Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Conspiracy Theory

“Never attribute to conspiracy

that which can be explained by greed and incompetence”

But never assume that the greedy and incompetent,

-- through stupidity or willful ignorance --

are not unknowingly part of a deeper conspiracy.


Anyone with regular and steady access to the Inter Net will eventually begin to receive literally thousands of e-mails detailing just what’s wrong (or going to be wrong) with the world. Some of the alleged information has strained the credibility of the most gullible, wide-eyed, pro-Paradigm-Shift, rapture-expectant, Chicken Little. Admittedly, many of the stories have been extremely entertaining, and in some cases, incredibly creative (emphasis on the word “incredible”). At the same time, however, there are some revelations which not only have a fair chance of catching your attention, but which indeed may make you wonder -- perhaps even worry -- about the condition of the human species.

One problem in dealing with alleged conspiracies is the art of Discrimination between truth and fantasy -- the weeding out of Illusions in order to get to the heart of the matter. This ability, or lack thereof, was highlighted in the movie, Conspiracy Theory, starring Mel Gibson, Julia Roberts, and Patrick Stewart. Mel’s character, for example, had bought into so many different conspiracies that when one was effectively verified by a reaction that threatened him with retaliation, he had no idea which conspiracy had been proven true! The fact that Mel’s character was also demonstrably mentally unbalanced only complicated the issue.

One might recall Frank Zappa's sage advice:

"The illusion of freedom will continue as long as it's profitable to continue the illusion. At the point where the illusion becomes too expensive to maintain, they will just take down the scenery, they will pull back the curtains, they will move the tables and chairs out of the way, and you will see a brick wall at the back of the theater."

In another context , in the movie A Brilliant Mind, Russell Crowe’s character is that of a Noble Laureate who prior to his just recognition had developed an illusion of several non-existent individuals who served him in various manners. The impact of the movie may be due in some respects with the manner in which it treated an individual’s ability to create illusions for better or worse. Creating Reality is a marvelous technique, but there is the occasional need for ensuring that it’s reality that’s being created. In point of fact, we all have our cherished illusions of one thing or another, and furthermore, if one is to believe certain philosophical and religious traditions, all the world is maya, i.e. illusion.

It is perhaps a fundamental truth that illusions are not necessarily the stuff of crazy making, but in some cases may have a profound usefulness -- i.e. it takes us to where our destiny is determined to lead us. In this regard, Richard Bach’s Illusions, The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah is an excellent (and brief) read. And for further thought on the matter, there is the short poem, The Brilliant Mind.

http://www.vibrani.com/conspiracies.htm asks two important questions regarding conspiracies. The one that really gets one's attention is: "If we were to say that all of these conspiracies are true, how would you feel? If we said they are all false, how would you feel? If your answer to either one brought up great emotions one way of the other, there is something about conspiracies for you to uncover."

Even the word "conspiracy" carries a host of meanings. Vibrani, for example, notes that "The word itself: 'con' means 'get to know, learn, get by heart, commit to memory; peruse, scan; differentiate.' It also means 'directing the steering of a ship from a commanding position.'" At the same time, "spiracy" comes from the Latin root "spirare", which means "to breathe" or "spirit". Alternatively, "piracy" means "robber, marauder, or literary or other plundering; attempt; attack (which is related to peril, danger." The latter sounds a bit more threatening, but when combined with "cons" is not quite so lethal. "Fear of the unknown is the real bugaboo." Therefore, learn!


Let Me See If I’ve Got This Right...

Given the plethora of conspiracy theories currently circling the planet, it is perhaps worthwhile to stop a moment and attempt to summarize -- perhaps Synthesize -- most all of the “stuff” of these various conspiracies. For example...

M It’s been said many times that a person can get away with murder!

* In other words, OJ Simpson was guilty as sin -- despite the prosecution’s admitted “reasonable doubt” on the first degree murder charge. (The prosecution, which was apparently worried about the unlikelihood of the jury finding OJ guilty of first degree murder, added a second degree (unpremeditated) murder charge just before the case went to the jury. However, it probable that OJ wasn’t guilty of second degree murder because nobody wears gloves in sunny southern California unless they’re definitely planning on killing someone! Thus there is reasonable doubt on both charges!)

* On a larger scale, statistics from New York State indicate only 20% of homicides result in anyone being indicted and only 75% of those result in a conviction. (That works out to 15 out of a 100 murders actually resulting in a conviction. Hmmmm...)

* The police statistic which says most homicides are committed by someone who was related or closely associated with the victim is really based on the fact that if it’s not someone obvious, the police don’t have a clue as to who really committed the crime.

* Even if the police have a good idea of who did it, they are unlikely to get a conviction if the suspect(s) refuse to cooperate (i.e. in the manner of Jon Benet’s parents).

* As a result of the above, the local police are now known as the “Gang in Blue” by virtue of the fact that they: 1) wear the same colors, 2) are heavily armed and dangerous, 3) are anathema to other gangs, and 4) come to the aid and support of their other fellow gang members no matter of what they’re charged or guilty of doing.

M Speaking of murder, the FBI can’t be trusted because:

* An FBI sharpshooter can kill an innocent woman and her child and get away with it -- based on the Federal Government’s immunity for its employees acting in the “line of duty” -- but will still later compensate the father/survivor (Ruby Ridge).

* The FBI (and ATF) knew about the Oklahoma City disaster beforehand (all of their agents were out of the office at the time of the bombing), and there is considerable evidence of explosives in the bombing which could not have come from the still alleged McVeigh/Nichols truck bomb -- thus implicating the FBI as part of the conspiracy.

* The FBI committed wholesale murder at Waco (and where the survivors were later tried, found innocent by a jury, and then sentenced to prison by the judge).

* The FBI can allow a felon to go free, and an innocent man to rot in jail, because of the expediency of having the former provide alleged incriminating testimony of others.

* The prospects of finding out what happened to TWA 800 are small to negligible, if only because the “national police”, the FBI: 1) took over the investigation from the FAA teams who normally handled such matters, 2) ignored half the evidence (e.g. 70 some odd eye-witness reports that they saw a missile trail), and 3) tried to browbeat other witnesses into testifying to something other than what they saw.

* The FBI -- and the CIA -- both had information on the probability of attacks related to 9-11-2001 and did nothing about it. The reason they did nothing is that the powers that be -- including President Bush -- knew beforehand of the impending attack (in one form or another), and that the attacks were allowed to proceed (or nothing was done to prevent them) in order to have a cause in which the country could be rallied around the Bush Administrtion, and so that the country could then have the justification to launch a war on Afghanistan, Iraq, and essentially any other country in the world with substantial oil reserves. (Please take note, Saudi Arabia!)

So far, this reminds me of the quote from the Athenian Solon (638-559 BC):

“Laws are like spider’s webs, which hold firm when any light, yielding object fall upon them, while a larger thing breaks through and escapes.”

This is all rather sad. But continuing on, you’re also telling me that...

M This same FBI intends to tap all phones in America (according to a 1992 report by the General Accounting Office, entitled “FBI Advanced Wiretapping Technologies Pose Wiretapping Challenges”):

* That this omnibus wiretapping is viable because of the facts that:

1) A telephone can now be made “hot on the hook” (i.e. turned into a microphone even when hung up and not in use -- in effect, cellular telephones can be used to locate the person carrying the unit), and

2) A group of CRAY IV computers can be used to record all phone calls, faxes, e-mails, microwave transmissions (e.g. cellular telephones), and even conversations, and immediately look for key words by the use of a “Dictionary” computer program (three hundred or so words, numbers and addresses) and subsequent human analysis.

* That such universal monitoring of phone calls and electronic transmissions obviously violates the Fourth Amendment’s protection against “unreasonable searches”;

* And that according to Senator Frank Church (D-Idaho), the eavesdropping technology is now so sophisticated that any dictator (current or future) could impose “total tyranny” on America because “there would be no place to hide”.

* The fallout from 9-11-2001 has further aggravated the situation, such that the unpatriotic, so-called Patriot Act gives Carte Blanche to a fundamentalist, out-of-control Attorney General to imprison anyone, without the necessity of adhering to; 1) charges being filed, 2) due process, 3) right to an attorney, 4) Trial by Jury, or 5) the anything else in the Constitution for the United States of America.

* That there is every reason to believe that high ranking members of the federal government allowed the 9-11-2001 disaster to occur -- using the tragedy as a means of going to war with Afghanistan and Iraq, and thereby establishing a military presence in the Middle East (an otherwise very difficult political position to sell), and that in effect, The War on Terrorism is Bogus.

* That in the wings -- awaiting the next traumatic attack upon the United States -- is a Patriot Act II, which allows the Bush Administration to get away with virtually anything in its fanatical, religious quest to do away with Free Speech, any semblance of Justice, and to pursue its imperialistic agenda to restructure the power in the Middle East (allegedly for good and noble reasons, but in actuality because of gross stupidity).

M Worse yet, you’ve told me that Big Brother is already watching us...

* Speed cameras and stoplight cameras are proliferating, despite the fact that their use encourages local governments to: 1) commit fraud when they fail to properly serve citations, 2) violate the most basic conflict of interests concerns by demanding money for alleged violations of Victimless Crimes, and 3) split the proceeds of all fines and penalties with the private company who makes (and adjusts) the cameras.

* So-called private e-mails are often kept on file at the Server, and can easily be delivered to any law-enforcement or other agency (including private investigators).

* Electronic implants are available which can track everything from pets to Alzheimer’s patients to prison inmates and parolees to soldiers and sailors to executives to employees (eliminating time cards or “sick day” attendance at baseball games) to ordinary citizens and to anyone suspect of anything -- that they can be easily installed in an earlobe (but not necessarily as easily removed for privacy prone individuals -- maybe Vincent Van Gogh had a premonition!).

* Police departments are now taking courses in Technical Remote Viewing (TRV) -- the latter described as “the acquisition and description, by mental means, of information blocked from ordinary perception by distance, shielding or time”. Also, “the use of TRV in field work (patrol), field inquiries and interrogations, building and area searches, increased intuitiveness and police survival, crime scene reconstruction in ‘real time’, future crime trends/suspect placement concepts, and the use of TRV to ‘track’ mobile suspects and to access the suspect’s mind/mental state.” [If the latter emphasis added doesn’t scare the barn carpeting out of you, nothing will!]

* Privacy is a thing of the past -- despite the Constitution for the United States of America’s guarantee.

* Stray thoughts or unorthodox ideas can get you into serious trouble -- e.g. Pat Robertson’s advocating stoning for UFO enthusiasts.

M Much of this may not make a difference in the coming years because...

* Instead of inflation, the world will discover deflation (where the prices of goods and services fall, along with wages, benefits, the values of homes and certain other assets -- making it easy to have home equities vanish or turn negative overnight).

* The IRS, despite its protestations to the contrary, may find that people will fail to file their individual income tax returns because:

1) Too many people have realized the federal income tax is voluntary for non-federal-government employees, and failing to file is okay if you simply assert your rights (see, for example, the WEPIN Store on how to “unvolunteer” from the IRS), and

2) Others have realized that the 16th Amendment (allowing Congress to levy taxes on incomes) has never been properly ratified by the individual States.

* When bank accounts close and the economy collapses, the National Guard will arrive on the scene to re-establish order by military means (they already have contingency plans underway), and also in order to enforce FEMA’s drive to become supreme ruler of the land. FEMA will become the horror it’s been designed to be by virtue of its powers:

1) To separate families (in order to maintain control over any potentially obstinate individuals who have some crazy idea about constitutional rights),

2) To confiscate goods and supplies from anyone who had the foresight to store up for a rainy Y2K style day or any day thereafter, and

3) To press anyone into service (without compensation -- i.e. slavery) in order to accomplish FEMA’s nefarious goals.

M On a more worldly perspective...

* The IMF (International Monetary Fund) has set the third world up by sending in billions of dollars -- to be shared among the ruling elite and their friends -- but which must now be repaid by the starving masses.

* The IMF will be able to extend austerity and economically crippling measures to these same countries, and thus extend the misery and horror.

* The Transnational Corporations (TNCs) will be excessively compensated for their stupidity in pouring moneys into the third world countries.

* The TNCs will further gain power by such acts as the MAI, which allows private companies to violate all sorts of employee and/or environmental protection laws by virtue of the companies being transnational and the fact that obeying the “local” laws of any sovereign nation might be unprofitable.

M The coming era of TNC sovereignty, we’ve been told, includes:

* Paying Haitian workers 6 cents for every pair of Disney “101 Dalmatians” outfits that Disney sells for $20, paying Salvadoran women 12 cents for every $20 GAP t-shirt, paying Indonesians minimum wages of $2.36 per day, Chinese 80 cents a day, and employing 250 million children (ages 5 - 14) throughout the world where they’re exposed to harmful conditions, pesticide poisoning, malaria, tetanus, and whooping cough (and recalling that in Haiti, milk, eggs, cereal and gas are more expensive than in New York).

* Paying Nike CEO Phil Knight excessive wages and benefits, while his dividends from the third quarter of 1996 alone was $80 million dollars -- and while 75% of Nike’s shoe production occurs in countries where it is illegal to form independent trade unions.

* Paying in wages and stock options Mattel CEO John Amerman more ($30 million) than the combined salary of 11,000 Mattel workers making Barbie dolls in China (BTW, there are more barbie dolls on the planet than residents of the US - 267 million.)

* Only Arcata, California passing a ballot issue which creates a program to ensure democratic control over corporations conducting business within the city.

M You’ve also said that Monsanto (the St. Louis chemical giant)...

* Has been combining genetically engineered food crops (e.g. soybeans, potatoes, corn) with traditionally grown ingredients (including those labeled as organic), and that the nation’s food safety authority -- the U. S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) -- does not require genetically engineered food crops to be labeled as such (in large part due to the fact that a Monsanto employee on leave to the FDA wrote the rules);

* Has it’s New Leaf Superior potato legally registered as a pesticide with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and as such the FDA does not regulate this potato because the FDA does not have the authority to regulate pesticides -- and the EPA figures its safe because mice are not harmed by eating pure samples of the “active ingredient” in the pesticide, and thus must be okay for humans;

* Has avoided having to include on the label for its pesticidal potatoes that the potato has been genetically engineered -- this despite the fact that food labeling is an FDA responsibility, that the EPA has passed the food labeling responsibility to the FDA, that the FDA wants nothing to do with a pesticide, and so forth and so on. {Monsanto’s director of corporate communications, Phil Angell, has said, “Our interest is in selling as much of it [biotech foods] as possible. Assuring its safety is the FDA’s job.”}

* Has used a bacteria, Bacillus Thuriengensis (Bt) -- which humans must avoid inhaling or getting into an open wound -- which has been useful for organic farmers, but because of the manner in which Monsanto’s is using Bt, the bacteria will now allow insects to develop a resistance (and thus deprive organic farmers of a beneficial product);

* Has tirelessly promoted pesticides for farming in order to make the farmers dependent upon synthetic chemicals -- despite the fact that Monsanto has acknowledged that “current agricultural technology is not sustainable” -- and now plans to shift farmers from the pesticide treadmill to a biotech treadmill;

* Has developed a “terminator” seed, which is intended to end the millennial old practice of farmers saving a portion of their harvest to provide seeds for the next year’s crop -- and furthermore has required farmers buying their seeds to sign a contract that the farmer will not retain any of their crop for next year’s crop (and then used informants and Pinkertons to bring legal action in order to enforce the contract -- and potentially caused the deaths of 600 farmers in India who committed suicide in the space of a few months);

* Has begun the process of owning (though patents) and controlling (through coercion and other methods) the biological underpinnings of life; and

* Has joined the other TNCs in their quest to reach into our lives and exploit people, animals, and other lifeforms -- through whatever legal loopholes they can find -- in their rapacious pursuit of profits.

MMMMMIt follows that if the supposed Monsanto conspiracy is successful in monopolizing the production of seeds for all food crops, and that via this scenario, if the Monsanto seed factories are subsequently destroyed by the actions of terrorists or other enemies, then an overwhelming majority of the population will starve to death before the remaining perennial seeds can produce enough new seeds. (All of which could go along away toward dealing with the over-population problem, or the World Depopulation agenda... in case you were searching for the silver lining.)

M But perhaps this is not the problem, if as you say...

* There is an organism called Pfiestera piscicida (feisty terrible fish killer?) that excretes poison to stun its victims, and then uses an enzyme to dissolve their flesh -- and that these little beauties have already killed a billion fish off North Carolina, have affected humans in a variety of ways, including memory loss... Whoa! Where was I? Oh yes... the killer organism has already expanded its range to include the North Sea, but was probably spawned (pardon the pun) by “nutrient runoff” from animal waste from intensive farming (such as chicken manure -- Tyson’s main staple -- from poultry farms).

* Contaminated water has caused frog deformities and abnormalities, and because frogs are considered “sentinel species”, this bodes ill for other species, including humans.

* Thousands of tropical fish have begun dying off in reefs off the coast of Florida to as far away as Aruba and Venezuela -- the die-off is due to a mysterious disease that covers fish with lesions or a blotchy white slime, and leaves them emaciated/disoriented.

* As many as one million people died in a North Korean famine, where cannibalism (primarily people killing and eating their own infants) reached horrifying levels (perhaps in an effort to avoid all those diseased fish);

* Cartoons on television (Nintendo’s “Pocket Monsters”) has apparently triggered convulsions among hundreds (at least 650) of children in Japan (another fish story?).

* A highly contagious eye disease has reached epidemic proportions in Cuba and has apparently entered the U. S., bringing symptoms of eye redness, burning and extreme tearing to facial paralysis, severe neurological disorder, and loss of vision.

* Tuberculosis has rebounded in Russia, where there are 90,000 new cases each year (and which lead to 25,000 deaths) -- the U.S. suffering only about 1,600 deaths.

* White Nile fever is now running rampant, along with anthrax love letters being sent to one and all.

* And of course, Smallpox has returned from the dead (pardon the pun) to pose its own unique threat -- including the spectre of Mandatory Vaccinations and the inevitable horror and misery implicit in the misguided use of Vaccines.

One might take comfort in the availability of vaccines and drugs in the United States in order to combat these terrors...

M Except you’ve been telling me that:

* There is no credible evidence that Vaccines have ever reduced the likelihood of sickness or death, and that to the contrary have caused more problems than they’ve ever been reputed to have solved.

* Just as tuberculosis, once believed to have been eradicated by modern medicine, has now returned in more virulent, drug-resistant strains, polio may have returned under the code name, chronic fatigue syndrome (myalgic enceopalomyelitis), and that in fact the polio vaccine only suppressed the polio virus such that it was replaced with the Coxsackie virus (often found in elevated levels in chronic fatigue syndrome patients). {The original three polio viruses have now been replaced with 72 polio-like viruses.}

* The United Nations’ World Health Organization (WHO?) has used 3 different brands of tetanus vaccine (none of which had ever been licensed for sale and distribution) in one of its many programs, but apparently lied when WHO claimed that “tetanus toxoid does not have a contraceptive effect or contain any hormones; the vaccine contains no abortifacients” (this despite WHO’s $356 million investment in “reproductive research”).

* The potential mandatory vaccination for Smallpox will kill more people than all the combination of every vaccine on the planet could hope to save.

M On top of everything else, you’ve also said that:

* Prozac, commonly given to youth as a treatment for depression (such as the depression which may be occurring after reading all of this), has been listed to have side effects of hallucinations, apathy, hostility, irrational ideas (like Prozac might be beneficial), paranoid reactions, antisocial behavior (e.g. Eli Lilly of Indianapolis’ marketing of the drug), hysteria (upon learning about the drug), and suicidal thoughts. Also part of the Prozac package is the fact that most of the mindless homicidal shooting sprees of recent years have found an abnormally high percentage of killers that were on Prozac or a related drug (pathogen, poison, or anathema to life substance). As for the few who went off the drug, they began suffering serious withdrawal symptoms, including killing others.

* Anthrax and other chemical or bacteriological warfare means (i.e. those which unlike Prozac were previously marketed under “ways to kill your enemies”) are easily available to terrorists throughout the world, including fire sales of the latest combinations of Anthrax and Ebola viruses from the germ warfare centers of the former Soviet Union. (Note that Anthrax vaccines are not expected to have any beneficial effects against “weapons-grade Anthrax, which was developed to do an end run around the vaccines.)

* Iraq may be hiding nuclear weapons, but Russia is simply finding it difficult to find theirs -- even while Murmansk has 200 non functioning nuclear reactors and tens of thousands of fuel rods haphazardly stored at Russian bases, with enough damaged nuclear reactor parts and spent fuel rods aboard the retired Russian supply ship, Lepse, to poison the earth’s entire population (as much radioactivity as 1986’s Chernobyl reactor).

Wait a minute!!! Can I really trust what you’ve said!?? Why haven’t I heard about this on the nightly news or read about it in the papers? Or heard some official pronouncement?

M To which it’s been reported that...

* According to the Pew Research Center for People and the Press, only 22% of Americans say they have a lot of trust in their local newspaper, and only 24% trust local television news (even when the main fare is local fires, accidents, local human interest, weather, and sports -- nothing exceptionally controversial). Only about 33% trust their public schools, despite the facts: 1) most parents don’t know what’s going on in their schools, and 2) even fewer non-parents are aware of what’s happening. Those who still have some trust in their schools are usually thinking (or experienced with) only the rural and suburban schools which have not yet descended into the moral insanity, social experimentation and mind control of the larger urban districts. Still, 46 percent trust the neighborhood in which they live, 78 percent trust their local fire departments, and 84 percent trust the members of their immediate family.

* Only about one fourth of Americans invest directly (or through mutual funds) in the stock market. Of those who invest directly, almost all have witnessed blatantly illegal manipulations of the stock market -- including many orchestrated for political reasons by the federal government, i.e. to thwart short sellers and stem possible panics (which could have serious political ramifications later on -- not a good thing in an election year). Mean-while, millions are now seeing retirement nest eggs going rotten as their values plummet.

* Speaking of which, only 14 percent of the American population trust their local governments; even fewer, 9 percent, trust their state governments, and only 6 percent have any faith in their federal government. E.g. 33% believe it is likely that the Navy shot down TWA flight 800, 51 percent that it is likely that government officials conspired to assassinate President Kennedy, 52 percent that the CIA deliberately allowed drug dealers to sell crack cocaine to inner-city children, 40 percent (and climbing) that the FBI burned down the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, and 48 percent that it is likely the U. S. Air Force is withholding proof of the evidence of intelligent life from other planets.

M It’s also been noted that...

* Computerized tallying of election results is almost certainly corrupt -- e.g. in 600 precincts in Florida, the printer units jammed, but the vote totals were already punched in -- prompting 4000 volunteers at the polls to quit on the spot. (And this was before the year 2000 presidential election in which the Secretary of State of Florida -- the person responsible for the accuracy and legitimacy of the election -- was a co-chairman of the committed to elect the presidential winner of the election, the Governor of Florida was the winner’s brother, later recounts of the Florida vote showed a different result, that the Supreme Court’s decision to stop the recount was allegedly based on the “equal protection” clause of the United State Constitution, even when any rationale interpretation of the clause would demand a full recount of the entire state, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera...)

* States, such as Arizona, have enacted new sex-predator laws whereby individuals who were previously convicted of sex-predator crimes and have served their time, are now being incarcerated indefinitely on the premise -- as one woman said it -- “Other people’s rights end when our children need to be protected.” (Why wouldn’t they do this with Iatrogenic problems, whereby medical doctors, hospitals, and so forth have committed grave errors, drug or alcohol based misjudgments, or other actions which result in the death or maiming of patients?)

* Contrary to the Constitution for the United States, jurors are now instructed that they must find a person guilty if they violated a law -- irrespective of whether the law is just or applicable. This is in direct contradiction to the opinions of Presidents Jefferson, Adams, and others who felt that Trial by Jury was the only viable means of eliminating bad laws from the books -- and that the most critical freedom in a constitutional Republic was the right of a jury to acquit anyone for any crime (and was established in the so-called religious freedom trial of William Penn and William Mead). [In law, old law supercedes new law; such that the establishment of Trial by Jury cannot be later overturned legally.]

* The United States was formed as a constitutional republic (not a democracy where a 51% majority can tyrannize the minority), and was based upon Common Law -- where anyone can do anything just so long as they do not harm the person or property of others, and where they do what they knowingly, willingly, and intentionally agree to do. This law, however, has been illegally superseded by Admiralty Law (i.e. the Law of War), which has eliminated or degraded most of the rights of individuals. The basis of Admiralty law is that of a State of Emergency (which by law in the US is limited to three years, but which has been in effect since the Great Depression in the 1930s). Admiralty Law utilizes an equally illegal code of laws referred to as the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC).

* The state of emergencies in the United States was initiated by Franklin Roosevelt on the basis of the federal government’s US Bankruptcy. Subsequent Presidents have simply added one state of emergency upon another up until the present day. (Laws passed since that time (IRS and other monsters) are all contingent upon the state of emergency.)

* The assault on the constitutional republic of the United States was initiated at the time of the Civil War -- where illegal paper script was foisted on the public in order to pay for the war, and where individuals were denied their rights and forced to lay down their lives in warring against their fellow citizen.

* Lincoln also began the practice of Executive Orders, which basically bypasses the Congress, Constitution, Sovereignty of Individuals, Bill of Rights, etceteras. Recent presidents have continued the tradition, continually chipping away at human rights, some of the most recent monsters being proclaimed by Bush, Clinton and Shrub.

* Franklin Roosevelt also changed the date of the Presidential Inauguration, from the original date of the first Tuesday following the first Monday of March (thus forming a trine of dates of Independence Day, Election Day, and Presidential Inauguration Day), to the end of January -- in an attempt to allow himself to be made President for life.

* The Federal Reserve is a private, for-profit corporation, owned by the elite of the world, and in no way a federal agency or controlled by the citizens of the U.S.

* The Federal Reserve creates paper money out of nothing -- despite the illegality of anyone including Congress to use anything but gold and silver as legal tender -- loans this worthless paper commodity to the federal government at interest (who then subsequently loans it to everyone else at interest -- so that it is mathematically impossible to ever pay back the principal -- i.e. all of the paper money in existence -- plus the interest). Note that for every dollar the banksters hold as deposits for other people, they can loan out $100; for which they are paid interest on -- i.e. interest on absolutely nothing!

M And it gets much worse. Like for example, it’s been said that...

* Social InSecurity is -- and always has been -- a Ponzi Scheme in which the early investors get their money at the expense of the later investors; and that the current retirees (who have three times the income and five times the networth of people in their thirties) are financially ripping off their children and grandchildren in a massive con game.

* Social InSecurity will have deficits in the year 2030 of $1.7 trillion per year, 2040 of $3.2 trillion per year, and by 2050, $5.7 trillion PER YEAR!; and is thus blatantly insolvent. (In 2040, Social Security taxes will require between one third and one half of total payrolls just in order to meet its current obligations.)

* Forty percent of Social InSecurity benefits go to households whose total incomes are above the average income for all households. At the same time, for a $30,000 annual income, Senior households pay $790 in taxes annually, while JUNIOR households with the same annual income pay $7,035.

* Medicare alone represents, on average, a $310,000 windfall for today’s retirees.

One might think that the “owners” and/or “tyrants” of our world are taking ninety nine percent of the population to the cleaners (but where nothing really comes clean).

J On the other hand, the only really encouraging thing you’ve said is that this may soon end, i.e....

* Signals from the star EQ Pegasi suggest that first contact may be at hand (but the odds -- based on the current record of hits by prophets and prognosticators -- is nil).

* NASA’s 30 day delay in informing the world about a massive astronomical X-Ray event (which temporarily shut down several satellites) does not bode well for NASA (an acronym for “Never A Straight Answer”) telling us about any serious future threat.

* First reports put the comet, affectionately known as 1997XF11, at an encounter with the Earth in 2028, at only a mere 30,000 mile distance (as compared to the Moon’s 240,000 mile distance). NASA later revised this distance to 600,000 miles. Unfortunately any mathematician would then suggest an “error” of 570,000 miles, which when applied to the mean between 30 and 600 thousand miles, allows for a good probability of a “hit”.

* Meanwhile, global warming is continuing unabated, and recent reports are that the warm up period may be much quicker and abrupt than anyone is thinking. In any case, the collapse of the Antarctica ice caps and other trends may raise the sea level by as much as 200 feet in the next couple of decades (or sooner), making it exceedingly wet for about 85 percent of the world’s population (who tend to cluster near the oceans/seas). We can also look forward to deserts in the Amazon, and a wrath of other horrors.

* Speaking of things getting hotter, Solar Cycle 23 was slated to peak in the year 2000, but has continued relatively unabated, such that there is the very real likelihood of substantial increases in the activity, which could bring about serious solar flares, coronal mass ejections (CMEs), and subsequent geo-magnetic storms on earth.

* The “Gog Index”, a measure of the probability of near term holy war in the mid east, is now indicating that WWIII is hovering over us, even as we speak.

* Regardless of everything else, time ends on December 21, 2012 A.D., when the Mayan Calendar comes to an End.

“Oh surely you jest!” But then again, if 10% of the above is true...

BTW, did you notice that the vast amount of conspiracies listed above has as their conspirators the so-called free governments of the world? Maybe, that what "free government" means: the freedom to commit all manner of conspiracy in order to do what those in control of the government want -- for whatever benighted reason they might have. Figures!

But not to worry. Visit Laughter for a refreshing break. Or for some tongue in cheek material, see , which is really quite brilliant! For example:

“A thought just struck me: Perhaps it's not that the government lies to us, but rather that the government lies to itself, then tells us what it thinks is true. Or, maybe, just maybe, the government is itself lied to by a secret upper-level parallel government that runs the show from behind the stage. And maybe it’s not just behind our government, but each and every one of them.”

Then there’s the idea of... Get Ye Over It! (Just a reminder.)