience of British physicians, Dr. Seale was understating his own conclusion based on his research into the AIDS epidemic. What he was trying to tell them, in the gentlest way possible, was this: the deliberate introduction of the AIDS virus into mankind is exactly what has happened.

Dr. Seale was one of the first medical doctors to break the code of silence about the true cause of the AIDS epidemic. His paper hit the British medical profession like a bombshell, but few among the general public became aware of the explosion. The media ignored the story. "The scale of the deception and the misinformation has been astonishing," Dr. Seale wrote. "The virus has the properties of a skilled, devious, hidden and implacable invader with the capacity and willingness to kill every man, woman and child on earth. Dissemination of the virus is being actively encouraged by some who wish to destroy our society."

What we've come to believe about AIDS is what we've been conditioned to believe-by the carefully planned and sustained campaign of disinformation: that AIDS is a plague of nature; but not to worry, it will spare most of us, if we behave ourselves. We've been conditioned to believe that after eons of human life, nature-suddenly-about fifteen years ago, created the most deadly virus since the Black Plague of the Middle Ages-and unleashed it upon millions of Africans and Brazilians and Haitians and American homosexuals and drug addicts, and a small, unfortunate number of white heterosexuals and innocent victims of tainted blood transfusions. We've been conditioned to believe that AIDS is, so to speak, an act of God.

But it isn't. AIDS was not an accident of nature. Nature had nothing to do with AIDS. The virus is a weapon of man-against man. It is a weapon of war, deliberately created inside the top-secret U.S. Chemical and Bacteriological Warfare laboratories at Fort Detrick, Maryland and Los Alamos, New Mexico-the same government installation where the U.S., fifty years ago, developed the nuclear bombs that were dropped on Japan. The genesis of the AIDS virus can be traced back even further to a very rich and very private and virtually unknown scientific laboratory in Cold Spring Harbor, Long Island. If you know the truth about Cold Spring Harbor, you will know the truth about AIDS.

I will tell you as much of that as I know. The truth is so horrifying that it is almost impossible to believe: that officials inside our own government, backed by some of the most powerful families on earth, could be guilty of genocide. But enough proof of that truth has already leaked out to persuade many knowledgeable researchers, such as Dr. Seale, to come forth publicly with what they've learned. In a strange way, the truth behind the AIDS epidemic isn't even such a closely held secret anymore. The media has chosen to ignore it. Certainly no politician has dared utter one word about it publicly. But scientists and doctors and government intelligence agents and political leaders all around the world are aware of bits and pieces of it. They are just waiting for the public to catch on.

In the meantime, most of them want nothing to do with exposing the truth; they are too frightened to discuss it with anybody but their most trusted friends. A few of them, like Dr. Seale, are trying to expose it. "Every biological scientist who has dispassionately studied the virus and the epidemic," Dr. Seale has written, "knows that the origins of the virus could lie in the development of modern biology, just as the origins of the nuclear bomb with modern physics. Most biological scientists have not yet come to terms with the terrible truth and have developed various neurotic reactions to cope with it. Many have developed a selective denial of reality and genuinely cannot see what is happening. Most who see it keep quiet, but increasing numbers are talking privately though they still lack the moral courage to speak out in public. They still hope it is a nightmare which will vanish with tomorrow's dawn. Some who know perfectly well what is happening are deliberately fudging scientific data to keep the heat off them and fellow scientists of their molecular biological 'club.'"

The doctors and scientists and intelligence agents who are risking their reputations-and their careers and their lives-to bring forth the truth are the real heroes of the AIDS epidemic. If the public ever learns enough to demand legal retribution against those responsible for AIDS-and force the government into employing proper methods of epidemic control that will help to spare those as yet uninfected, and their children and grandchildren-they are the ones who will go down in history as saviours of much, if not all, of mankind.

I don't pretend to know the whole story. I don't believe anybody who wasn't involved in the creation and spread of AIDS to its carefully selected target groups knows the whole story. But I know enough to sketch the outline that follows. Perhaps the most important point to make is that AIDS did not happen by accident-any more than it did by nature. Nor is it the result of an insane plot by some deranged scientist-or even a small team of deranged scientists. AIDS was the result of a decades-long research program carried out in Chemical and Bacteriological Warfare labs in this country and others. For those involved, it is a triumph of science and the answer to what they regard as the planet's most pressing problem: population control.

AIDS is the perfect biological weapon. It can be confined with some degree of success to certain specific groups, and since the incubation period can be more than seven years, millions can be infected before the first person in the chain displays any symptoms. When you really understand the background to AIDS, you see that it is not only believable; it is utterly logical. Once science was far enough advanced in biotechnology to create and destroy life through microscopic manipulations of cells, it was inevitable that this type of bacteriological weapon-this plague, which is capable of killing every man, woman and child on earth-was inevitable. Just as it was inevitable that nuclear bombs would be dropped once physicists had split the atom in a world at war.

The government's secret branches that develop biochemical weapons have a long history of criminal behavior. AIDS is merely the most lethal of their nefarious projects. Thirty years ago, in the early 1960s, as part of their "MK-Ultra" program to develop powerful methods of mind control, CIA officers went into bars and cocktail parties all across America-even ran a brothel in the Bay Area, complete with one-way mirrors and cameras-and secretly laced innocent people's drinks with a potent new drug they were testing. It was called LSD. America can thank the CIA for the explosion of LSD use-with all the havoc and grief it has wreaked-since the 1960s. They weren't even above testing it on unsuspecting U.S. military officers, at least one of whom, in his chemically induced madness, committed suicide-and it was years before his own family discovered the truth of what their government had done to one of its own officers.

It's been well-documented that from 1949-1969 the Army used the public as guinea pigs for its bacteriological tests in several American cities-and on a large scale. The bacteria was sprayed through the North Terminal at Washington National Airport and on the walls of New York City's subways. The bacteria was also released in Florida, California and Alaska. At one site on the Pennsylvania Turnpike, passing cars and trucks were sprayed with the bacteria. The Army just wanted to find out what its new bacteria would do to people.

As this book was nearing publication, the details of the Army's Chemical and Bacteriological Warfare experimentation on American cities continued to leak out. In this case, more than forty years later. I quote from the National Edition of the New York Times, June 10, 1994. An obscure story in a few paragraphs at the bottom of page nine: "Minneapolis Called Toxic Spraying Site," the headline read. The story read: "In a 1953 cold war experiment, the Army sprayed clouds of toxic material over Minneapolis dozens of times and may have caused miscarriages and still-births, a public television station here has reported.

"The sprayings in Minneapolis and other cities were described then as part of an effort to develop an aerosol screen to protect Americans from fallout in case of an atomic attack.The material sprayed in Minneapolis was zinc cadmium sulfide, a suspected carcinogen, and the Army was actually testing how chemicals would disperse during biological warfare, the station reported.

"One of the sites sprayed in Minneapolis was a public elementary school where former students have reported an unusual number of stillbirths and miscarriages..

"In its report, the station quoted experts as saying zinc cadmium sulfide was toxic and might cause cancer. It said it was sprayed 61 times in four parts of Minneapolis, from generators in the rear of trucks or from rooftops.

"One former student of the sprayed school told the station that of her three children, one had Down's syndrome, another was profoundly retarded and a third had a learning disability."

This was all done in the cause of Chemical and Bacteriological Warfare. We've read about its existence. It appears in the news every once in a while. The Soviets were said to possess a nightmarish capacity. President Nixon made headlines around the world when he announced he would seek a ban on it. (Nothing happened.) It made big headlines when herds of sheep mysteriously fell over dead in their fields near the Army's secretive CAB lab at Dugway, Utah. The Army, of course, lied through its teeth and denied any knowledge of what might have happened, but the public discovered years later that the wind changed on a day when they were testing one of their deadly airborne toxins.

The post-Watergate investigations, more than a decade after the CIA's MK-Ultra mind control programs, finally brought forth the shocking news that the CIA was drugging thousands of unsuspecting Americans-and the scientist in charge, Sid Gottlieb, fled to India rather than answer to Congress. Or face prison.

Intelligence sources have informed me that he was also involved in the program to develop a virus, then unnamed, that would kill by destroying the body's immune system. That's the one that became known as AIDS. It may seem unimaginable to an ordinary citizen that the government could be deliberately working on a virus to destroy the human immune system. But why not? Probed by a Senator in front of TV cameras about whether the CIA had ever considered some exquisitely exotic killing device, former CIA director Richard Helms responded coldly: "Senator, we consider everything." How much of a leap of imagination was it for someone like Gottlieb, who'd spent years on the government payroll testing-on his fellow citizens-secret and dangerous drugs that created madness and death, to work on a lethal virus?

The true stories about Saddam Hussein gassing thousands of Kurds to death-and speculation that he might employ chemical and bacteriological weapons against U.S. troops-were used to whip up American war fever after the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait. And then it goes away until next time. The whole subject of Chemical and Bacteriological Warfare just disappears from the media's-and the public's-radar screen. It's as if amnesia sets in.

Meanwhile, every day for the last several decades, many thousands of the world's top scientists and engineers and lab technicians, operating with enormous secret budgets, have devoted their talents to exploiting the microscopic secrets of nature as a weapon to kill, maim, disable or control human beings.

Item: Under a CIA-funded program, neurotoxins were developed that could attack the nervous sytem and paralyze people who received them either through freeze-dried, aerosol or other means. Such toxins were manufactured from complex proteins that were subdivided to isolate certain segments or "active sites." The goal of that program was to find a way in which large areas-even entire urban areas-could be targeted to dull people's decision-making processes and instill a false sense of euphoria. Imagine how effective this would be in "neutralizing" enemy camps-whether they were soldiers from another country or political activists within our own.

The CIA can take you up. But they can also bring you down. Using its own Chemical and Bacteriological Warfare facilities, the CIA developed small, almost weightless, peptides that acted as sedatives. With slight modifications, based on DNA research, organisms were created which could produce toxic proteins capable of instilling either terrible fear or erratic behavior and bizarre actions not characteristic of the individuals in the targeted group. Imagine the effects of this toxin released in aerosol form in a political forum gathered in a small room-or even a large meeting hall. And who would ever know that this new "technique" of disruption had been employed by the government?

Literally hundreds of studies were done for the CIA in the area of neuropharmacology, particularly in the area of intercellular communications-neurotransmitters. The idea was to find a chemical substance that could be easily administered through aerosols to interfere and "mix up" neurotransmitters. (A substance was isolated which has a special "affinity" for a specific cell which required only pico or nanograms to entirely disable the "target" in a very selective way and without arousing suspicions.)

Item: Freeze-dried and microencapsulization techniques developed by the U.S. Army (primarily at Fort Detrick and Los Alamos) since 1967 were successful in creating a product that reduces toxicity to the agent handling the material and allows dissemination on impact and a sustained release. Using these techniques, the U.S. government now has the capability of delivering any virus to any unsuspecting person or group.

According to documents in the possession of certain U.S. Senate intelligence oversight committees, even the Bubonic Plague virus can now be aerosolized and used on specified targets, either here or abroad. One little known detail of the Persian Gulf War is that the CIA made several unsuccessful attempts to infect Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein with a rapidly acting type of Legionnaire's virus.

Question: How, then, can we know if someone who died of "natural causes" was actually the target of this type of weapon? Answer: We can't. For years, spy novelists wrote about agents who were killed by "heart attack," through the use of curare-tipped instruments. A little pin prick-the tip of an umbrella into a calf-and you're dead. But that's long since obsolete; no self-respecting spy novelist would dream of using a curare pin-prick in his story anymore than any government agent would use it in real life. It's too easily detectable by new technology and the story has been told too many times by the John LeCarre's of the world. The agents and the spy novelists have advanced way beyond that.

Item: A new synthetic "heroin" was produced. It is four times stronger than real heroin. Freeze dried, encapsulated and put into aerosol form, it was then sprayed into known hangouts of drug addicts over a period of six months. The report on this experiment called it "highly effective." This new heroin substitute was then mixed with regular heroin and allowed to be distributed through the illicit drug network.

Those unfortunate enough to "try" heroin for the first time containing this additive were instantly addicted for life. Using the same technology, the AIDS virus was mixed into batches of heroin and cocaine-to speed up the epidemic among drug addicts and allow the mainstream population to believe that AIDS was not something they had to worry about. Those damned gays and drug abusers were bringing this plague upon themselves!

What emerged from the Fort Detrick tests helps to explain the rapid spread of AIDS among drug abusers. Since only a small minority of drug abusers "shoot" their drugs, contaminated needles could in no way be the sole cause for the bombshell of AIDS which hit drug abusers. That's like saying that the HIV virus was carried from Haiti and spread among homosexuals in America. But this would not account for the 9000-power spread of the disease.

According to intelligence documents, the HIV virus freeze-dried and encapsulated in "mainline" heroin shots and mixed with cocaine for "snorting" would have an instantaneous effect through the nasal membranes, ensuring that the inhaler would come down with AIDS in due course.

Fort Detrick researchers actually did a paper on this subject. If it hasn't been destroyed, it's still in their highly classified files. But only a miracle would ever bring it forth for public scrutiny. Other intelligence reports do, however, indicate that batches of AIDS-infected drugs were released "onto the market."

The AIDS virus is but one of many biochemical tools of destruction our government has created. If the public knew how many billions of tax dollars have been spent to create and produce and stockpile these microscopic weapons of mass destruction, they wouldn't even be shocked to discover that a virus that destroys the human immune system has become an operational part of their vast arsenal.

The implications are not difficult to imagine. Are you a member of a target group that the government-or some renegade group in the government-deems undesirable? Here's what's in store: Zbigniew Brzezinski wrote in The Technotronic Era in 1972, "At the same time the capacity to assert social and political control over the individual will vastly increase. It will soon be possible to assert almost continuous control over every citizen, and to maintain individual files containing even the most personal behavior of every citizen, in addition to the customary data.

"These files will be subject to instantaneous retrieval by the authorities. Power will gravitate into the hands of those who control information.This will encourage tendencies through the next several decades toward a technotronic era, a dictatorship, leaving less and less room for political procedures as we now know them. Finally, looking ahead to the turn of the century, the possibility of biochemical and mind control and genetic tinkering with man, including beings which will function like men and reason like them, could give rise to some difficult questions."

A generation ago, Brzezinski's ideas might have sounded to ordinary people like the rantings of some lunatic fringe case. But he knew what he was talking about. He was a true insider. Five years after he wrote those words, he was named National Security Adviser to President Carter. If a person of that stature dared to say the above publicly, just try to imagine what they were saying to each other privately. At the moment Brezezinski wrote about future "genetic tinkering with man," the research was already progressing on the creation of a virus designed to destroy the human immune system.

As we approach the turn of the century, just as he predicted, those "difficult questions" are being answered secretly in Chemical and Bacteriological Warfare laboratories in the West and Russia. It's not even difficult to understand why. Brzezinski has already told us: It's about control. Mind control. Political control. And, ultimately: Population control.

AIDS is the weapon of a powerful segment of society whose spiritual forefathers date back centuries. The epidemic is the culmination of the intellectual and spiritual tradition of some of the richest and most powerful people alive, many of them famous and respected figures from families whose names are household words and held in high esteem by the public. Their indifference-or contempt-for the lives of common humanity should not come as a surprise, nor be hard to believe.

Since at least the height of British colonial domination of the world, there has been a potent strain of thinking among "aristocrats" about superior races (white, English speaking, educated and rich) and inferior races (white or black or colored, uneducated and poor). The entire British colonial system was based on the ruthless domination by a few of the "superior" over vast numbers of the "inferior."

America itself was founded in rebellion against that domination. The American Revolution was an overthrow of those old ideas about who should rule-and how. And then the new Americans turned right around and did the same thing to their own "inferiors," allowing slavery for blacks and committing genocide against Native Americans with a rapacity that would have gratified the most ruthless British colonialists.

Philosophers revered as great thinkers by the British aristocrats of those centuries openly expressed their views that the inferior peoples of the planet must not be allowed to increase sufficiently in numbers to use up the earth's precious natural resources and, eventually, to overrun by sheer numbers the existing political and economic system.

The most prominent 18th Century spokesman for the British East India Company policies of global genocide was the economist Adam Smith. His book, The Wealth of Nations, is still required reading in college economics classes. He wrote several works on forced population reduction, the most notable being The Treatise of Human Nature and The Theory of Moral Sentiments, in which he placed mankind on the level of animals.

Smith's ideas were advanced in the 19th Century by philosophers as prominent as Thomas Malthus, another high-ranking employee of the British East India Company. To the acclaim of the British upper classes, Malthus actually wrote in the mid-1800's: "All children who are born, beyond what would be needed to keep up the population to a desired level, must necessarily perish, unless room be made for them by the death of grown persons.We should facilitate, instead of desperately trying to impede, the operation of nature in producing this mortality, and if we dread the all too often visitation of the horrid form of famine, we should sedulously encourage the other forms of destruction which we compel nature to use."

Malthus' modest proposals included that the poor be educated into habits of filth rather than cleanliness and that poor villages should be built "near stagnant pools and particularly encourage settlements in marshy and unwholesome situations." And he encouraged that restraint be enforced upon those misguidedly benevolent men who would try to protect the poor from contagious diseases.

Malthus was a respected writer of his era, and though not one American in a thousand has read his work since some boring college class, his name remains famous. His writings were eminent enough to be responsible for the invention of a word that remains in our language even now: Malthusian. Meaning: "Of or pertaining to the theory of Thomas Malthus that population tends to increase faster than food supply, with inevitably disastrous results unless the increase in population can be checked."

Inevitably disastrous results unless the increase in population can be checked. Precisely. And in one sentence, the meaning of "Malthusian" captures perfectly what the AIDS epidemic is really all about: Population control. Malthusian philosophy was heralded in the 20th Century by esteemed British writers who included H. G. Wells (of "War of the Worlds" fame) and Lord Bertrand Russell. Near the end of his long life, Lord Russell won acclaim among antiwar activists for his outspoken opposition to American involvement in Vietnam. But what they didn't know was that he just thought war was a horribly messy and inefficient way to kill people. Not to mention the property destruction and expensive munitions.

Throughout his career, Lord Russell spoke of the aristocratic aspiration toward a more refined form of genocide. In The Impact of Science on Society, he made it clear what they had in mind: "I do not pretend that birth control is the only way in which population can be kept from increasing. There are others, which, one must suppose, opponents of birth control would prefer. War, as I remarked a moment ago, has hitherto been disappointing in this respect, but perhaps bacteriological war may prove effective. If a Black Death could be spread throughout the world once in every generation, survivors could procreate freely without making the world too full. There would be nothing in this to offend the conscience of the devout or to restrain the ambition of nationalists. This state of affairs might be somewhat unpleasant, but what of it. Really high-minded people are indifferent to suffering, especially that of others."

But of course. How else to run an empire? In 1953, when Lord Russell's book was published, there was very little public knowledge of bacteriological warfare. Yet he spoke of it knowingly and lovingly, and he clearly indicated that poor nations would be targeted.

That virulent strain of thought continues-and reaches to the top. In 1962, the CIBA foundation held a symposium, "Man and His Future," at which the keynote speaker was Francis Krick. His favored tactics of population control included putting a chemical that would cause sterility in the water supplies of those nations he judged as "not fit to have children." Other nations deemed fit would be given a license to purchase an antidote.

"This approach may run against Christian ethics," he said in a nice touch of understatement, "but I do not see why people should have a right to have children. We might be able to achieve remarkable results after twenty or thirty years by limiting reproduction to genetically superior couples."

He talked about the benefits that could come to a country that "improved its population on a grand scale." What type of people was Frick talking about? A study of his work leaves no doubt that "limiting reproduction to genetically superior couples," as he wished to do, would exclude Negroes, Jews, Gypsies and the Asian races. The year was not 1939 but 1962, and the country was not Nazi Germany, but the United States of America. These were not the musings of a deranged madman, but the philosophical essence of one of the foremost microbiologists in the world. Francis Krick was a winner of the Nobel Prize.

And thirty-some years later, here we are. Those responsible for the AIDS epidemic have at long last created the perfect tool for their Malthusian solution to their most pressing problem: Population control.

Who are those people?

"Code Word" is one of the highest security ratings for classified government documents. "Code Word Cardinal" is the password to the file containing intelligence information on a small group of the world's most powerful people. Some intelligence officers call them "Force X." They call themselves "The Olympians." They stand behind numerous organizations that deal in areas of global policy-such as the Global 2000 Committee and the Club of Rome-and even the closed and elite circle of government officials who know of their existence and some of their activities stand in awe at their power to dictate to governments and multinational corporations they control through ownership-or fear.

Their ruthlessness is well known to those who might fantasize about opposing them-or blowing the whistle on them. There's nowhere to hide. These families rule the world-and they take that power as their absolute, God-given right, and destroy without mercy anyone who might seriously threaten their privilege.

The existence of this group-let's call them "The Olympians," just as they call themselves-is one of the best-kept secrets of the 20th Century. And what they've done to mold life and humanity to their will-from the scourge of pellagra through the AIDS epidemic-is the scandal of the century. AIDS is merely their latest-and potentially most ruthless and destructive-form of warfare against ordinary humanity.

This aristocratic tradition of "population control" found its expression in America in the early 20th Century with the formation in 1904 of what was then known as the "Station for Experimental Evolution." Funded by generous grants from Andrew Carnegie-who stated publicly that he was a hearty supporter of Malthus' ideas on "population control"-Cornelius Vanderbilt, J. P. Morgan and John D. Rockefeller, the Station conducted experiments involving different races.

One of their goals was to learn how to curb the rapid birth rate of blacks and other "coloreds." As outrageous as it may sound now, this was a goal that was very much on the minds of the Eastern rich in America. They were as frightened of being overrun by the masses-particularly the blacks-as the British had been of the natives they ruled in their colonies.

In 1910, Mrs. E. H. Harriman donated 80 acres of land at Cold Spring Harbor, Long Island, and $300,000 to the Station for Experimental Evolution to establish a "Eugenics Records Office." The widow of the man who created America's first great railroad fortune-the man who bankrolled the posse clever enough to track Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, frightening them off to South America-her fortune was estimated at somewhere around a half billion dollars.

The newspapers called her the richest woman in the world, and she became a driving force behind eugenics research in America. (Eugenics is defined as "the study of hereditary improvement by genetic control.") The thrust of the research conducted at Cold Spring Harbor was to improve the superiority of the white race. Mrs. Harriman wanted a world-wide campaign of sterilization of defectives "to make race perfect." The creation of a Master Race, in other words.

The records of that era which are still available indicate that this was a socially acceptable view among the rich who supported Cold Spring Harbor. They were determinedly making plans to halt the birth rate of blacks and colored people-Indians and Asians-especially in Africa and the United States. A typical attitude among this group was expressed publicly by the vice president of the Immigration Restriction League, Madison Grant, a friend of Teddy Roosevelt's and a trustee of the Museum of Natural History:

"In Europe today, the amount of Nordic blood in each nation is a very fair measure of its strength in war and its standing in civilization. In the City of New York, and elsewhere in the United States there is a native American Aristocracy resting upon layer upon layer of immigrants of lower races.It has taken us 50 years to learn that speaking English, wearing good clothes and going to school and church does not transform a Negro into a white man.Americans will have a similar experience with the Polish Jew, whose dwarf stature, peculiar mentality and ruthless concentration on self-interests are being grafted upon the stock of the nation. Indiscriminate efforts to preserve babies among the lower classes often results in serious injury to the race."

Grant was a worthy heir to the spiritual tradition of Thomas Malthus-and he summarized nicely the world view of those who poured their money into the eugenics work of Cold Spring Harbor, both then and in the future. From 1915 until shortly before World War II, the Olympians opened the facilities at Cold Spring Harbor to many of Germany's leading genetic scientists. They conducted extensive research into the origins of various races and designed eugenics experiments to rid the world of the mentally retarded-who were called "undesirables" or "defectives." Cold Spring Harbor gained the reputation as the world's leader in eugenics research. The scions of the most respected American families, such as the Harrimans, funded these experiments-which continue until this day and led to the creation of the AIDS virus.

In the early days, they weren't even terribly secretive. There were seven superrich families who just accepted as their God-given privilege that they would someday own America-its natural resources and productive capacity-outright. Their ideas were not much advanced beyond feudalism. And they were so certain in their self-righteous rectitude that they openly told the press exactly what they planned. The press respectfully, even admiringly, published it. (Not completely unlike today's press.) These were the actual headlines from the New York World newspaper on September 4, 1915:

"Mrs. E. H. Harriman Backs a Gigantic Step in Eugenics Would Curb Defectives by the Hundreds of Thousands Over Series of Years.
To Make Race Perfect.
Aid of Rockefeller and Carnegie Hoped For in World-Wide Campaign."

The story began: "A world-wide campaign for the sterilization of defectives is called for in a report to the Eugenic Society, which has its headquarters at Cold Spring Harbor, Long Island and is generously aided financially by Mrs. E. H. Harriman. John D. Rockefeller and Andrew Carnegie are expected to contribute."

The Eugenics Office inflicted its cruelty from the beginning. Very early on, in 1915, they discovered in their scientific research that pellagra-a disease that still inflicted a high death toll-was caused by an insufficiency of niacin. The cure was a simple dietary one. Instead of spreading that information publicly, the Eugenics Office urged a diet of corn, which provides no niacin, and then viciously attacked other medical researchers who claimed that niacin prevented pellagra.

In particular, Mrs. Harriman ordered the Eugenics Office director, William Davenport, to heap contempt on the "niacin theory." She knew he wouldn't let her down. What had drawn her to hire him in the first place was an article in which he singled out the Irish as "defectives who genetically were not able to ward off tuberculosis." So with that moral and scientific view of humanity, he had no qualms about complying with her demand.

Financed by Mrs. Harriman, he published voluminous position papers discrediting the theory about niacin. Naturally, the Eugenics Records Office carried great weight in the medical community, and as a result, it was not until 1935 that the evidence about niacin was so incontrovertible that the Cold Spring Harbor theory-and its recommended corn diet-were discredited. But the fraud worked. During that generation, from 1915 to 1935, the Records Office stated that millions of "undesirable Southern poor whites and negroes died from the ravages of pellagra."

In 1932, the Third International Conference of Eugenics was held at the Museum of Natural History in New York City. It was sponsored by Mrs. H. R. duPont of the Delaware duPont family and a short roster of America's wealthiest-and most rabid-racists masquerading as environmentalists and eugenics benefactors: Mrs. Mary Averill Harriman, Major Leonard Darwin-the son of Charles Darwin, famous for his "Survival of the Fittest" natural selection philosophy-Mrs. John T. Pratt, Mrs. Walter Jennings, Dr. J. Harvey Kellogg, Henry Fairchild Osborn, Colonel William Draper and Mr. and Mrs. Cleveland H. Dodge.

Mrs. Pratt was of the Standard Oil Pratts, as was Mrs. Jennings. Kellogg made his fortune from breakfast cereal-and was widely known for the "eccentricity" of his views. Colonel Draper founded the Draper Foundation (which later used Robert Strange McNamara, Maxwell Taylor and McGeorge Bundy to forward its racial-environmental views) and Mr. Dodge was the financial brains behind President Woodrow Wilson, who rhapsodized lovingly about the environment in his 1913 inaugural address not long before he geared up to send American troops into the carnage of World War I.

These people wanted the natural resources of the world preserved for the present and future use of their own friends and families. They had no use whatsoever for the world's "useless eaters," as Lord Russell called them. In the modern vernacular, their views would be seen for what they were: unregenerately racist-pure and simple. It was no accident that the founders of the modern day environmentalist movement were the heirs to the great petroleum and pharmaceutical fortunes; they valued the resources of the planet more highly than ordinary human life. Those millions who were poor-or worse, poor and non-white-had no good reason to live.

The Conference unanimously elected Dr. Ernst Rudin as president of the International Federation of Eugenics Organizations. Later, as co-author (with a member of the German Society for Racial Hygiene) of Hitler's law "For the Protection of German Blood and German Honour," Rudin earned himself a permanent niche in the pantheon of racism. (Hitler's law, incidentally, was based on a model developed at Cold Spring Harbor, the "Model Eugenical Sterilization Law" drafted in 1921.)

Henry Fairchild Osborn, a nephew of J. P. Morgan, was appointed vice president of the Conference. Osborn was the first known "racial-environmentalist" who connected "environmentalism" (a word invented by a close friend of Teddy Roosevelt) and "population control." Two years later, Osborn was awarded the Goethe medal by Hitler. In the light of the AIDS epidemic of the last 15 years, consider Osborn's opening speech to this august group in 1932:

"The outstanding generalization of my world tour are what may be summed up as 'six overs': overdestruction of natural resources, now actually worldwide, overmechanization in the substitution of the machine for animals and human labor, rapidly becoming worldwide, overconstruction of warehouses, ships, railroads, wharves and other means of transport, replacing primitive transportation; overproduction both of food and the mechanical wants of mankind, chiefly during the post-war (WWI) speculative period; overconfidence in future demand and supply, resulting in too rapid extension of both natural resources and mechanical equipment; overpopulation beyond the land areas or the capacity of the natural and scientific resources of the world, with consequent permanent unemployment of the least fitted.

"I have reached the opinion that overpopulation and underemployment are twin sisters. From this point of view I even find that the United States is overpopulated at the present time. In nature the less fitted individuals would gradually disappear, but in civilization, we are keeping them in the community in the hopes that in brighter days they may find employment. This is only another instance of humane civilization going directly against the order of nature and encouraging the survival of the unfittest."

In that same year, 1932, Cold Spring Harbor made its facilities available to German scientists working on racial concerns being voiced by Hitler and the burgeoning Nazi movement. In 1935, the Eugenics Records Office hosted a Conference on World Population in Berlin, and the American delegates included those already listed. The keynote speaker was German Interior Minister Wilhelm Frick. An American, Dr. Clarence G. Campbell, addressed the conference:

"The leader of the German nation, Adolf Hitler, ably supported by Dr. Frick and guided by Germany's anthropologists and social philosophers, has been able to construct a comprehensive policy of population development and improvement that promises to be epochal in racial history. It sets a pattern which other nations and other racial groups must follow if they do not wish to fall behind in racial quality, in their racial accomplishments and in their prospects for survival."

In the years immediately prior to World War II, the Harrimans' Cold Spring Harbor facilities remained open to Nazi Germany's leading genetic scientists, who then returned home and used their knowledge to forward Hitler's program of medical experiments designed to create a Master Race. From the documents I've been able to obtain, it is clear that the Eugenics Records Office pioneered racial experiments which were subsequently carried out in Nazi Germany-and may have been the model for Goering's T4 program, which, it is alleged, resulted in the killing of 400,000 mental patients who were classified as "defectives."

What we are seeing today, the AIDS epidemic, had its roots in the Cold Spring Harbor Eugenics Records Office, with its goal of curbing and reducing the birth rate of Negroes, Jews, "defectives" and "the layers upon layers of lower races." But, ultimately, Cold Spring Harbor scientists did more than show the way to a reduction in the birth rates of "undesirables." They succeeded in showing the way to murder millions of Lord Russell's "useless eaters.'

It's all happened very fast. Except in a few top secret, carefully guarded laboratories, AIDS did not exist in the United States before 1978-not in stored blood, not in humans, not anywhere. No American was infected with AIDS. In its first fifteen years, the virus has infected more than a million-perhaps two million-Americans, each of whom is infectious to others.

Although most of us remain unwilling to face the brutal facts, AIDS is the greatest crisis America faces-and perhaps ever has faced or ever will face. Future historians will write that mankind's greatest tragedy occurred while the leadership of the world's richest country either ignored what was happening-or contributed to the disaster. It's almost as if the great French author, Albert Camus, foreshadowed the future in his classic novel, The Plague, published in 1948:

"Small official notices had been put up about the town, though in places where they could not attract much attention. It was hard to find in these notices any indication that the authorities were facing the situation squarely. The measures enjoined were far from Draconian and one had the feeling that many concessions had been made to a desire not to alarm the public."

That desire not to alarm the public is best symbolized by the fact that the AIDS epidemic had begun its deadly course when Ronald Reagan was sworn in as president in 1981-and in his eight years in the White House, he barely uttered the word, or acknowledged the epidemic, in public. And the political climate of the era-and toward the disease-allowed him to get away with his complete abdication of leadership. If we had only the word of the American president to rely on, there was no AIDS epidemic during the Eighties.

As a result of the staggering head start the epidemic gained over any responsible public health authorities, here's where we stand today: AIDS has already killed more than twice as many Americans as died in the Vietnam war. Another million or two Americans are infected with the HIV virus-and facing a certain death sentence. In the greater New York-New Jersey area, according to an intelligence source, one in every four men visiting the twenty-six regional hospitals has tested positive for HIV. That's one-in-four ! In San Francisco, intelligence estimates are that half of the gay population would test positive.

AIDS is already the number one killer of black women of child-bearing age. As part of a research program on the likelihood of drastically slowing down the black population increases, the CIA predicted that Atlanta, with its large black population, would have 380,000 AIDS cases by 1992. The total number of AIDS cases in the U.S., the CIA estimated, would be 1.3 million, with roughly forty-six percent black, sixteen percent Hispanic, fourteen percent "other" races and the remainder white.

The same report said that a black woman is thirteen times more likely to get AIDS than a white woman, and Hispanic women are eleven times more likely. The CIA report stated: "Because of the high rate of infection among young black women and children, we see the black population growth being limited, and unless transmission (of the HIV virus) is interrupted, we may see zero population growth for blacks by the year 2010."

The federal agency responsible for controlling the outbreak of epidemics, the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta, recently circulated a secret memo to its top officials estimating that one out of eight children born in America today will die of AIDS before they reach the age of 50.1 A secret CIA report has concluded that twenty-five percent of Americans now showing symptoms of AIDS are in their early twenties-which means they contracted the disease while teenagers. "For every documented case of a young person testing positive for the HIV virus," the CIA report continues, "there are 1,000 others who carry the highly active virus, without even being aware of it."

Much of the rest of the world has suffered-and will suffer-an even worse fate. In Africa, the great AIDS plague rages out of control. Whole regions of Africa have been decimated; entire families and villages wiped out. The continent has one tenth of the world's population and sixty-four percent of reported AIDS cases.

In 1983, Jean Denezet, one of the French bankers who was present during McNamara's 1970 speech on population control, told Le Figaro, the newspaper most closely aligned with the French government: "World financial crisis will become virtually inevitable. Political consequences, just like in 1930, will be serious, but this time they will take place in the Third World."

Denezet made other remarks that Le Figaro chose not to publish. Here's the rest of what Denezet said in 1983: "Horrible things are going to happen in the Third World-and there is nothing to do, but just let it happen. Three and a half billion people are going to be plunged into a Hell worse than the Middle Ages." (Note the reference to the Middle Ages, with its oblique overtone of another Great Plague.)

Denezet knew what he was talking about. Since 1983, Africa has indeed been Hell worse than the Middle Ages. According to Dr. E. O. Idusogie, of the FAO regional office in Accra, Ghana, "about 100 million people in Africa are suffering from malnutrition (a euphemism for starving); AIDS carries away thousands every day, and civil wars in the region are causing chaos, confusion and a total breakdown of even the most meager sanitary conditions."

In 1989, Dr. Bernard Debre, a member of the French National Assembly, was interviewed by Paris Match upon his return from a tour of the continent. "Africa, engulfed by AIDS, is in a terrible situation because the disease thrives upon fragile populations; practically all (black) Africans are infected with malaria and parasites.. In Zaire, when we do blood tests, one out of four is contaminated with AIDS. All of the African countries are hit, and in some countries the disease reaches terrible proportions. Congo, Ivory Coast, Gabon, Cameroon, are severely hit. Zaire or Burundi may die." He estimated that perhaps thirty or forty percent of the populations were already infected with AIDS. "Poverty in Africa makes a serious fight against AIDS almost impossible."

While in the U.S., men with AIDS outnumber women with AIDS by seven to one, in Africa it is a family disaster. Women in Africa are more likely than men to die of AIDS. Four out of five AIDS sufferers in Zimbabwe are women. Among women in Africa, AIDS is spreading 100 times faster than it is in the U.S. According to an intelligence report, new, more virulent strains of the AIDS virus are surfacing. These have appeared in thousands of cases where persons tested showed false-negative results. It is believed that HIV testing simply did not identify the new strains.2

Brazil, with its large black population, has the highest incidence of AIDS in Latin America-second only to Africa. Brazil will see the deaths of millions from AIDS before the end of this decade. There will come a day sometime in the not-too-distant future when the toll from AIDS will be higher than all the deaths-about forty million-from all nations, in World War II. Lord Bertrand Russell's dream will have been realized by his spiritual heirs: the world's population will have been drastically thinned without all the wasteful munitions expense valuable property required by conventional warfare. AIDS is the ideal weapon of mass destruction.

Perhaps it was summarized best by Don Rowe, in his analysis for the Wall Street Digest: "The AIDS Plague will affect society in ways that you cannot now imagine. AIDS is 100 percent fatal. Scientists and medical research people are not optimistic about an immediate cure. They do not expect to develop an effective vaccine within the next two decades. Public Health officials estimate that 2.4 billion people (half the world's population) will die from AIDS within the next fifteen to twenty years. Economically, the insurance and medical health systems could be devastated in the 1990's. Nothing short of a spectacular medical breakthrough will keep Western civilization from suffering the worst catastrophe in the history of the world."

AIDS is the biogenetic equivalent of the atom bomb. The "Manhattan Project," the secret program to develop the bomb, had its beginnings in 1939 with a letter from Einstein to President Roosevelt alerting him that German physicists had recently entered an historically new realm in their research and would someday be capable of creating an explosive, based on the splitting of the atom, that would be unimaginably more destructive than any other weapon ever known to mankind. From that moment on, it was a certainty that the weapon would be built-and used-someday.

I don't know when the virus that would kill by destroying the human immune system was first conceived in some scientist's brain. But intelligence reports indicate that the actual laboratory experiments-at Fort Detrick, Los Alamos and Cold Spring Harbor-began during the 1960s.

How were the experiments conducted? According to intelligence documents, under the heading "Common Genetic Alterations of RNA," virologists mixed and cultured a combination of bovine leukemia virus and sheep maeda-visna virus. (Maeda-visna produces a nervous system degenerative disease in sheep, plus a lung infection, that is one hundred percent fatal. The entire sheep population of Iceland was wiped out by an epidemic between 1930 and 1950.)

These deadly animal viruses, on their own, could not leap the species barrier between animal and man. Bovine leukemia virus is deadly in cows, but not harmful to man; the same holds true of sheep maedi-visna virus. In all of nature, there were only a handful of known viruses-including Yellow Fever, Smallpox, Dengue Fever and Lassa Fever-capable of the leap between species.

But the bovine and sheep viruses were repeatedly injected into human tissue in the Fort Detrick labs until they actually mutated by incorporating human genes. Eventually the desired "cocktail mix" which humans could host was obtained. Once it was established that the virus could become a "natural" human infection, experiments proceeded with human body fluids, which were repeatedly injected with the successful "mix." The Fort Detrick virologists learned that the surest way to transfer the new "virus cocktail" to man was by repeated injections, such as occur when drug "partners" use the same needle, or through certain types of sexual activities frequently engaged in by homosexuals.

According to intelligence reports, the virologists at Fort Detrick drew heavily on the work of Russian scientists N. N. Vorobeva and G. D. Zaleski. They claimed that virally mutated vaccines artificially triggered many of today's diseases which were not common a hundred years ago. The Russians believed, for instance, that smallpox vaccines could cause hardening of the arteries. What the Fort Detrick researchers found was that herpes is the most important factor in the AIDS structure. The herpes virus, they wrote, activated the HIV virus to perform its deadly work.

This may sound like the script from a horror movie, but the fact remains that the virologists and scientists in the CAB labs did produce an unnatural creation-a new genetic "cocktail," half-animal, half-human, a certain killer capable of making the species leap.

Here is how Dr. Seale described their invention: "The AIDS virus (human immunodeficiency virus or HIV) is a lentivirus-a little-studied sub-family of the retroviruses. It is highly pathogenic to man, but it differs profoundly from any other virus of humans. It is the first virus to have appeared in mankind for many centuries which is entirely new, highly lethal and spreading steadily from person-to-person worldwide." (He added that retroviruses of animal origin, when repeatedly passed between human cells, would gain a preference for infecting human cells, perhaps even ceasing to be infectious to the animal hosts.)

This was not a well-meant endeavor that went haywire. This was not the work of a mad scientist. This was a project coldly calculated to discover whether a new virus could be created that would decimate a population in a seemingly "natural" plague. The experiments were concluded in 1967.

Thus was born the AIDS virus.3

The Chemical and Bacteriological Warfare labs were under heavy pressures to produce deadly new weapons. With the Vietnam War raging, relations between the two great superpowers had deteriorated to worse than ever. There was real paranoia in both governments about the other's intentions and capabilities. So in 1969, it came as a terrible shock for those in the know when British and U.S. intelligence discovered alarming evidence that a team of Soviet virologists, working under Victor Zhdanov-then the top virologist in the Soviet Union-had successfully isolated a retrovirus from human leukemia cells contaminated with "fetal calf serum." That put the Soviets ahead in this weapons race! It took a while longer for the Western labs to demonstrate how human leukemic cells could host the growth of bovine visna virus.

This would explain why veterinarians participated in the Fort Detrick "trials," and why the U.S. government subsequently gave Dr. O. W. Judd, a leading veterinarian, $8.5 million to study leukemia when human leukemia does not occur in animals. Why was a leukemia study conducted at a Harvard veterinarian college? Intelligence reports shed some light. Researchers at Fort Detrick were in possession of all of the documentation on the unsuccessful forty-year search for a vaccine to counter maedi-visna in sheep and eight-year search for a vaccine to counter infectious anemia in horses.

The experiments included infectious anemia of horses, a lentivirus and a cousin of leukemia in humans.4 The tests were to see whether the new "cocktail" could be carried to humans by horseflies (its normal methods of transmission; it is not a sexually transmitted disease in horses) and by other stinging insects. In frequency of infection and efficiency of "contact," the tests using human tissue were successful in establishing infection.

The significance of this lies in the fact that elements of all three viruses-horse and sheep and bovine-appear in humans infected with the AIDS virus. It is also significant that these are "retroviruses." When they penetrate a cell, they actually alter its genetic content. Which is exactly what happens when a person becomes infected with the HIV virus. The sheep maedi-visna retrovirus closely resembles the HIV virus. The bovine visna so closely resembles the HIV virus that it was actually called, at the time, BIV-bovine immunodeficiency-like virus.

The race was on. Congress was quietly notified on July 1, 1969 of the new biogenetic weaponry that was coming. A Department of Defense expert on biological warfare, Dr. McArthur, in testimony before the House Appropriations Committee actually described what we now know as the AIDS virus: "Within the next five-to-ten years," he said, "it probably will be possible to make a new infective microorganism which would differ in certain important aspects from any known disease-causing organism. Most important of these is that it might be refractory to the immunological and therapeutic process upon which we depend to maintain our relative freedom from infectious disease. The total cost of such a program, which we could complete in five years, is in the region of $10 million."

He made these statements more than a decade before the first reported AIDS case in America!5

On October 2, 1970, former Secretary of Defense Robert S. McNamara-famous for his "body count" strategy in Vietnam-explained to a group of international bankers the dangerous situation they faced. "We can begin with the most critical problem of all," he said. "Population growth. It is the gravest issue that the world faces over the decades immediately head." At present trends, he announced, the world's population would not stabilize until about the year 2020-at a population of about ten billion, more than double the population of 1970.

"We can assume that the levels of poverty, stress, hunger, crowding and frustration that such a situation could cause in the developing nations-which by then would contain nine out of ten human beings on earth-would be unlikely to assure social stability, or political stability. Or, for that matter, military stability."

Clearly, McNamara was letting the "haves" of the world know of the chaos they faced if they took no action. "It is not a world that any of us would want to live in," he said. "Is such a world inevitable? It is not sure, but there are two possible ways in which a world of ten billion people can be averted. Either the current birth rates must come down more quickly. Or the current death rates must go up. There is no other way.

"There are, of course, many ways in which the death rates can go up. In a thermonuclear age, we can accomplish it very quickly. Famine and disease are nature's ancient checks on population growth, and neither one has disappeared from the scene." One intelligence source informed me that McNamara was alluding to the development of new bacteriological warfare methods-and that he actually discussed them with certain carefully selected delegates after the conference.

McNamara was presumably speaking tongue-in-cheek about nuclear war. Not even Lord Russell would have advocated that solution. But as head of the World Bank and a former Defense Secretary and leading spokesman for Olympian causes, McNamara knew of the secret work being done with Chemical and Bacteriological Weapons. He knew that bacteriological weapons were feasible. He also knew about National Security Memorandum 200, authored by General Brent Scowcroft (who later became National Security Advisor to President Bush), which stated that U.S. political and economic interests "will require that the President and Secretary of State treat the subject of population growth control in the Third World as a matter of paramount importance."6

The research into this biogenetic form of population control was a carefully guarded secret. Nothing leaked into the news media-just as nothing leaked during the years when thousands of scientists and engineers and workers were creating a nuclear bomb in the "Manhattan Project." The only glimpses available even now come from old intelligence reports and esoteric scientific publications. One of the intelligence documents said that during 1972 the work at Cold Spring Harbor focused on the genetic control of immune responsiveness relative to a deadly new virus.7

But there were clues, even in the public record, if anyone had known where to look-and what they meant. In 1972, the World Health Organization-a witting participant-let an elite audience of scientists know that funding would be available to those who would pursue the creation of a hybrid virus that would be deadly to humans: "An attempt should be made to see if viruses can, in fact, exert selective effects on immune functions. The possibility should be looked into that the immune response to the virus itself may be impaired if the infecting virus damages more or less selectively the cell responding to the virus." (World Health Bulletin, 1972, 47, 257 and Fed Proc 1972 31:1087)

That same year, the World Health Organization actually alluded to its plans. "In relation to the immune response, a number of useful experimental approaches can be visualized," WHO reported in the Federation Proceedings of the United States. "This would be particularly informative in sibships." What that meant was that observing the effects of the new virus on brothers and sisters would provide useful information. (The African people, who were the first to receive the virus, were used like experimental animals in a laboratory, as were homosexuals after that.)

In 1972, the virus was ready for its first live experiments.

By 1974, the National Academy of Sciences was aware that something of great secrecy and extremely high importance was going on at Fort Detrick and the CAB labs-and the National Academy cooperated by recommending that members of its committee "voluntarily defer experiments linking animal viruses."

By 1978, the Olympians showed the enormity of their ambitions. National Security Council Memorandum #46-which became known among the few who were privy to it as the "King Alfred Plan"-discussed one possible solution to the black nationalist movement in the U.S.: stopping the growing birth rate among blacks in America by the year 2000, using several types of deadly viruses. This was actually written and circulated at the highest levels of government in 1978.

AIDS did not exist in the United States prior to 1978. Not in humans, not in stored blood; not anywhere-except in the laboratories. No American was infected with AIDS. All U.S. AIDS infection has occurred since the preparation of the "King Alfred" National Security Memorandum.

The "King Alfred Plan" revealed that the U.S. government had been collecting blood types of every nation on earth. These samples were given to virologists at Fort Detrick-among whom was a Mr. W. D. Lawton-and British virologists T. W. Burrows and R. C. Morris at Porton Downs in England (the most advanced Chemical and Bacteriological Warfare lab outside the former Soviet Academy of Science in Novisibirsk), who reported that blacks were more likely than whites to become infected with the virus. They would also have a shorter incubation period before showing symptoms and earlier death.

The British report found that people with a certain Gc 1 gene were predisposed to the HIV virus, while a Gc 2 gene offered some protection. As one intelligence report said, "Extensive research by the British team came up with the conclusion that blacks and mulattos have Gc 1 genes while whites have Gc 2 genes. This, the team said, meant that Africa and Brazil would be the most likely places in which the AIDS epidemic might start-and where it would flourish. This is believed to be the principle upon which the decision to infect Africa and Brazil with AIDS first was based. After that, they only had to find a means of delivering the AIDS virus to large numbers of people-and the World Health Organization found it."

The cover for the introduction of AIDS into Africa and Brazil-with its large black population-would be the World Health Organization's massive "humanitarian" campaign to "eradicate smallpox for once and for all." It was perfect. It even matched the surest way to pass the virus: injection.

The WHO smallpox vaccines would be contaminated with the AIDS virus. The dangerous viral agent chosen to contaminate the vaccines was SV-40, an idea which sprang from the results of a near disaster years earlier with contaminated Salk Polio Vaccine. Until 1962, SV-40-which caused cancer in animals-was contained in polio vaccine shots, and research work in the Soviet Union and Holland had concluded that the SV-40 virus was widespread in bovine serum, including fetal calf serum (BIV).

Fort Detrick virologists discovered that the loci of scores of genes related to the body's immune system are located on chromosome 14. They also found that SV-40 has a strong affinity for chromosome 14. The scientists reported that this was the link-the attack by SV-40 on chromosome 14-which caused polio, cancer, leukemia and immune suppression.8

The story of SV-40 first appeared publicly in "Human Exposures to SV-40: A Review and Comment," an article by noted epidemiologists N. Nathanson and K. Shah, published in the American Journal of Epidemiology. (Vol 103, No.1, January, 1976.) The article said that in the 1950s, millions of Americans were exposed to the papova virus SV-40, a common and unrecognized contaminant which had been prepared from virus pools grown in simian monkey kidney cultures. In February 1977, in "Science That Frightens Scientists," published in the Atlantic Monthly, William Bennett and Joel Gurin confirmed that millions of people in the U.S. were "inadvertently" injected with simian virus 40.

Subsequently it was confirmed that the Salk polio vaccine was cultured in kidneys from African green monkeys. This may have given rise to the myth that a man bitten by a green monkey contracted AIDS, which then developed into the present AIDS epidemic. As preposterous as it is, this fable is still one of the most accepted theories about the genesis of AIDS.

Given what we now know about the powerful contaminant SV-40, it was a miracle that the polio inoculation program wasn't a giant disaster. Many so-called "flu shots" during the presidency of Gerald Ford also contained SV-40, which may account for the fact that over twenty percent of those who received the shots became seriously ill and many died. In 1977 the government denied that SV-40 contamination of vaccines was deliberate.

The preponderance of evidence suggests that the government was-and still is-lying. Even as late as 1992, it was not known whether SV-40 is searched for in AIDS victims. The terrible danger here is that according to intelligence documents, SV-40 can lie dormant and then be "reactivated" or "triggered" when needed, which can also happen with HIV and two or three AIDS-related complex viruses.