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Rate the The Mental Hygiene Society - Yale University connection

George Herbert Walker and Prescott Bush were active in the leadership of the eugenics societies that were popular among the wealthy classes in the first half of the twentieth century. Prescott Bush was the Connecticut director of the Mental Hygiene Society which originated at Yale University in 1908. The headquarters of the American Eugenics Society was also at Yale (also home of the Order of Skull & Bones)until its relocation to and merger in 1952 with the Population Council, which was founded by John D. Rockefeller and John Foster Dulles, lawyer for Brown Brothers Harriman.

The Mental Hygiene Society of which Prescott Bush was a director was a project of the Order of Skull and Bones. The society "would evolve into the CIA's cultural engineering effort of the 1950s, the drugs and brainwashing adventure known as 'MK-Ultra' anti-American project which poured drugs into the country and worked to fabricate the drug-sex youth culture." 8.

"A behavior control research project was begun in the 1950s, coordinated by the British psychological warfare unit called the Tavistock Institute, with the Scottish Rite Masons, the Central Intelligence Agency, and other British, U.S., Canadian, and United Nations agencies. The project became famous in the 1970s under a CIA code name, 'MK-Ultra.' Its notoriety for brainwashing by drugs, hypnosis, electroshock, and other tortures caused many books to be written about the project, and the U.S. Senate conducted hearings which exposed many of its abusive features. President Gerald Ford appointed a commission headed by Vice President Nelson Rockefeller, to correct the CIA's misconduct. There was a widespread anti-establishment view at the time, that here was the fox appointed to guard the hen house." 9.

The Mental Hygiene movement was organized into the World Federation of Mental Health by none other than Montagu Norman, Governor of the Bank of England who, with Hjalmar Schacht, the financial engineer of the Nazi rearmament program and member of the British Round Table, and Benjamin Strong of the New York Federal Reserve Bank, conspired to precipitate the Great Depression. Under Adolf Hitler, Hjalmar Schacht was appointed Minister of Economics. [See: Eugenics: All in the Family]

"The Mental Hygiene movement was organized into the World Federation of Mental Health by Montagu Norman, former Brown Brothers partner and Bank of England Governor. Norman had appointed as the federation's chairman, Brigadier John Rawlings Rees, director of the Tavistock Psychiatric Clinic, chief psychiatrist and psychological warfare expert for the British intelligence services...
"The world financial crisis led to the merger of the Walker-Harriman bank with Brown Brothers in 1931. Former Brown partner Montagu Norman and his protégé Hjalmar Schacht paid frantic visits to New York that year and the next, preparing the new Hitler regime for Germany." 10.

The interaction between the British, American and German Eugenics societies laid the foundation for implementation of the race purification ideology behind Hitler's Third Reich. In 1912, the First International Congress of Eugenics was held at the University of London. The president of the Congress was Major Leonard Darwin, son of Charles Darwin and one of the first English vice presidents was Sir Winston Churchill, later Prime Minister of England. In 1921, the Second International Congress of Eugenics was held in New York City. The sponsoring committee included Herbert Hoover, later President of the U.S., and the Carnegie Institute of Washington (Rockefeller). Madison Grant, a director of the American Eugenics Society, was the treasurer. The event was held at the American Museum of Natural History in New York, where Averell Harriman served on the Board of Directors.

In 1932, the Third International Congress on Eugenics elected as its president Dr. Ernst Rudin, a psychiatrist who directed the various branches of the Rockefeller-founded/funded Kaiser Wilhelm Institute in Germany, and designated Rudin president of the worldwide Eugenics Federation. In 1933, Rudin was commissioned by Hitler's Minister of the Interior to write a sterilization law for Germany. Rudin's Law for the Prevention of Hereditary Diseases in Posterity was modeled on statutes already passed in Virginia and other states in the U.S. When Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party came to power in Germany, Ernst Rudin praised Hitler, giving credit to him because "the dream we have cherished for more than thirty years of seeing racial hygiene converted into action has become reality."

"The most important American political event in those preparations for Hitler was the infamous 'Third International Congress on Eugenics,' held at New York's American Museum of Natural History August 21-23, 1932, supervised by the International Federation of Eugenics Societies. 9 This meeting took up the stubborn persistence of African-Americans and other allegedly 'inferior' and 'socially inadequate' groups in reproducing, expanding their numbers, and amalgamating with others. It was recommended that these 'dangers' to the 'better' ethnic groups and to the 'well-born,' could be dealt with by sterilization or 'cutting off the bad stock' of the 'unfit.'
"Italy's fascist government sent an official representative. Averell Harriman's sister Mary, director of 'Entertainment' for the Congress, lived down in Virginia fox-hunting country; her state supplied the speaker on 'racial purity,' W.A. Plecker, Virginia commissioner of vital statistics. Plecker reportedly held the delegates spellbound with his account of the struggle to stop race-mixing and inter-racial sex in Virginia.
"The Congress proceedings were dedicated to Averell Harriman's mother; she had paid for the founding of the race-science movement in America back in 1910, building the Eugenics Record Office as a branch of the Galton National Laboratory in London. She and other Harrimans were usually escorted to the horse races by old George Herbert Walker--they shared with the Bushes and the Farishes a fascination with 'breeding thoroughbreds' among horses and humans. 10
"Averell Harriman personally arranged with the Walker/Bush Hamburg-Amerika Line to transport Nazi ideologues from Germany to New York for this meeting. 11 The most famous among those transported was Dr. Ernst Rudin, psychiatrist at the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Genealogy and Demography in Berlin, where the Rockefeller family paid for Dr. Rudin to occupy an entire floor with his eugenics 'research.' Dr. Rudin had addressed the International Federation's 1928 Munich meeting, speaking on 'Mental Aberration and Race Hygiene,' while others (Germans and Americans) spoke on race-mixing and sterilization of the unfit. Rudin had also led the German delegation to the 1930 Mental Hygiene Congress in Washington, D.C.
"At the Harrimans' 1932 New York Eugenics Congress, Ernst Rudin was unanimously elected president of the International Federation of Eugenics Societies. This was recognition of Rudin as founder of the German Society for Race Hygiene, with his co-founder, Eugenics Federation vice president Alfred Ploetz.
"As depression-maddened financiers schemed in Berlin and New York, Rudin was now official leader of the world eugenics movement. Components of his movement included groups with overlapping leadership, dedicated to:
-sterilization of mental patients ('mental hygiene societies');
-execution of the insane, criminals and the terminally ill ('euthanasia societies'); and
-eugenical race-purification by prevention of births to parents from 'inferior' blood stocks ('birth control societies').
"Before the Auschwitz death camp became a household word, these British-American-European groups called openly for the elimination of the 'unfit' by means including force and violence. 12." 11.

Behind the Tavistock Institute and its brainchild, MK-Ultra, was the largesse of the Rockefeller Foundation, "a global instrument for radical social change, using American money and British strategy." British psychiatry: from eugenics to assassination by Anton Chaitkin reveals John D. Rockefeller's interest in psychiatric genetics, which "applied to psychiatry the concepts of eugenics (otherwise known as race purification, race hygiene, or race betterment) developed in London's Galton Laboratory and its offshoot Eugenics Societies in England and America." Besides Rockefeller and the British Crown, the families of Warburg and Harriman were the primary funders of eugenics internationally.

"The foundation's 'German centers combined the search for organic signs of mental illness with eugenic projects.... The [Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Psychiatry in Munich] had initially been endowed with 11 million marks, contributed by Gustav Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach [head of the Krupp steel and arms family] and James Loeb [Paul Warburg's brother-in-law], an expatriate American of the Kuhn-Loeb banking family. Loeb mobilized his American-Jewish friends to support the institute,' and they invited the foundation to reorganize and expand the Munich enterprise. Loeb also continued financing the institute. Loeb's relatives, the Warburgs, owners of Kuhn Loeb bank, were the intimate banking partners of William Rockefeller. Together with him they had set up the Harriman family in big business, using capital supplied by the British royal family's personal banker, Sir Ernst Cassell. The three families, Rockefeller, Warburg, and Harriman, together with British Crown agencies, jointly sponsored much of the social engineering enterprise we shall describe here. The Rockefeller Foundation made an initial grant of $2.5 million in 1925 to the Psychiatric Institute in Munich, gave it $325,000 for a new building in 1928, and continuously sponsored the institute and its Nazi chief Rudin through the Hitler era. The foundation paid for a 1930-35 anthropological survey of the 'eugenically worthwhile population' by Nazi eugenicists Rudin, Verschuer, Eugen Fischer, and others." 12.

Through funding the "research" of Ernst Rudin and Otmar Von Verschuer, they also financed the horrific experimentation of Verschuer's medical commandant, Josef Mengle, the "Angel of Death" of Auschwitz whose experiments on children, especially twins, provided scientific data for the Kaiser Wilhem Institute:

"Of the 3000 twins who passed through Mengele's labs, only 200 survived the war. Depending on the type of experiment endured by the twins, they were driven to various labs at Auschwitz or neighboring Birkenau camp. Most received routine blood and x-ray tests, often on a daily basis... Mengele's experiments both physical and psychological; experimental surgeries performed without anesthesia, transfusions of blood from one twin to another, isolation endurance, reaction to various stimuli, injections with lethal germs, sex change operations, the removal of organs and limbs, incestuous impregnations... Mengele injected chemicals into the eyes of children in an attempt to change their eye color... Unfortunately a strict veil of secrecy over the experiments enabled Mengele to do his work more effectively, and 'twins who were subjected to the most grusome procedures took his secrets to their graves.' The full extent of his grusome work will never be known because the records he sent to Dr. Von Verschuer at the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute were shipped out 'in two truckloads' and destroyed by the latter. Any remaining notes Mengele carried with him on his escape to South America and those were never found." 13.

According to Fritz Springmeier, Josef Mengele was used by the Illuminati to develop trauma-based mind control by experimenting on Jewish victims in the Holocaust, and after the war Mengele was smuggled to the U.S. to put mind control into practice as one of the CIA's main mind control programmers. The author of "Mind Control The Ultimate Terror" credits Mengele with development of the MK Ultra mind control program:

"Dr. Joseph Mengele of Auschwitz notoriety was the principle developer of the MK Ultra and Monarch mind control programs. Mengele and hundreds of other high ranking Nazis were secretly moved into the United States and South America in the aftermath of World War II in an Operation designated Paperclip. The Nazis continued their work in developing mind control and rocketry technologies in secret underground military bases. The only thing we were told about was the rocketry work with former Nazi star celebrities like Warner Von Braun. The killers, torturers, and mutilators of innocent human beings were kept discretely out of sight, but busy in their underground military facilities which soon became home to thousands upon thousands of kidnapped American children snatched off the streets and placed into iron bar cages stacked from floor to ceiling. These children would be used to further refine and perfect Mengele's mind control technologies. These children (at least the ones who survived the 'training') would become future mind controlled slaves who could be used for anything from sexual blackmail to assassinations."

Anton Chaitkin: the British Monarchy & Euthanasia

September 10, 2009 (LPAC)—The Royal Family and panicky City of London financiers began implementing, in 2008, a new program to kill elderly and other sick people, precisely repeating the opening phase of Hitler's 1939 T-4 euthanasia program. Under the Liverpool Care Pathway adopted for general use by the National Health Service, those showing symptoms that might foreshadow death are targeted to be killed by heavy narcotics and the withdrawal of fluids and nutrition. The new policy reportedly accounted for about one sixth of all deaths in Britain last year, according to a study by Dr. Clive Seale, of the prestigious Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry.

When the world financial system meltdown began in 2007, British imperial leaders pursued drastic shifts in funds away from public services and into bailouts of the London-Wall Street axis. They rushed into general practice an all-out euthanasia policy, that had been introduced as a pilot project in 2003-2004 by then-Prime Minister Tony Blair and royal health adviser Simon Stevens.

This British fascist "health-care reform" agenda was at the same time exported to the United States for adoption by the incoming Obama Administration.

The King's Fund is the official agency driving the new euthanasia. A government-funded charity, called alternatively Marie Curie Cancer Care or Marie Curie Hospice, is the operations center tasked with shaping the killing program.

Prince Charles has been president of the King's Fund since 1986, and president of the Marie Curie Hospice organization since about 2000.

What is today called the King's Fund was created in the late 19th Century by the Prince of Wales. After he became King Edward VII, the agency was incorporated in 1907 as King Edward's Hospital Fund for London. This was the Royal Family's planning center for the reform of health care, in accord with the Empire's innovation of the time, eugenics or race-purification theory.

To start up the new killing program in 2008, the Queen became the Patron, the agency was re-incorporated under the shorter name, King's Fund, and Prince Charles and his retainers went into overdrive.

The King's Fund and the Marie Curie Hospice were merged for action with the June 24, 2008 announcement that King's Fund Policy and Development Director Steve Dewar would simultaneously lead the two agencies, to "develop the contribution of both organizations to the further improvement of end-of-life services across the U.K." In July 2008, the National Health Service published its End of Life Care Strategy, developed by an NHS Strategy unit set up for the new euthanasia program.

The Marie Curie Palliative Care Institute in Liverpool is one of two centers for experimental killing regimes. Out of this has come the procedure called the Liverpool Care Pathway, with its Continuous Deep Sedation, which has recently broken into the headlines in Britain due to a public protest against the murders by physicians.

Marie Curie Chief Executive Tom Hughes-Hallett, a King's Fund Senior Associate, chairs the "external Implementation Advisory Board" for the national End of Life Care Strategy. In his forward to the killers' first annual report, published by the National Service in July, 2009, Hughes-Hallett wrote,

"We're trying to change the way this country thinks about and responds to the idea of death. We're trying to change the way the medical and social care professions think about and respond to death. We're trying to change the way end of life care services are commissioned."

Being a City of London financier (with J. Henry Schroeder, and then chairman of Robert Fleming Securities), Hughes-Hallett wrote further on the urgency of getting the killing program going full blast, now: "One thing that has changed quickly, and unexpectedly, is the financial climate. For this financial year and the next, the NHS has new money for this strategy. After that things are much less certain...."

In that national Strategy Report, the "end of life care pathway" starts with "Step One: Identifying people who are approaching the end of life"; it proceeds to "Step Five: Last days of life," in which the Liverpool Care Pathway is the means of termination. After this comes "Step Six: Care after death," or what to do with the bodies and the survivors, and proposed methods for falsifying death certificates to show a natural cause rather than homicide — precisely as was done in the Hitler T-4 program.

A National Health Service-commissioned report by McKinsey and Company, calling for saving $32 billon per year by drastic cuts in health care, was leaked to the press last week. King's Fund chief economist John Appleby (quoted in Time magazine, Sept. 9, 2009) responded that these savings must be accomplished by finding "ways to counter rising health-care costs associated with an aging population, expensive new medical treatments and rising patient expectations." King's Fund chief executive Niall Dickson chimed in that, rather than doing more with less resources, "Doing less with less seems a more realistic scenario."

The Royal euthanasia program was introduced as a pilot project in 2003 and 2004 by Simon Stevens, Blair's chief adviser on health policy from 2001 to 2004. In 2007, Stevens went to the United States to spread the euthanasia project there. Stevens became vice president of Minnesota-based UnitedHealth, the massive private health insurance company for the U.S. and Britain. Stevens' official job is to advise all private health insurers to get behind the new agenda for health-care reform.

Continuing as a trustee of the King's Fund for Prince Charles in London, Simon Stevens connects President Obama with the London-Wall Street axis, for implementation of the urgent strategy in the face of financial catastrophe.

CIA created Facebook

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Wake the FUCK up!!!!!!

JFK said it best in one of his last speeches! That threat still remains. However now, we have new enemies that want to unjustly subject us to a FORCED VACCINE that could potentially kill us! Please do yourself and your family a favor......INVESTIGATE this, do research, and let everyone that'll listen know what's going on! May GOD be with us all!

Federal government apologizes for shipping body bags with First Nation flu supplies

OTTAWA — The federal government admitted Thursday that it was insensitive to send body bags in a shipment of medical supplies to First Nations communities awaiting help to prepare for the fall flu season.

Meanwhile, officials said the shipment in no way reflected how severely they expected the swine flu virus to hit native communities this fall.

Federal Health Minister Leona Aglukkaq, who on Wednesday ordered an investigation into the controversy, followed up Thursday with a statement saying as an aboriginal person she was offended and that what happened was "unacceptable."

"To all who took offence at what occurred, I want to say that I share your concern and I pledge to get to the bottom of it," said Aglukkaq, who was attending a meeting in Winnipeg with her provincial and territorial counterparts.

In her absence from the House of Commons, other Conservative MPs faced the storm of criticisms levelled by opposition parties.

"What happened was inexcusable. It was unfortunate; it was regrettable; it was incredibly insensitive," said Transport Minister John Baird.

Aglukkaq's statement stopped short of the personal apology that Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff called on the minister to make. But, later in the day her department issued a full-fledged mea culpa and sought to explain why the body bags were sent to communities including the Wasagamack First Nation.

"Health Canada apologizes for the error that was made in the number of body bags that were ordered for the Wasagamack First Nations. We regret the alarm that this incident has caused," said the statement.

Health Canada did not specify what that number was but according to media reports, the reserve, located about 600 kilometres northeast of Winnipeg, received at least 30.

Body bags are among the medical supplies Health Canada routinely delivers to the nursing stations on First Nations reserves the statement said, and they are not necessarily related to pandemic preparations being made for aboriginal communities.

The body bag controversy emerged Wednesday when the leaders of several Manitoba First Nations communities, who have been asking the federal government for help to prepare for the fall flu season, reported their shock at receiving post-mortem kits, along with hand sanitizer wipes and masks. The incident set off immediate controversy as the chiefs expressed their outrage and disappointment with the federal government.

It comes after months of tense relations between some aboriginal leaders and the federal government over assistance for pandemic planning. Several reserves in northern Manitoba were hard hit by the pandemic in the spring and leaders have been asking for more health care supplies in anticipation of the fall and winter flu season.

"It is unfortunate that this has been linked exclusively with H1N1," Health Canada said in its statement.

"Whether it's a nursing station in a remote First Nations community in northern Manitoba, or a hospital in downtown Vancouver, supplies are constantly being re-stocked to prepare for unknown and unforeseen events, whether it be a plane crash, environmental disaster or pandemic," it also said.

Jim Wolfe, regional director of Health Canada's First Nations and Inuit Health division for Manitoba, told reporters in Winnipeg on Thursday the department "overestimated" the reserve's requirements and that a review is now being done to ensure other communities are getting the appropriate supplies.

"My apology and our apology is to all First Nations' because this is a sensitive issue," said Wolfe.

He said there is no right or wrong number of body bags to order and that health officials try their best to estimate what is needed based on what's happened previously in the community and what can be expected in the future.

"Clearly in this case, I think, the numbers that we have for Wasagamack were . . . excessive to what we may be needing. We don't know that for sure because there are many unknowns," he said.

Given the uncertainty about how severe the H1N1 pandemic could be in the coming months, and the challenges of delivering supplies to isolated communities, a re-stock of supplies was done for a three-to-four month period, Health Canada said. The number of body bags however, sent to Wasagamack "clearly does not correlate with the current evidence" that the Public Health Agency of Canada has on how severe the swine flu is expected to be in the fall, said the department.

Critics cited reports of a swine flu outbreak on an isolated reserve on Vancouver Island as evidence that the first outbreak of the fall flu season had arrived and they claimed that the government still isn't prepared to deal with it.

The reports stemmed from an article in the Canadian Medical Association Journal that said Aboriginal communities on the island, including Ahousat, were experiencing the first major outbreak of the fall flu season. It named one doctor who works in nearby Tofino that said he had treated "dozens" of patients and that most of the cases were mild.

The Vancouver Island Health Authority however, described the article as "inflammatory" and said it didn't report anything new, because health officials had known for weeks about H1N1 cases in remote First Nations communities.

"We have been very transparent," said Dr. Charmaine Enns, a medical health officer with the Vancouver Island Health Authority, at a news conference. "There is no story there."

Instead, the CMAJ has exaggerated the situation, Enns said.

"That increase (in) the level of alarm and anxiety — that is completely unfounded," said Enns.

She estimated that, out of a population of 800 to 1,000 residents, Ahousat may have seen 100 people affected by H1N1 since the pandemic started in the spring.

Only six of those cases were lab-confirmed, and no related deaths have been reported there. Furthermore, Enns said health officials were unaware of anyone currently ill with H1N1 on the reserve.

Meanwhile, it was reported Thursday that Vancouver Island had its first H1N1-related death Wednesday when a First Nations woman from Beecher Bay reserve, near Victoria, died in hospital.

Meanwhile, Thursday at the meeting in Winnipeg, the provincial ministers asked Ottawa to do more to cover the cost of a national H1N1 vaccination program.

Ottawa has already agreed to cover 60 per cent of the cost of the vaccine itself, which runs about $8 a dose. But the provinces are facing costs of another $8 a dose for related costs — transportation, refrigeration, administration.

If the pandemic explodes, the provinces could each be grappling with millions of dollars of extra costs for boosting intensive care beds, staff overtime, new ventilators and dozens of other unexpected needs.

The provinces want Ottawa to treat H1N1 more like a flash flood or earthquake; the federal government covers 90 per cent of the cost of dealing with natural disasters.

With a file from Linda Nguyen of Canwest News Service and the Winnipeg Free Press



We the undersigned, as Freemen & Freewomen, do not recognize the authority of The World Health Organization (WHO) to mandate general forced vaccinations. Our bodies are sovereign territory and subject to our exclusive self-determination. Any attempted violation of this trust must be construed as a breach of said basic right. We are thus holding our elected Governments accountable in this defense with an issuance of notice: a preemptive Class Action Lawsuit to be served in the event our inalienable rights to choose are forsaken.

WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION checklist for influenza pandemic preparedness planning: Section 1.5.1 Legal and ethical issues -

'During a pandemic, it may be necessary to overrule existing legislation or
(individual) human rights. Examples are the enforcement of quarantine
(overruling individual freedom of movement), use of privately owned buildings for hospitals, off-license use of drugs, compulsory vaccination or implementation of emergency shifts in essential services. These decisions need a legal framework to ensure transparent assessment and justification of the measures that are being considered, and to ensure coherence with international legislation (International Health Regulations).

There is no forensic evidence showing the H1N1 virus as the direct cause of death in those who have died after contracting the virus (144 to date). The majority of deaths are caused by pre-existing complications and auto-immune deficiencies. Countries with low quality of health have the greatest number of fatal cases. Based on the Center for Disease Control's own guidelines H1N1 related symptoms are virtually indistinguishable from those of the common seasonal flu, and severity is comparable to mild seasonal flu,

'The symptoms of this new H1N1 flu virus in people are similar to the symptoms of seasonal flu and include fever, cough, sore throat, runny or stuffy nose, body aches, headache, chills and fatigue. A significant number of people who have been infected with this new H1N1 virus also have reported diarrhea and vomiting. The high risk groups for novel H1N1 flu are not known at this time but it's possible that they may be the same as for seasonal influenza. People at higher risk of serious complications from seasonal flu include people age 65 years and older, children younger than 5 years old, pregnant women, people of any age with chronic medical conditions (such as asthma, diabetes, or heart disease), and people who are immunosuppressed (e.g., taking immunosuppressive medications, infected with HIV).'

GlaxoSmithKline are the major Pharmaceutical developers behind the H5N1 Avian Flu vaccine. Given the fact the new H1N1 strain is an Avian/Swine/Human hybrid it is likely this component will be used as part of the 3 shot regime,

'GSK's proprietary adjuvant is called ASO4. It contains alum and MPL. MPL stands for monophosphoryl lipid A. The U.S. Army's proprietary (unlicensed) adjuvant developed prior to the first Gulf War for use in a second generation anthrax vaccine was called Tri-Mix or Triple Mix. Tri-Mix contained MPL (monophosphoryl lipid A) and squalene. After the war, Army scientists considered MPL to be too toxic, so they began working with Chiron Corporation of Emeryville, CA to develop an adjuvant that contained squalene and water only ... on the assumption that adjuvant toxicity with Tri-Mix was due to MPL. This assumption also proved incorrect. There are more than two dozen animal studies that generated data demonstrating squalene's ability to induce autoimmunity; and there is disputed evidence that nanodoses of squalene in anthrax vaccine sickened countless military personnel who received squalene-tainted vaccine during AVIP. MPL was also a component of the Ribi Adjuvant System. The Ribi Adjuvant System, or RAS, is a derivative of Tri-Mix, which is approved for use in animals only. There is no existing data showing whether MPL elicits an immune response specific to it. If MPL is immunogenic, it raises the possibility of a dangerous "cross reaction." The human body is full of lipids. Antibodies and immune cells responding to MPL might also respond to other lipids in the body, thus breaking tolerance for endogenous lipids (those native to the human body) and initiating autoimmunity.' Gary Matsumoto - Journalist/Author of Vaccine A

The risk of a widespread outbreak of Gulf War Syndrome amongst the general population is inevitable - assuming the same H5N1 squaline adjuvant is utilized on H1N1 (Adjuvants are pharmacological or immunological agents that modify the effect of other agents). Further the vaccine administered produces little antibody response. Therefore it requires 12 times the normal dose in order to be 'effective'. Such a gamble where our lives are concerned is non-negotiable.

Pharmaceutical Companies (Baxter International, Novartis among others) stand to reap a huge windfall during such a crisis. We are not willing to wager our safety for Industry profits under any conditions,

'The swine flu outbreak is going to benefit one of the most prolific and successful venture capital firms in the United States: Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield & Byers. Share prices have already risen for two of eight public traded companies in the firm's portfolio of Pandemic and Bio Defense investments. BioCryst, up more than 26 percent, to $2.21 per share, and Novavax, maker of viral vaccines, escalated 75 percent to $1.42 per share on the first announcement of the swine flu outbreak in Mexico.'

The lack of sufficient testing on this experimental vaccine raises many concerns. There is no criteria on its efficacy or valid statistics to speak of,

'Novavax uses genetic information and "recombinant, virus-like particle technology" to rapidly engineer a vaccine. Its technology has only been through Phase II clinical trials but might be released prematurely. Novavax's CEO, Rahul Singhvi announced Friday, "There is an emergency authorization avenue that is available that would allow us to use the vaccine in an emergency without further testing." The Division-E provisions would protect the company from all liability.'

H1N1 is an entirely unique strain, never seen before with all the hallmarks of a laboratory-produced designer virus,

'Author of Emerging Viruses: AIDS And Ebola: Nature, Accident or Intentional?, Horowitz says the swine-bird-human flu strain, reported to be found first in Mexico in late-March 2009, could have only come from Dr James S. Robertson and his colleagues in association with the US Centre for Disease Control and vaccine manufacturer Novavax, Inc, which was ready to profit from the release he says. Nobody else takes H5N1 Asian-flu infected chickens, takes them to Europe, extracts their DNA, combines their proteins with H1N1 viruses from the 1918 Spanish flu isolate, additionally mixes in some swine-flu genes from pigs, then reverse engineers them to infect humans, he said.

During the 1976 Swine scare the Swine Flu vaccine itself killed hundreds & sickened countless others,

'Only young Lewis (19-year-old Pvt. David Lewis of Ashley Falls, Mass) died from the swine flu itself in 1976. But as the critics are quick to point out, hundreds of Americans were killed or seriously injured by the inoculation the government gave them to stave off the virus.'

The United Nations which overseas the WHO has been implicated in the promotion of live viruses & eugenics-type sterilization programs throughout the past, based on verifiable data. We will not be their guinea-pigs any more. We unanimously uphold this decision. The onus then is on the WHO to prove its own safety record. Any reports or rebuttals issued by them are subject to an independent investigation by council of our choosing,

National Security Council Document 20506: Implications of Worldwide Population Growth for U.S. Security and Overseas Interests -
This 1974 memorandum drafted by Henry Kissinger led directly to the unleashing of experimental vaccines on the unsuspecting public. It sighted countries as targets for "initial population reduction experimentation to be implemented around the year 2000". They identified India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nigeria, Mexico, Indonesia, Brazil, Philippines, Thailand, Egypt, Turkey, Ethiopia & Columbia for study. 3 million Filipinos ages 12-48 were given a test vaccine that ruined their health. North American Black & Native American Women were each given the same vaccine resulting in sterility rates of 25% & 35% respectively. The directive came from the WHO and was directly tied to Kissinger's report.

It followed a 1972 report (Bulletin #47) issued by the World Health Organization which referred to an immune virus requested which would selectively destroy the Human T Cell System, to be distributed in conjunction with a Nationwide vaccination program "to observe the results". This coincided precisely with the extensive Small Pox vaccination program in central Africa - shortly preceding the outbreak of Aids in Africa, America & elsewhere. The determining factor most common in Aids victims is the breakdown of the T Cell System in the body. Another coincidence.

In the event that mandatory vaccinations are legislated under conditions of a supposed/genuine Pandemic we are calling for independent research of the vaccines - by a team of licensed health care professionals of our choosing, before delivering them to the distribution centers. All vaccines will be tested for contamination & safety. Ongoing monitoring of those vaccinated will be kept in an up-to-date data system. If the WHO or their distributors are discovered to be willfully spreading a toxic product they will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the Law. We will mandate a public investigation to root out those responsible & justice will be served. In this respect we will also hold our own Governments fully accountable.

We, the undersigned, stand united in support of this Petition.

LIST OF VACCINE FILLERS: Officially administered by design with every vaccine provided to the public -

In addition to the viral and bacterial RNA or DNA that is part of the vaccines, here are the fillers:
aluminum hydroxide
aluminum phosphate
ammonium sulfate
amphotericin B
animal tissues: pig blood, horse blood, rabbit brain,
dog kidney, monkey kidney,
chick embryo, chicken egg, duck egg
calf (bovine) serum
fetal bovine serum
human diploid cells (originating from human aborted fetal tissue)
hydrolized gelatin
monosodium glutamate (MSG)
neomycin sulfate
phenol red indicator
phenoxyethanol (antifreeze)
potassium diphosphate
potassium monophosphate
polymyxin B
polysorbate 20
polysorbate 80
porcine (pig) pancreatic hydrolysate of casein
residual MRC5 proteins
thimerosal (mercury)
VERO cells, a continuous line of monkey kidney cells
washed sheep red blood cells

*This data is available via:

These additives are given without public knowledge or consent. Merck, the monster pharmaceutical giant in the US produces the vast majority of vaccine supplies & are protected from prosecution by Federal Statutes imposed under the former Bush administration.

Analysis of vaccine fillers:

1) ALUMINUM (two variants) - directly linked to Alzheimer's Disease

2) AMMONIUM SULFATE - an inorganic chemical compound used a fertilizer and "protein purifier"; known to cause kidney & liver damage, gastrointestinal disfunctions

3) AMPHOTERICIN B - an "antifungal disinfectant", damages the urinary tract, bowels, heart functions

4) RE-CYCLED ANIMAL TISSUE (multiple) - the building blocks of Mad Cow Disease

5) FORMALDEHYDE - used as "a preservative & disinfectant", known to cause cancer, chronic bronchitis, eye irritation when exposed to the body's immune system

6) MSG - now known to cause cancer in humans, also linked to obesity

7) PHENOL - a highly toxic disinfectant dye, attributed to liver, kidney, heart & respiratory damage

8) PHENOXYETHANOL (ANTIFREEZE) - proven to have extreme neurotoxic side effects

9) THIMEROSAL (MERCURY) - a neurotoxin linked to psychological, neurological & immunological problems. Nervous system damage, kidney disease, birth defects, dental problems, mood swings, mental changes, hallucinations, memory loss, nerve damage and inability to concentrate can occur. Symptoms also include tremors, loss of dermal sensitivity, slurred speech and, in rare cases, even death and paralysis. This additive alone was the catalyst for another recent Class Action Lawsuit organized by mothers of children born with Autism & the many related behavioral disorders associated with it. Autism is now occurring at levels never seen before in history, 1 in 67. The average used to be 1 in 20,000.

Safe Alternatives to Vaccines

Colloidal Silver - super natural antibiotic, aids in prevention of Morgellans Disease, counters barium damage from chem-trails

Organic Oil of Oregano - counters harmful bacteria

Organic Coconut Oil - natural detoxifier, anti fungal agent

Noni Juice - amazing product, life giver, restores the Pineal Gland neutralized by exposure to Fluoride

Elderberry Juice - similar benefits to Noni juice

Amlodipine - anti-viral, anti-Anthrax

Colostrom - counters Hermoragic Fever/Flu

Organic Apple Cider Vinegar - reduces high blood pressure, restores alkaline balance in body

Organic Probiotic Yogurt - rebuilds bacteria lost in process of cleansing

Organic Garlic - anti fungal agent

Comfry - nature's best restorative for cuts, liesons, rashes & sub cutaneous infections

Tea Tree Oil - topical, add drop to your Tom's Fluoride free toothpaste to eradicate bacterial build-up in mouth, also good for the hair

Star Anise - natural anti viral protection

Culevit - cancer fighter/natural treatment alternative to chemotherapy, best used in conjunction with Noni Juice

Astaxanthin - miracle antioxidant and anti-inflammatory nutrient/
king of the carotenoids

4 THIEVES VINEGAR: home remedy (Natural antiseptic/anti-fungal/anti-bacterial topical)

COMBINE INGREDIENTS- Lavender, Rosemary, Sage, Thyme, Rue & Peppermint
ADD- Organic Apple Cider Vinegar
Marinate mixture in glass jar for 6 weeks, then strain contents. Voila.


ADD- pinch Cayenne Pepper 1 ounce Bees Wax or lard
BLEND in hot water, apply contents on sore area topically

Water Filter Info

The Vaccine Resistance Campaign has received a strong endorsement from Professionals throughout the Medical Industry. Some of our supporters:

Dr. William R.Deagle MD, ABFP, AAPM, SSPM, ACOEM, CIME, ACO -,
Injunction Against Forced Vaccinations

Dr. Andrew Moulden PhD, B.A, M.A. Creator of, Leader of Class Action Suit Against Vaccine Manufacturers

Dr. Mayer Eisenstein MD, JD, MPH, Author of 'Don't Vaccinate Before You Educate!'

Dr. Barbara Minton, Natural Health Editor of 'Natural News'

Joyce Riley, host of The Power Hour/Genesis Network

David Icke/David

Dr. Daniel Ellis - Minnesota

Paula Jackson - Registered Nurse

Cindy Czocher - Registered Nurse

Mary R. Brown - Pediatric Nurse

We also proudly carry the signatures of current & former Armed Service Members and countless other patriots throughout the world community who have joined together in support of this campaign.

This petition is a rally cry to all those in favor of exercising our inherent right to self-determination. Please join our brave campaign which will ultimately enable us to challenge our elected Governments to defend our inherent right to choose. Thank you all!!!

UPDATE: The evidence is mounting to suggest we have on our hands a mutating virus in Swine that was specifically designed to resist any vaccine put on the market. Further the catalyst to spur on the infection may very well be the new vaccine about to be distributed & forced on the general public. What does this mean for us? A very short time frame in which to get our resistance campaign in high gear.

TAG TEAM APPROACH: We can't expect the World Health Organization to recognize the validity of this Petition alone. Similarly our elected Governments & Courts routinely refute online Petitions. That is why I believe we have to adopt an alternate approach to ensure our voices are heard - Traditional hand-to-hand signed Petitions verifiable in any Court of Law. We need to work collectively to achieve our goal on schedule. Is this asking too much? I hope not. Can everyone paste a clean copy (copies) of the Petition and get it out there. You'll also require a tally sheet for multiple signatures. Just copy & paste via the links provided below. It should be pretty straightforward. There are many locations in which to get this Petition seen & signed: coffee rooms, cafeterias, bulletin boards, events, all around the office, libraries, churches, synagogues, school campuses, hospitals, gyms, bookstores, fence posts. Please make certain you are present during the signings to discourage pranksters and be consistent by keeping track of the numbers tallied. We'll have to decide on a central depot to receive all these forms once we have the numbers accumulated. Totals will be re-circulated back to you to serve to your respective Representatives. In the end we can answer all the typical naysayers, cynics & inevitable Government bureaucracy with an overwhelming resounding response from every country around the world. An event to rival the climax of 'Mr.Smith Goes To Washington' in which Petitions flooding in from ordinary citizens changed history. I do believe we can truly change history with an historic show of proactive peaceful force.





"We can do this the easy way or we can this the hard way but it's going to have to get done." - Glenn Ivey/Prince George's County State's Attorney/Maryland,USA on new mandatory Vaccination Legislation imposed on Gr.5 - Gr.10 students to have Chicken Pox & Hep B Vaccines

"When we give government the power to make medical decisions for us, we, in essence, accept that the state owns our bodies." U.S. Representative Ron Paul

'There is no pandemic potential unless mass vaccinations are carried out to weaponize the flu under the guise of protecting the population. There are reasonable grounds for believing that the mandatory vaccines will be purposely contaminated with diseases that are specifically designed to cause death.' Natural News/Journalist Files Charges against WHO and UN for Bioterrorism and Intent to Commit Mass Murder

Interview with Jane Burgermeister - Journalist Files Charges against WHO and UN for Bioterrorism and Intent to Commit Mass Murder


1. The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential.

This means that the person involved should have legal capacity to give consent; should be so situated as to be able to exercise free power of choice, without the intervention of any element of force, fraud, deceit, duress, over-reaching, or other ulterior form of constraint or coercion; and should have sufficient knowledge and comprehension of the elements of the subject matter involved as to enable him to make an understanding and enlightened decision.

This latter element requires that before the acceptance of an affirmative decision by the experimental subject there should be made known to him the nature, duration, and purpose of the experiment; the method and means by which it is to be conducted; all inconveniences and hazards reasonably to be expected; and the effects upon his health or person which may possibly come from his participation in the experiment.

NUREMBERG CODE: LAW #10 excerpts

2. The experiment should be such as to yield fruitful results for the good of society, unprocurable by other methods or means of study, and not random and unnecessary in nature.

3. The experiment should be so designed and based on the results of animal experimentation and a knowledge of the natural history of the disease or other problem under study that the anticipated results will justify the performance of the experiment.

5. No experiment should be conducted where there is an a priori reason to believe that death or disabling injury will occur; except, perhaps, in those experiments where the experimental physicians also serve as subjects.


Scientist 'killed Amazon indians to test race theory'

Geneticist accused of letting thousands die in rainforest

Thousands of South American indians were infected with measles, killing hundreds, in order to for US scientists to study the effects on primitive societies of natural selection, according to a book out next month.

The astonishing story of genetic research on humans, which took 10 years to uncover, is likely to shake the world of anthropology to its core, according to Professor Terry Turner of Cornell University, who has read the proofs.

"In its scale, ramifications, and sheer criminality and corruption it is unparalleled in the history of anthropology," Prof Turner says in a warning letter to Louise Lamphere, the president of the American Anthropology Association (AAA).

The book accuses James Neel, the geneticist who headed a long-term project to study the Yanomami people of Venezuela in the mid-60s, of using a virulent measles vaccine to spark off an epidemic which killed hundreds and probably thousands.

Once the epidemic was under way, according to the book, the research team "refused to provide any medical assistance to the sick and dying Yanomami, on explicit order from Neel. He insisted to his colleagues that they were only there to observe and record the epidemic, and that they must stick strictly to their roles as scientists, not provide medical help".

The book, Darkness in El Dorado by the investigative journalist Patrick Tierney, is due to be published on October 1. Prof Turner, whose letter was co-signed by fellow anthropologist Leslie Sponsel of the University of Hawaii, was trying to warn the AAA of the impending scandal so the profession could defend itself.

Although Neel died last February, many of his associates, some of them authors of classic anthropology texts, are still alive.

The accusations will be the main focus of the AAA's AGM in November, when the surviving scientists have been invited to defend their work. None have commented publicly, but they are asking colleagues to come to their defence.

One of the most controversial aspects of the research which allegedly culminated in the epidemic is that it was funded by the US atomic energy commission, which was anxious to discover what might happen to communities when large numbers were wiped out by nuclear war.

While there is no "smoking gun" in the form of texts or recorded speeches by Neel explaining his conduct, Prof Turner believes the only explanation is that he was trying to test controversial eugenic theories like the Nazi scientist Josef Mengele.

He quotes another anthropologist who read the manuscript as saying: "Mr. Tierney's analysis is a case study of the dangers in science of the uncontrolled ego, of lack of respect for life, and of greed and self-indulgence. It is a further extraordinary revelation of malicious and perverted work conducted under the aegis of the atomic energy commission."

Prof Turner says Neel and his group used a virulent vaccine called Edmonson B on the Yanomani, which was known to produce symptoms virtually indistinguishable from cases of measles.

"Medical experts, when informed that Neel and his group used the vaccine in question on the Yanomami, typically refuse to believe it at first, then say that it is incredible that they could have done it, and are at a loss to explain why they would have chosen such an inappropriate and dangerous vaccine," he writes.

"There is no record that Neel sought any medical advice before applying the vaccine. He never informed the appropriate organs of the Venezuelan government that his group was planning to carry out a vaccination campaign, as he was legally required to do.


"Neither he nor any other member of the expedition has ever explained why that vaccine was used, despite the evidence that it actually caused or, at a minimum, greatly exacerbated the fatal epidemic."

Prof Turner says that Neel held the view that "natural" human society, as seen before the advent of large-scale agriculture, consists of small, genetically isolated groups in which dominant genes - specifically a gene he believed existed for "leadership" or "innate ability" - have a selective advantage.

In such an environment, male carriers of this gene would gain access to a disproportionate number of females, reproducing their genes more frequently than less "innately able" males. The result would supposedly be a continual upgrading of the human genetic stock.

He says Neel believed that in modern societies "superior leadership genes would be swamped by mass genetic mediocrity".

"The political implication of this fascistic eugenics is clearly that society should be reorganised into small breeding isolates in which genetically superior males could emerge into dominance, eliminating or subordinating the male losers in the competition for leadership and women, and amassing harems of brood females." Prof Turner adds.

In the memo he says: "One of Tierney's more startling revelations is that the whole Yanomami project was an outgrowth and continuation of the atomic energy commission's secret programme of experiments on human subjects.

"Neel, the originator of the project, was part of the medical and genetic research team attached to the atomic energy commission since the days of the Manhattan Project."

James Neel was well-known for his research into the effects of radiation on human subjects and personally headed the team that investigated the effects of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombs on survivors and their children.

According to Prof Turner, the same group also secretly carried out experiments on human subjects in the US. These included injecting people with radioactive plutonium without their knowledge or permission.


"This nightmarish story - a real anthropological heart of darkness beyond the imagining of even a Joseph Conrad (though not, perhaps, a Josef Mengele) - will be seen (rightly in our view) by the public, as well as most anthropologists, as putting the whole discipline on trial," he says.

"This book should... cause the field to understand how the corrupt and depraved protagonists could have spread their poison for so long while they were accorded great respect throughout the western world... This should never be allowed to happen again."

Yesterday Professor Turner told the Guardian it was unfortunate that the confidential memo had been leaked, but it had accomplished its original purpose in getting a full response from the AAA.

A public forum would be held at its AGM in November to discuss the book its revelations and courses of action.

In a statement yesterday the association said "The AAA is extremely concerned about these allegations. If proven true they would constitute a serious violation of Yanomami human rights and our code of ethics. Until there is a full and impartial review and discussion of the issues raised in the book, it would be unfair to express a judgment about the specific allegations against individuals that are contained in it.

"The association is anticipating conducting an open forum during our annual meeting to provide an opportunity for our members to review and discuss the issues and allegations raised in the book."

How To Orchestrate An Effective Genocide Campaign

From radio, internet, television, newspapers, magazines, outdoor posters, signage and promotions, you cannot escape the flu hype campaigns so diligently pursued by all the malicious agendas at play. How do governments and international agencies effectively orchestrate pandemic campaigns based on fear so that people will listen, believe and obey?

Manipulating data, promoting falsehoods, continually misinforming the public and using all forms of media to publicize "the deceptive plan", are all effective strategies currently being deployed to extend a massive psychological operation to world populations.

The CDC's Role

The use of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as a front line operation to deceive the U.S. populace has been instrumental in communicating the flu hype. Tom Skinner, spokesman for the CDC stated "we're going to continue to stress that the vaccine is the most important thing that parents can do to protect their children. This H1N1 vaccine should be taken in addition to the seasonal flu vaccine, and not as a replacement for it."

The CDC has even gone to the extent of hosting a swine flu forums offering $50 stipends to those who preregister. Clinical trials are also being set up where human guinea pigs are paid about $500 each for allowing this foreign vaccine material to be injected into their bodies.

Public health expert, Dr. Horowitz has urged an investigation of Dr. James S. Robertson, England's leading bioengineer of flu viruses for the vaccine industry, and avid promoter of U.S. Government funding for lucrative biodefense contracts, along with collaborators at the US Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC). These suspects helped Novavax, Inc., in Bethesda, Maryland, produce genetically-modified recombinants of the avian, swine, and Spanish flu viruses, H5N1 and H1N1, nearly identical to the unprecedented Mexican virus that is allegedly spreading to the United States at the time of this posting. The outbreak was precisely timed to promote the company's new research and huge vaccine stockpiling contracts.

Scientists at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) are implicated through collaborations and publications involving private contracts with Novavax, a company that obtains its biosimilars through CDC Influenza Branch director, Ruben O. Donis, and Dr. Rick Bright, previously working with Donis at the CDC, now Novavax's Vice President of Global Influenza Programs.

"Descriptions of this virus is pathognomonic, or diagnostic, of a virus that came from Robertsons circle of friends," Dr. Horowitz charges. No other group in the world takes H5N1 Asian flu infected chickens, brings them to Europe, extracts their DNA, combines their proteins with H1N1 viruses from the 1918 Spanish flu isolate, additionally mixes in swine flu genes from pigs, and then reverse engineers them to infect humans. The end product could only have ended up in Mexico via the United States from Britain in care of the CDC. The CDC had to have sent them to Novavax, where Rick Bright's team is now implicated in a conspiracy to commit genocide—the mass killing of people for profit.

The Orchestrators Play The
Same Cards Over and Over

The orchestrators of pandemics have historically used the same tactics to achieve their goals. Incrementalism plays a large part in priming the populace for vaccination programs so that administering them becomes a voluntary process rather than forced. The incremental approach gradually integrates all demographic and psychographic factors such as age, sex, family size, language, culture, education, job responsibilities, geography, religion, and how every company, product and service could affect response. It is inclusive of all scenarios that could detrimentally affect the operation. By experimenting through the decades, the orchestrators have learned the best psychological tactics through trial and error.

In 1976, another "Swine Flu" fiasco and fraud was perpetrated. A solitary soldier in New Jersey collapsed and died following a reaction to an "experimental" vaccine while completing an intense physical forced march exercise at Fort Dix. Immediately, the CDC swung into action, declaring the first nationwide Swine Flu Pandemic. Providentially, of course, the CDC just happened to have 200+ millions doses of swine flu vaccine already stockpiled, prepared with attenuated (live, yet weakened) viruses and experimental adjuvants.

President Gerald Ford, (with proven ties to Big Pharma and Nixon's covert viral weapons labs ­ also a key member of the "Warren Commission's" obfuscation of the JFK murder) rolled up his sleeves on national TV and dutifully took the vaccine. 40 million vaccines were given to naïve American human guinea pigs. A rash of auto-immune disorders (Guillain-Barre Syndrome GBS, and lupus) as well as a large number of deaths were immediately attributed to the vaccine, and the mass vaccination campaign was halted. (What happened to the other 140 million vaccines, one may ask?)

In 1979, the television news magazine 60 Minutes did a documentary investigation on this travesty-for-money scandal. Against all odds and the threats of Big Pharma, the objectively fair 60 Minutes program aired one time. There was no follow-up story. No criminal indictments were ever issued. There was no mass-murder-for-hire trial. As a result, America has largely forgotten the 1976 swine flu scandal! Part I "" of the 60 Minutes story;" for Part II.

The only way a modern "swine flu pandemic" can actually materialize is by injection of certain live viruses via vaccine needles. Make no mistake, the world is not experiencing a true pandemic explosion at this time ­ but it most assuredly will when and if the planned mass influenza vaccinations are completed worldwide. The vaccine is and will always be the pandemic, not the flu.

The deadly 1918 Influenza Pandemic was the direct result of live-virus-contaminated Typhus Fever Vaccines mandatorily given to U.S. and Allied military personnel during World War I. These deadly typhus fever vaccines were manufactured by John D. Rockefeller's research labs and Chinese pharma factories. The vaccine "seed stock" consisted of viruses harvested from human typhoid fever patients, cross-injected into swine herds to create increased "seed stock", and then injected into chicken and turkey eggs for further incubation of the pathogens. The final, harvested "vaccine material" then was injected into hundreds of millions of human veins. The result was a massive 'pandemic' that claimed the lives of as many as 50 million people worldwide.

Manipulate The Data To Suit The Objective

Following the outbreak of the H1N1 swine flu in Mexico, the data collection was at the outset scanty and incomplete, as confirmed by official statements. (See Swine Flu Hype: Political Lies and
Media Disinformation are Rampant)

The CDC acknowledged that what was being collected in the US were figures of "confirmed and probable cases". There was, however, no breakdown between "confirmed" and "probable". In fact, only a small percentage of the reported cases were "confirmed" by a laboratory test.

On the basis of scanty country-level information, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared a level 4 pandemic on April 27, 2009. Two days later, a level 5 Pandemic was announced without corroborating evidence (April 29, 2009). A level 6 Pandemic was announced on June 11, 2009.

There was no attempt to improve the process of data collection in terms of lab confirmation. In fact quite the opposite. Following the level 6 Pandemic announcement, both the WHO and the CDC decided that data collection of individual confirmed and probable cases was no longer necessary to ascertain the spread of swine flu. As of July 10, 2009, one month after the announcement of the level six pandemic, the WHO discontinued the collection of confirmed cases. It does not require member countries to send in figures pertaining to confirmed or probable cases. According to a WHO briefing note:

WHO will no longer issue the global tables showing the numbers of confirmed cases for all countries. However, as part of continued efforts to document the global spread of the H1N1 pandemic, regular updates will be provided describing the situation in the newly affected countries. WHO will continue to request that these countries report the first confirmed cases and, as far as feasible, provide weekly aggregated case numbers and descriptive epidemiology of the early cases. - July 10, 2009

Based on incomplete and scantly data, the WHO nonetheless predicts with authority that: "as many as 2 billion people could become infected over the next two years -- nearly one-third of the world population." (World Health Organization as reported by the Western media, July 2009).

The statements of the WHO are notoriously contradictory. While creating an atmosphere of fear and insecurity, pointing to an impending global public health crisis, the WHO has also acknowledged that the underlying symptoms are moderate and that "most people will recover from swine flu within a week, just as they would from seasonal forms of influenza" (WHO statement, quoted in the Independent, August 22, 2009).

The WHO's July 10 guidelines have set the stage for a structure of scantiness and inadequacy with regard to data collection. National governments of member states of the WHO are not required to corroborate the spread of the H1N1 swine flu, through laboratory tests. Thus, junk science is validating every flu and pandemic policy dictated by the WHO.

Malicious Recommendations
By Those In-The-Know

Medical care professionals and front line emergency workers worldwide are being told to be the example and receive the vaccine first to demonstrate its assumed safety to the public. After all, how will the public ever be convinced to take the vaccine if the medical community has refused. The requirement is now part of emergency regulations in several countries such as the U.S., Canada and several countries of the EU such as France. The governments of these countries are coercing all front line workers to get the flu vaccine -- and that it be a requirement for employment.

Modern medical practitioners, including some well-meaning osteopaths, would have the world believe the myth that vaccines containing attenuated (weakened) live viruses cannot cause the viral disease conditions they are targeting. The scientific premise for this misconception is non-existent.

The orchestrators of the pandemic, including the CDC, are now recommending that to maximize safety, a "duplex" vaccination will be necessary. A duplex vaccination basically involves a two-shot series. The first shot consists of a very weak, highly attenuated dose of the live virus.

This is intended to create an initial immune response patterning the specific virus injected. Within a couple of weeks of the 1st shot, a booster shot is given. The booster shot has only lightly attenuated, or even full strength viruses in the injection. This 2nd shot is then intended to create a full-strength immune system response in the human subject.

This is, at the very least, bad science and borders on insanity for self-evident and fairly obvious reasons. By their own admissions, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) scientists in their various writings have declared that the level of potency of these reversed engineered viruses show abnormal, almost random tendencies in their attenuated states. Nobody really knows what will happen over time as the inevitable "genetic drifts" occur. It is a literal crap shoot. It is highly probable that even the highly attenuated franken-viruses can swiftly regain their full potency even in the presence of ether and formaldehyde. Secondly, the full-strength booster shot viruses could just as easily "drift" into something much more deadly than the "original' recombinant virus that it is targeting.

So you have the NIH, WHO, CDC and dozens of intergovernmental agencies who have at several levels contradicted themselves by downplaying the summations of "real science" by promoting the lies based on "junk science", even if it opposes relevant and credible conclusions by many of their own scientists.

Keep in mind that scientists responsible for this pandemic are not stupid. They know the facts, and therefore it can only be concluded that this entire affair is following the Modus Operandi of the medical elite since the 1920 engineered smallpox epidemics. It is all being orchestrated by eugenicists for money and the social and geographical restructuring of the "human herd".

Million TIMES More Squalene In H1N1 Vax Than Caused GWI !!

Dr. Laibow's presentation on squalene during the second hour of your program last night, 8-24, was impressive. In looking for some verification of the 'million-times more squalene' than was in 'Vaccine A' that caused the catastrophic Gulf War I Illness (which ruined the lives of hundreds of thousands of troops and killed thousands of others -ed), I came across this article...

What's The Danger of Swine Flu Vaccinations?
By Dr. Anders Bruun Laursen

"...So, as you see, there is no confusion with regard to swine flu and bird flu viruses. But there is another important consideration: the role of squalene.

The average quantity of squalene injected into the US soldiers abroad and at home in the anthrax vaccine during and after the Gulf War was 34.2 micrograms per billion micrograms of water. According to one study, this was the cause othe Gulf War syndrome in 25% of 697.000 US personnel at home and abroad. (3). You can find this table of FDA analyses from the Gulf War lots on The Military Vaccine Resource Directory website (4)

a.. AVA 020 - 11 ppb squalene (parts per billion)
b.. AVA 030 - 10 ppb squalene
c.. AVA 038 - 27 ppb squalene
d.. AVA 043 - 40 ppb squalene
e.. AVA 047 - 83 ppb squalene

These values were confirmed by Prof. R. F. Garry (5) before the House of Representatives. Prof Garry was the man to discover the connection between the Gulf War syndrome and squalene.

According to his findings, the Gulf War syndrome was caused by squalene, which was banned by a Federal Court Judge in 2004 from the Pentagons use. (6)

As seen on p. 6 of this EMEA document (7), the Pandremix vaccine contains 10,68 mg of squalene per 0,5 ml. This corresponds to 2.136.0000 microgrammes pr. billion microgrammes of water, i.e. one million times more squalene per dose than in (4). There is any reason to believe that this will make people sick to a much higher extent than in 1990/91. This appears murderous to me."

Then, in looking for some confirmation on Novartis putting gp 120 (an HIV/AIDS protein) in their vaccines, I found the following...

The Vaccine May Be More Dangerous Than Swine Flu
By Dr Russell Blaylock

"...Novartis, the second contender, also has an agreement with WHO for a pandemic vaccine. Novartis appears to have won the contract, since their vaccine is near completion. What is terrifying is that these pandemic vaccines contain ingredients, called immune adjuvants that a number of studies have shown cause devastating autoimmune disorders, including rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis and lupus.

Animal studies using this adjuvant have found them to be deadly. A study using 14 guinea pigs found that when they were injected with the special adjuvant, only one animal survived. A repeat of the study found the same deadly outcome.

So, what is this deadly ingredient? It is called squalene, a type of oil. The Chiron company, maker of the deadly anthrax vaccine, makes an adjuvant called MF-59 which contains two main ingredients of concern-squalene and gp120. A number of studies have shown that squalene can trigger all of the above-mentioned autoimmune diseases when injected.

The MF-59 adjuvant has been used in several vaccines. These vaccines, including tetanus and diphtheria, are the same vaccines frequently associated with adverse reactions.

I reviewed a number of studies on this adjuvant and found something quite interesting. Several studies done on human test subjects found MF-59 to be a very safe immune adjuvant. But when I checked to see who did these studies, I found-to no surprise-that they were done by the Novartis Pharmaceutical Company and Chiron Pharmaceutical Company, which have merged. They were all published in "prestigious" medical journals. Also, to no surprise, a great number of studies done by independent laboratories and research institutions all found a strong link between MF-59 and autoimmune diseases.

Squalene in vaccines has been strongly linked to the Gulf War Syndrome. On August 1991, Anthony Principi, Secretary of Veterans Affairs admitted that soldiers vaccinated with the anthrax vaccine from 1990 to 1991 had an increased risk of 200 percent in developing the deadly disease amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), also called Lou Gehrig's disease. The soldiers also suffered from a number of debilitating and life-shortening diseases, such as polyarteritis nodosa, multiple sclerosis (MS), lupus, transverse myelitis (a neurological disorder caused by inflammation of the spinal cord), endocarditis (inflammation of the heart's inner lining), optic neuritis with blindness and glomerulonephritis (a type of kidney disease).

The second ingredient, and one that greatly concerns me, is called gp120, a glycoprotein. Researchers found when it was mixed with squalene, the glycoprotein became strongly antigenic - that is, it produced a powerful and prolonged immune response to the vaccination. In fact, their studies show that with each dose, the intense immune reaction lasts over a year.

Now for the shocker-the glycoprotein-gp120, a major component of MF-59 vaccine adjuvant, is the same protein fragment isolated from HIV - the virus that is responsible for the rapid dementia seen in AIDS patients.

Studies have shown that when gp120 is taken up by the microglia cells in the brain, it causes intense inflammation and makes the brain subject to excitotoxic damage-a process called immunoexcitotoxicity. This is also the cause of the MS and optic neuritis associated with vaccines that contain MF-59.

So, how would the gp120 get into the brain? Studies of other immune adjuvants using careful tracer techniques have shown that they routinely enter the brain following vaccination. What most people do not know, even the doctors who recommend the vaccines, is that most such studies by pharmaceutical companies observe the patients for only one to two weeks following vaccination-these types of reactions may take months or even years to manifest.

It is obvious that the vaccine manufacturers stand to make billions of dollars in profits from this WHO/government-promoted pandemic. Novartis, the maker of the new pandemic vaccine, recently announced that they would not give free vaccines to impoverished nations-everybody pays.

One must keep in mind that once the vaccine is injected, there is little you can do to protect yourself-at least by conventional medicine. It will mean a lifetime of crippling illness and early death.

There are much safer ways to protect oneself from this flu virus, such as higher doses of vitamin D3, selective immune enhancement using supplements, and a good diet." End of excerpt by Dr. Blaylock.

- Gary Jacobucci

CDC Warns Neurologists To Watch For Nerve Disease Following Swine Flu Shots

The CDC has followed in the footsteps of British health authorities by warning neurologists to look out for cases of the nerve disease Guillain-Barre syndrome caused by the swine flu vaccine.

Doctors in Britain were advised last month by the government to carefully track cases of the disease and report each one to the Health Protection Agency. A letter sent by 600 neurologists indicated that “there is concern at the highest levels that the vaccine itself could cause serious complications,” according to a Daily Mail report.

During the 1976 swine flu scare in the U.S., which prompted the government to order a mass vaccination program to cover the entire population, the vaccine caused more deaths than the actual virus, prompting a public backlash that cost the then director of the CDC his job.

SImilar concerns about the vaccine are now being replicated over 30 years later.

“The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the American Academy of Neurology have asked all neurologists to report new cases of Guillain-Barre in people who get vaccines this fall and winter to the Food & Drug Administration’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System,” reports The Oregonian.

Guillain-Barre syndrome can cause paralysis and breathing difficulties and is sometimes fatal. It also produces a tingling sensation and weakens limbs.

As we have previously documented, the swine flu vaccine is being rushed through safety procedures while governments have provided pharmaceutical companies with blanket immunity from lawsuits arriving out of the vaccine causing deaths and injuries.

It was previously revealed that some batches of the vaccine will contain mercury, a toxin linked with autism and neurological disorders. The vaccine will also contain the dangerous ingredient squalene, which has been directly linked with cases of Gulf War Syndrome and a host of other debilitating diseases.

Several surveys have revealed that huge numbers of health professionals all over the world will refuse to take the swine flu vaccine despite government plans to institute mass vaccination programs. A new poll released yesterday found that just 6 per cent of pregnant women would “definitely” take the vaccine following concerns about its safety.

WARNING: Rockefeller/Rothschild Drug Cartel Exposed Creating, Releasing, Injecting, Infecting and Depopulating Planet with Pandemic H1N1/H5N1 Viruses

Los Angeles, CA--World leading drug-industry investigators have uncovered stunning documents proving an international drug ring, operating from New York City, is behind the H1N1 swine flu fright and vaccination preparations.

Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz, America's leading consumer health expert, and Sherri Kane, an investigative journalist, have released shocking proof in legal affidavits that leaders of a private global biotechnology "trust" are behind everything you ever heard about pandemic flu, including its origin and alleged prevention via vaccinations. Their documents, being sent by attorneys to the FBI this week, evidence powerful industrialists are operating a crime ring within the "Partnership for New York City" (PNYC), and are behind the pandemic's creation, media persuasions, vaccination preparations, and health official promotions seen everywhere from supermarkets to health clinics.

"David Rockefeller's trust, that engages several powerful partners on Wall Street, including media moguls Ruppert Murdock, Morton Zuckerman, Thomas Glocer, and former Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Jerry Speyer, are implicated in advancing global genocide," Dr. Horowitz wrote to FBI directors.

"This 'partnership' controls biotechnology research and development globally. Health commerce internationally is also controlled virtually entirely by this trust that exercises near complete control over mainstream media to promote/propagandize its products and services for the drug cartel's organized crime. This trust, in essence, makes or breaks medical and natural healing markets, primarily through the mass media companies and propaganda it wields for social engineering and market building," Dr. Horowitz wrote.

Among the most stunning revelations from the Horowitz-Kane research are those linking Larry Silverstein of Silverstein Properties, Inc., and the 9-11 terrorist attacks, to the drug cartel's geopolitical, economic, and population reduction activities. Mr. Silverstein, leaser of the World Trade Center who authorized to have Building-7 "pulled," meaning detonated, is a chief suspect in the "9-11 truth" investigation. Silverstein is currently landlord and co-partner in the biotechnology trust founded by David Rockefeller and implicated by these new discoveries."If these people can get away with killing more than 3,000 people in 8 seconds on 9-11, they are completely capable of murdering millions, even billions, of people worldwide this flu season," Dr. Horowitz commented. "I pray these revelations will save millions of lives and help activists call upon President Barack Obama to demand legitimate inquiries into these genocidal atrocities."

Given the unprecedented nature and urgency of these findings, Dr. Horowitz has posted his affidavit for public review on, praying other activist will spread the information in order to prompt governments worldwide to cease mass vaccination preparations to avoid becoming accessories to the crime of genocide.

"The last time I contacted the FBI I warned them about the impending anthrax attacks one week before the first mailings were announced in the press," Dr. Horowitz recalled. "It took them 6 months to respond. When they did, they made me a suspect in the mailings. This time I am warning the Justice Department a month before the deadliest genocide in history. I'm praying they'll take kindly to my appeal for a PNYC investigation, and Court-ordered injunction, to stop the vaccinations for public protection."


Note to Journalists: For interviews with investigators Horowitz and Kane, please contact Rob Potter at 949-715-1520, or e-mail:


Dr. Horowitz's AFFIDAVIT



1.This Affidavit is based on my personal knowledge, except where otherwise stated, and, if called upon to do so, I could and would competently testify to the matters herein stated.


2.I am a Harvard University trained certified expert in the fields of behavioral science, health education/health promotion, media persuasion, medical sociology, public health, and emerging diseases. I have additional expertise in natural healing methods and materials, including genetics and electro-genetics, by reason of my academic training, scientific publications, and internationally recognized authority and celebrity in these fields.


3.I openly disclose my bias and conflicting interests as a leading author, personal health care educator, consumer protector, alternative and complementary health care specialist, and formulator of natural remedies for public protection and remediation of diseases. I hold trademarks covering several products that compete directly with the drug industry’s monopolization of medicine as described herein. This competitive vantage enables me to critically assess elements and actions within “BigPharma” that few people perceive. My sponsorships by natural products companies, including those that manufacture and distribute OxySilver and Liquid Dentist, helps pay for my expenses in serving as I have for thirty years without grants or academic/institutional restraints providing the freedom to simply “tell it like it is” based on science and researched evidence. Without sponsors, radio and television networks would cease operations, and so would I. The critical difference between BigPharma, and its products, versus the natural health products industry, and my endorsements, is the former is criminally operating and killing people as evidenced herein, whereas my colleagues and I are persecuted by the powers exposed herein, and continue helping people heal naturally nonetheless.


4.I further disclose that I am a Levite priest by virtue of my bloodline, spiritual direction, and ecclesiastical commitments. I am the body corporate and Overseer of The Royal Bloodline of David, an omni-denominational healing ministry established in the State of Washington and certified by the Secretary of State therein in 2000; and was the pro se counsel in Horowitz vs. The State of Hawaii, Department of Health, et al. (Civ. No. 06-1-0296).


5.Compelled by God and my responsibilities in these positions I have sought on several occasions, by whatever lawful means, to protect the U.S. Constitutional right of every American to exempt from risky vaccinations for religious, philosophical, and medical reasons; and protect Americans’ bodies as absolute personal properties for which compensation must be paid if and when taken, according to the 5th Amendment of the Constitution.


6.I understand that substantial historical evidence exists proving unequivocally the Rockefeller family’s monopolistic influence over American medicine and public health that is material to this affidavit and related complaint. David Rockefeller’s powerful influence over the Council on Foreign Relations, geopolitics, and global economics is solidly established.


7.I have reviewed the records and files cited herein and attest to the following facts that evidence fraud, official malfeasance, organized crime, and the administration of genocide (i.e., iatro-genocide) operating under the guise of “public health” within a trust organization established by David Rockefeller called “Partnership for New York City” involving the US Federal Government, and New York State Government, pertaining to the 2009 H1N1 Swine Flu “outbreak,” “pandemic,” and advancing vaccination campaign.


8.I conclude that this subject is a matter of extreme urgency, threatening national security, thus demanding the immediate scrutiny of lawmakers and justice department officials, as well as the public-at-large.


9.It is a well-established fact that “outbreaks” have been caused by laboratory “accidents.” For instance, the 1977 Influenza A outbreak of human (“swine flu”) H1N1 that went extinct for twenty years between 1957 and 1977 suddenly re-emerged immediately following: a. the suspicious unexplained 1976 military outbreak at Fort Dix, New Jersey of this strain that was most likely a covert military experiment; and b. the subsequent swine flu deadly vaccination program that followed the Fort Dix outbreak, and media-driven fright; that has been attributed to a “laboratory source” according to doctors Zimmer and Burke in the New England Journal of Medicine (July 16, 2009;Vol.361:279-285). (See EXHIBIT 1)


10. The November 1977 sudden reemergence of this Influenza A H1N1 strain in the former Soviet Union is best explained by the National Cancer Institute’s 1978 publication titled Special Virus Cancer Program (Library call number: E20.3152;V81/977 and 78-21195). This report revealed the June 15, 1976 contract (N01-CP-6-1047) with the American Type Culture Collection to supply “virus materials . . . to investigators throughout the world” via a “US-USSR Agreement” (a dangerous breach of Cold War national security). (See: EXHIBITS_2-3.pdf) Virus materials cited in this document included numerous infectious agents including influenza, parainfluenza, and even laboratory recombinations of influenza with acute lymphocytic leukemia viruses that might spread quick acting lymphatic cancers by sneezing.(See: EXHIBIT_4.pdf)


11. The April, 2009 “outbreak” of the H1N1 “swine flu” is, like the 1976 Fort Dix and 1977 general “outbreaks,” highly suspicious according to genetic analysts and leading virologists. The rapid mutation rates of the novel agent circulating and feared as the 2009 “swine flu” strongly suggests a laboratory source, either intentionally or accidentally released.


12.To make it more difficult for the public to comprehend what is ongoing in flu labs, according to EXHIBIT_5.pdf, World Health Organization officials developed new terminology to describe viruses used in vaccinations, gene therapies, and advancing biotechnologies. The new terms “reference materials,” “biosimilars,” “data packages,” and “mock-up files,” each designate viruses and/or viral materials including gene sequences that cause disease and immune system reactions.


13.According to EXHIBIT_6.pdf, World Health Organization officials in charge of developing influenza vaccines, Dr. James Robertson and Dr. John Wood, of the National Institute for Biological Standards and Control (NIBSC) in the UK, testified (April, 2006) that “if a pandemic is imminent, . . . A stockpile of live vaccine, . . . could be used to prime the population in advance . . .”


14.According to this document, these doctors are the “Principal Scientists in the Division of Virology at NIBSC. Dr. Wood and Dr. Robertson lead the NIBSC’s influenza group. Their responsibilities include the control and standardization of influenza vaccines. On behalf of the United Nations’ World Health Organization (WHO) the NIBSC is involved in the serological testing of vaccine trials; the preparation and distribution of influenza viruses to vaccine manufacturers; and the coordination of EU strain selection process.” (ie., the selection of viruses that shall be used by governments worldwide, and their “vaccine pipelines.”


15.Dr. Robertson also testified that “there is a lack of vaccine research in the UK compared with the US,” and that he and Dr. Wood “consider that pandemic vaccine development in the EU has been slow due to limited public funding. This is in contrast to the situation in the USA. Dr. Wood told the group that the NIBSC collaborate with the vaccine industry . . . The EMEA have helped to persuade industry to invest in pandemic vaccines with the introduction of the mock up files and by waiving the regulatory fees . . .” [Emphasis added]


16. The European Medicines Agency (EMEA) is a decentralized body of the European Union with headquarters in London. Its main responsibility is, according to its website, “the protection and promotion of public and animal health, through the evaluation and supervision of medicines for human and veterinary use.”


17.Thus, it is certain that when the Mexican Swine Flu 2009 “outbreak” occurred in mid April, 2009, first in the United States in two unrelated children living approximately 100 miles apart in southern California, then soon after in Mexico among people who had not been exposed to these two children, that foul play is a most reasonable explanation, especially since this unique virus held genes from avian, swine, Spanish, and regular flu strains—unprecedented in the history of “natural selection” health science addressing evolution of the species.


18. Occam’s Razor analysis holds that, "Of several acceptable explanations for a mysterious phenomenon, the simplest is preferable, provided that it does not contradict the observed facts."


19.Accountable US Federal officials overseeing America’s “biopreparedness” response against this mutant H1N1 flu, including vaccinations and predicted quarantines, offer no definitive explanation for the initial outbreak of this laboratory sourced recombinant; nor does the mainstream media. So called “experts” accept and regurgitate the lame explanation of “somehow” and “somewhere” bird, pig, and 1918 Spanish flu viruses mated curiously synchronously with the first availability of biotechnology to produce vaccines alleged to be safe and effective against this precise new H1N1 and H5N1 genetic recombinant.


20. Alternatively, the following substantial evidence indicts David Rockefeller et al, including celebrated Federal agents, agencies, and vaccine makers that control the mainstream media and the practice of medicine in an organized criminal conspiracy to profit by generating and promoting this pandemic:

a.Days before the media’s first reported swine flu cases in April, 2009, Novavax Corporation, partnered with the General Electric (GE) company that co-owns NewCo with media mogul Ruppert Murdoch, issued press releases generating widespread publicity.

b.Thus, America’s most powerful news media consortium, and cable television conglomerate, publicized Novavax’s vaccine research in collaboration with CDC officials, alleging their vaccine protected against this unprecedented recombination of flu stains—avian, Spanish flu, and regular flu infections.(See EXHIBIT_7.pdf)

c.According to Dr. Robertson’s testimony presented above, Novavax received its “biosimulars” through CDC Influenza Branch director, Ruben O. Donis, and Dr. Rick Bright. Dr. Bright previously worked with Dr. Donis at the CDC. In April, 2009, Dr. Bright was Novavax’s Vice President of Global Influenza Programs.

d.The publicized outbreak caused Novavax’s stock to soar. Novavax’s CEO, Rahul Singhvi, and his previous corporate affiliate, the Merck Pharmaceutical company that manufactures the flu-related pneumonia vaccine (Pneumovax), both profited heavily from the “outbreak,” media coverage, and declared advancing pandemic.

e.No group in the world other than the Anglo-American vaccine “pipeline,” with its faucets at the NIBSC and CDC, could supply Novavax’s collaborators with the wherewithal to manufacture and release the recombinant virus reported by officials and Reuter’s News Service. (See: EXHIBIT_8.pdf)

f.A Google search proves Thomas H. Glocer is the Chief Executive Officer of the Thomson Reuters Corporation (TRC) and Director of the TRC that partnered in David Rockefeller’s biotechnology trust called “Partnership for New York City,” (PNYC). Thomas H. Glocer is also a Merck [pharmaceutical company] Director since 2007, according the Merck company website. (See: EXHIBIT_9.pdf.)

g.Two additional “partners” are the New York State Government, and the US Federal Government, likewise advancing vaccine research in partnership with private companies in this PNYC. Both governments then purchase vaccines from other partners in the PNYC.

h.The PNYC, according to their website (, was initially formed out of the merger of two organizations: the New York Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the New York City Partnership. The New York Chamber of Commerce was founded on April 5, 1768 by a group of merchants whose purpose was to encourage business and industry, . . . the Chamber remained sufficiently loyal to the [British] Crown to have received a royal charter in 1770 from King George III, . . . After the [Revolutionary] war, . . . the New York State Legislature . . . confirm[ed] their original charter [on April 13, 1784] . . . entitled "An Act to Remove Doubts Concerning the Chamber of Commerce and to Confirm the Rights and Privileges Thereof." . . . Following in the tradition of three generations of Rockefellers who were closely associated with the Chamber, David Rockefeller transformed the organization in 1979. In that year, he founded the New York City Partnership and affiliated it with the Chamber. Although the original Chamber had taken a broad look at what it considered to be “business interests”, it was primarily a business advocacy group. Under Rockefeller's vision, the new Partnership would allow business leaders to work more directly with government and other civic groups to address broader social and economic problems in a ‘hands on’ way. In 2002, the New York City Partnership and Chamber of Commerce became the Partnership for New York City. . . .”

i.Ruppert Murdock is Co-Chairman with Honorary Co-Chairman David Rockefeller in the PNYC.

j.Ruppert Murdock’s mother, Elisabeth Murdock is Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire, established by King George V; a Companion of the Order of Australia (AC), which is an order established by Elizabeth II, Queen of Australia. Elisabeth Murdock administers the Royal Woman’s Hospital in Victoria, Australia, a vaccine research center and heavy promoter of the swine flu vaccines and drugs for pregnant women.

k.Jerry I Speyer, owner of the Rockefeller Center, is chair emeritus of the PNYC and on their board of directors. He is Chairman and Co-Chief Executive Officer of Tishman Speyer, Chairman of the Museum of Modern Art, former Chairman of the Board of Directors, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York; chairman emeritus of Columbia University; chairman emeritus of the Real Estate Board of New York; and a member of the David Rockefeller-directed Council on Foreign Relations.

l.Nelson Rockefeller’s protégé, Dr. Henry Kissinger, is a highly influential member of The Council on Foreign Relations, composed of the most influential business leaders in America, and his Kissinger Associates, Inc. is Merck and Company, Inc.’s leading management consulting firm.

m.Merck and Company, Inc. is the world’s largest vaccine maker. The company not only profits from flu frights and pandemics by sales of Pneumovax, but also is credited for having spread the AIDS virus, HIV, through contaminated hepatitis B vaccines according to research published in the peer reviewed scientific journal Medical Hypotheses (Volume 56, Issue 5, Pages 677-686) by this affiant.

n.Further evidencing an Anglo-American conspiracy to commit iatro-genocide using vaccines, a CSL Biotherapies report (See: EXHIBIT_10.pdf) proves this firm operates one of the world’s largest influenza vaccine manufacturing facilities for supply to Australia and global markets. This facility is based in Parkville, Victoria. This document explains the vaccine manufacturing process and exclusive supply of viruses for vaccine research and manufacture from the WHO or the CDC, thusly:

“The first step in making the influenza vaccine is preparing a ‘seed’ virus. This is a safe form of the influenza virus, which can be grown in hens’ eggs to produce the vaccine. Preparation of the seed takes around 3-4 weeks following receipt of a potential candidate virus from international health bodies such as the World Health Organization (WHO) or the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).”

o.So Ruben O. Donis at the CDC had to have sent the H1N1 and H5N1 viruses needed for vaccine manufacture to Novavax, where the CDC’s former Dr. Rick Bright, is now implicated in this conspiracy to commit genocide by way of flu vaccines.

p.CSL’s primary H1N1 swine flu vaccine testing site is closely linked to Ruppert Murdock. Murdock funds the Murdock Children’s Research Institute (MCRI) of Victoria, Australia. His daughter-in-law, Sarah Murdock, is an Ambassador for the MCRI, and a member of its development board since 2000. Murdock’s mother’s, Royal Woman’s Hospital is testing the H1N1 vaccines, at the time of this writing, on children and pregnant women.

q.The Associate Director of Clinical Development for vaccines at CSL is Dr. Michael Greenberg. CSL is conducting H1N1 vaccine studies on babies at the Murdock Children’s Research Institute, according to the MCRI website. (See:EXHIBIT_10.pdf) Dr. Greenberg joined GlaxoSmithKline in 2005, and CSL in 2009, further evidencing Ruppert Murdock’s ties to SmithKline and CSL.

r.The MCRI is the largest child health research and vaccine testing institute in Australia. It researches childhood diseases, including many that are vaccine-induced autoimmune diseases associated with antigenic complex formation from geneto-protein recombinations and blood intoxications.

s.Antigenic complex formation is the primary mechanism recognized by immunologists for the generation of myriad auto-immune diseases that result from vaccine-induced/unnatural over-stimulation of the immune system whereafter immune cells are hyper-activated to autogenically attack the body instead of simply the infectious agent/ pathogen or antigen. The medical community calls this auto-immune dysfunction.

t.In September 2009, babies and children were being recruited by the MCRI, for “a pandemic H1N1 swine flu vaccine trial” in Melbourne wherein “about 100 Victorian children aged between 6 months to eight years” were selected for study in collaboration with the University of Melbourne and Federal Government of Australia.

u.This historic testimony evidencing fraud and ongoing genocide within the medical and public health sectors of the WHO-directed US, UK, and Australian governments is best reconciled by medical sociologist Stephen Kunitz’s 2000 report in the Journal of the American Public Health Association (Vol 90;10:1531-39) wherein he concluded wherever Anglo-American multi-national corporations travel, so goes genocidal depopulation of native people.

v.Now this affiant is aware that White House Environmental Advisor for Barack Obama, Van Jones, resigned for signing a petition in 2004 asking for an investigation of high level Bush administration officials implicated by foreknowledge in the September 11, 2001 World Trade Center “terrorist” attacks that immediately killed more than 3,000 people and many more from respiratory related ailments.

w.This infamous New York site is now home to the PNYC—the world’s most powerful biotechnology trust established by David Rockefeller in 1979 with co-partner and co-chairman Ruppert Murdock.

x.It must be known that New York’s United Nations building was constructed using Rockefeller money. The United Nations’s WHO was established thereafter by the Rockefeller family's foundation in 1948--the year after the same Rockefeller cohort established the CIA. Two years later the Rockefeller Foundation established the U.S. Government's National Science Foundation, the National Institute of Health (NIH), and earlier, the nation's Public Health Service (PHS).**

y.It must be further understood that England’s colonialism has transitioned into neocolonialism, commonly called globalism. British influence has evolved most apparently and consistently with financial support by the European banking community led by the Rothchild family that has, according to geopolitical and economic historians, heavily financed Rockefeller family interests since the late 1800s, and vaccination campaigns have been a part of this global conquest agenda.

z.Population reduction by vaccination for eugenics and genocide has earlier examples. Kunitz wrote about the Yanomami Anglo-American genocide in Venezuela. In 1968, very deadly and obviously contraindicated Edmonson B measles vaccine was administered by James V. Neel and colleagues to conduct genetic studies funded by the Rockefeller Foundation and US Atomic Energy Commission that maintains obvious ties to British commissioners. This vaccine caused the death of several thousand Yanomami. Lesser-known examples of vaccine-induced genocides involve the polio and hepatitis B vaccines as published by this affiant in 2000 in the journal Medical Hypotheses; and the Tuberculosis skin testing genocide ongoing in Hawaii as published in Medical Veritas in 2007 (4:1505–1509).

aa.The eugenics movement began at Rockefeller and Carnegie funded Cold Spring Harbor Labs in New York. Eugenics investors in genetic engineering and “population management” extended their institutional control over Nazi Germany; advancing “showers” with IG Farben and Bayer Corporation supplied Zyclone B. Concentration camp victims believed they were taking showers for “public health” and “disinfection,” not for “racial hygiene.” Later eugenics “experiments” included Tuskeegee’s syphilis study administered on behalf of Rockefeller interests by the U.S. Public Health Service.

bb.I testify as an expert in medical sociology and vaccine virology this is not “conspiracy theory,” but a certifiable “conspiracy reality” operating in health science sustained by a “conspiracy of silence” infecting responsible journalists, the media, and the American people. It is a sociopolitical pathology preventable only by the free exercise of our First Amendment right to a free press. Given the manner in which the defendants control the media, however, including the medical scientific media, America’s founding fathers objective to secure civil rights and happiness by way of a free press has been substantially negated by these criminals.

cc.In the United States, the NIH, PHS, and the American Academy of Pediatricians (AAP) have incestuous relationships with “BigPharma” and its ring of organized PNYC criminals. These agencies and official agents minimize vaccination risks, deny vaccine ingredient toxicities (e.g., mercury and the vaccine additive MF59 (Novartis/CHIRON) or ASO2-4 (Glaxo-SmithKlein) containing squalene and IL-2); and promote vaccination policies ignoring reason and legitimate cautions based on published science.

dd.The reach and impact of the defendants’ trust, the PNYC, obviously taints geopolitics, economics, and vaccine science globally. For example, according to recent Biomedical Research Alliance promotions, and PNYC promotions, Kathryn S. Wylde, the President and CEO of the PNYC since 1982, was appointed to the Board of Directors of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York in 2009. She describes Asian financial influence on the PNYC thusly:

ee.“The announcement of the China Center is a step toward economic recovery for New York. The Vantone Group's commitment to helping New York become the western headquarters location for the increasing number of global businesses coming out of China is extremely important to our city’s future as a global capital of business and finance.”

ff.The “China Center” lease is being administered by Silverstein Properties, Inc. a “partner company” in the PNYC. It is owned by Larry A. Silverstein, the infamous real estate tycoon, and alleged heroin drug trafficker, who cashed in on his timely $3.2 billion lease of the World Trade Center property seven weeks before “9-11” (2001). The subsidiary of GE Capitol, Industrial Risk Insurers company, paid some of Mr. Silverstein alleged loss of $7 billion needed to reconstruct the new World Trade Center.

gg.The top 5 floors of this new construction, “Chinese Center” is administered by Vantone Group director Feng Lun (pronounced Fung LEW-in).

hh.Feng Lun, according to Mr. Silverstein’s press announcement, is “a pioneer of China's booming real estate market, so influential that some of the biggest names in American real estate, like Jerry Speyer, Mortimer Zuckerman and Sam Zell, have expressed an interest in forming a partnership with him.”[Emphasis added.](See: EXHIBIT_11.pdf.)

ii.The Mortimer B. Zuckerman Research Center (MBZRC) is the namesake created by the chairman and co-founder of the publicly traded Boston Properties, also a partner company in PNYC. The Center is associated the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center and Rockefeller University. Zuckerman is also editor-in-chief of U.S. News and World Report and publisher of the Daily News. A Harvard Law grad, he is also member of the Council on Foreign Relations largely directed by honorary PNYC chairman, David Rockefeller. Mr. Zuckerman is a fixture on Sunday talk shows like The McLaughlin Group. Zuckerman is reported to have an estimated net worth of $2.8 billion. Mr. Zuckerman, a candidate for US Ambassador to Israel, is also a leading financier of the American Lyme Disease Foundation that heavily promoted SmithKline company’s disastrous Lymerix vaccine. This vaccine was pulled from the market following hundreds-of-thousands of reported cases of recipients suffering post-vaccination symptoms of Lyme disease.

jj.Another major promoter and Federal Government endorser of SmithKlein’s toxic and terminated Lyme disease vaccine is the US Federal Government’s, National Institute of Health, National Institute for Allergies and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) Director, Anthony S. Fauci, upon whom Mr. Zuckerman bestowed an “America’s Best Leaders” award on November 24, 2008.

kk.At this same meeting Mr. Zuckerman provided the same award to David Baltimore, the senior pioneer of retroviral research associated with HIV/AIDS-like immunodeficiency bioengineering during the Special Virus Cancer Program (SVCP).

ll.The SVCP was speciously investigated in 2002 by the United States General Accounting Office (GAO-02-809R Origin of AIDS Virus), that concluded its fraudulent study in June 17, 2002. The investigation was forced by persecuted, and later incarcerated, Honorable Ohio Congressman, James A. Traficant, Jr. Mr. Traficant has decried his persecution by a “Jewish conspiracy” with intimate ties to Israel and intelligence organizations that adequately describes the defendants in this case.

mm.The SVCP is undoubtedly linked to the origin of HIV/AIDS as evidenced by its documentation revealing HIV co-discoverer, Dr. Robert Gallo, and his employment with the National Cancer Institute overseeing Litton Bionetics’s contract (71-2025) (See: EXHIBIT 12) “Investigation of Viral Carcinogenesis in Primates,” as “Project Officer.” This document relates to the Merck company SVCP contract (71-2059) “Oncogenic Virus Research and Vaccine Development,” directed by Dr. Maurice Hilleman. (See: EXHIBIT 13.pdf)

nn.Before his death, Dr. Hilleman, Merck’s vaccine division chief, stated that he brought the AIDS virus into North America in contaminated monkeys destined for vaccine research at Merck. This suppressed interview was posted by this affiant on You Tube where it is currently viewable, (See: YouTube’s “Merck Vaccine Chief Brings HIV/AIDS to America”)

oo.Litton Bionetics also exclusively administered the NCI’s facilities at Fort Detrick, Maryland at the time Litton supplied chimpanzees were used by the CDC, FDA, NIAID, and the Merck drug company to produce four subtypes of hepatitis B virus vaccines for testing on at least three known populations: 1. homosexual men in New York City, 2. African villagers in Zaire/Congo/Uganda, and 3. Willowbrook State School for mentally retarded children on Staten Island in New York. The latter studies were conducted under U.S Army contract with the New York University Medical Center’s Dr. Saul Krugman. (See: EXHIBIT_14.pdf)

pp.Thus, the leading HIV/AIDS institute in the US, the NIAID, directed by the leading American infectious disease official, HIV/AIDS czar, and leading swine flu vaccination proponent, Dr. Anthony Fauci, has grossly and criminally neglected compelling documents and solid science that indicts Merck, the FDA, CDC, and his own NIAID. The suppressed and neglected evidence proves the origin of the world’s deadliest plague, AIDS, was triggered by hepatitis B vaccinations advanced by this alliance between these defendants’ public and private enterprises.

(See: EXHIBIT_15.pdf)

qq.Additional analysis of published genetic analyses concordant with this suppressed thesis and documented history of the SVCP, and related HIV activity, will prove to any reasonable person the NIAID played a central role in the aforementioned hepatitis B vaccine studies. (See: USDHEW Virology: Volume 4—Control of Viral Infections. NIAID Task Force Report. Bethesda, MD: Public Health Service, NIH, 79-1834, 1979, p. 20; 65-78) (See again: EXHIBIT_15.pdf)

rr.Related to current swine flu propaganda, the NIAID director, Dr. Fauci, has been heavily promoting swine flu vaccinations by way of the defendants’ media properties as he did previously with the Lyme vaccine.

ss.Dr Fauci was also senior author on the New England Journal of Medicine’s article detailing a suspiciously incomplete developmental history of this novel H1N1 virus.(See: NEJM Vol. 361;3:225-229, July 16, 2009.

tt.The NIAID and Dr. Fauci operates subject to Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) review and direction according to CIA documentation and the Washington Post.(See: EXHIBIT_16.pdf)

uu.Dr. Fauci is also co-patent holder (No. 5,696,079; Dec. 9, 1997) (See: EXHIBIT_17.pdf.) on “Immunologic enhancement with intermittent interleukin-2 therapy” described as being central to gene therapies and the future of “geneto-pharmaceuticals.” The Assignee on this patent is: The United States of America as represented by the Department of Health (Washington, DC).

vv.The Associated Press reported that the government owns the patents and the scientists are listed as inventors so they can share in licensing deals struck with private manufacturers. . . . Fauci received $45,072.82 in royalties since 1997 when the government licensed the treatment they invented to drug maker Chiron Corp. Fauci, allegedly, donated his royalties to charity to avoid conflict-of-interest charges. But he admitted it was his decision to make to withhold disclosures to patients undergoing tests of IL-2 under his supervision.

ww.Thus, Dr. Fauci’s co-patent filing evidences entrepreneurship of the US Federal Government, through its Department of Health, at the expense of taxpayers, in this valuable biotechnology now licensed to CHIRON Corporation, makers of the swine flu vaccine adjuvant additive MF59 with squalene. (See: EXHIBIT_18.pdf.)

xx.I am aware of substantial scientific evidence, some of which was attended by the United States Congress during its investigation into Gulf War Syndrome, that squalene adjuvant is implicated in poisoning masses of military personnel who received the anthrax vaccine.

yy.Regarding the history of IL-2, now in vaccine adjuvant, on Monday, Oct. 6, 2008, Dr. John Niederhuber, the director of the NCI, told Lawrence K. Altman of the New York Times that Dr. Gallo "was instrumental in every major aspect of the discovery of the AIDS virus." He added: "Dr. Gallo discovered interleukein-2 (Il-2), an immune system signaling molecule, which was necessary for the discovery of the AIDS virus, serving as a co-culture factor that allowed the virus to grow.” Dr. Fauci added to this, "There's no doubt that Bob Gallo made enormous contributions to AIDS research, and if the Nobel rules allowed four recipients, Bob would belong in the group". . . .

zz.I am also aware that IL-2 is the “common denominator” among immune system functions, (See: EXHIBIT_19.pdf) and can cause severe side effects. IL-2 has been recommended for adjuvants. (See: EXHIBIT_20.pdf) New research on Dr. Fauci’s IL-2 in the “proprietary” formula of swine flu vaccine adjuvants show IL-2 caused no benefit whatsoever stimulating the immune systems of 5,8000 subjects at a cost of $85 million. CHIRON and taxpayers paid the tab. Yet, more money and time will be spent researching Drs. Fauci and Gallo’s darling drug.

aaa.Regarding the other principle ingredient in adjuvants, according to Dr. Andrus Brun Laursen, the amount of squalene in the Pandremix vaccine made by GlaxoSmithKlein is far more concentrated in the swine flu vaccine than in anthrax vaccine implicated in producing Gulf War Syndrome.

bbb.CHIRON’s MF59 adjuvant used in the 2009 swine flu vaccines by GlaxoSmithKline and Novartis, and Merck’s Lymerix vaccines, contain squalene along with Dr. Fauci’s co-patented Interleuken-2, preferred by the drug trade due to its toxic side effects as this makes money for shareholders in BigPharma.(See: EXHIBIT_20.pdf)

ccc.The aforementioned evidences how the American people are being psychologically abused--“brain-washed,” sensitized, and traumatized--by the trust’s media; and physically assaulted with painful poisonous injections delivering blood contaminations to the ill-informed generally objecting public.

ddd.From the view of theologians, people shall reap what they sew--humanity is being seduced by persuasive media to be physically poisoned by misplaced faith in the CDC, FDA, AAP, NIAID, PHS, NCI; and in Novartis, Novavax, SmithKlein, Merck, CSL, and Baxter Corporation’s vaccines. Rather than reinforcing the sacred dictim, “In God We Trust,” the PNYC trust conditions people to place faith in medical deities (MDs) to advance an obviously genocidal agenda--the 2009 Swine Flu vaccination campaign. Thus, the constitutionally guaranteed religious freedom from “mandated” blood intoxications (as per Leviticus 19:19) are being attacked and suppressed by Anglo-American agents for David Rockefellers PNYC trust.

eee.Among the trust’s deceptive, coercive, unethical, and fraudulent media machinations is their promoted myth that vaccinations are “mandatory” when, by Constitutional law, they shall be voluntary for all who honor of religious beliefs and others philosophically-inclined to refuse given equal protection under the law.

fff.Another second key deception is the notion that “immunization” means “vaccination” or visa versa; when, in fact, “immunization” traditionally referred to a natural exposure to antigens and innate immune response associated with acquiring lasting natural immunity. The word “vaccination,” alternatively, refers to a medical procedure that typically triggers hyper-sensitization reactions within the lymphatic system.

ggg.Another fraudulent myth is that the FDA tests products and/or assures safety and efficacy of vaccines. This myth persists due to continuous reinforcement by the news media controlled by the trust, and brainwashed or blindly-biased health officials that repeat this seductive mantra--”vaccines are safe and effective.”

hhh.These intentional obfuscations by the media and institutionalized medicine and public health, manipulated and misdirected by the trust, illustrate the social engineering and cross-cultural suppression of native and traditional beliefs in natural healing, immuno-competence, and spiritual metaphysics involved in natural healing, sustaining wellness, and spontaneous recovery.

iii. And unless We the People diagnose and treat the root causes of this genocidal imposition--a psycho-social, geopolitical, economically debilitating, physically-enslaving pathology, humanity may literally go extinct from genetic mutations and chemical intoxications.

jjj. Alternatively, the recognition and celebration of spiritual immunity bio-energetically commanding natural physical immunity through electro-genetic and hydrosonic processes, must be reexamined and culturally restored. As spiritual beings, humans deserve spiritual solutions more than physical chemical intoxications. The suppressed fields of homeopathy and electroacupuncture demonstrate conclusively efficacy in this regard; yet we see no homeopaths in American hospitals today.

kkk.Supermarkets are even used to peddle vaccines as if medical markets are insufficient. “Safeway” stores seduce shoppers in the US and UK offering 10% discounts to anyone impulsively inoculated. Who saves? The company owner, Kohlberg Kravis Roberts is partnered with several members of Rockefeller’s PNYC trust. Moreover, Safeway’s CEO, Steven H. Burd, is Founder of the Coalition to Advance Healthcare Reform (CAHR), the movement’s most outspoken salesman. Allied members include: Merck & Company, Inc., Glaxo-SmithKlein, Eli Lily and Company, Pfizer Inc., and America’s leading vaccine testing organization Kaiser Permanente.(See: EXHIBIT_22.pdf)

lll. Beyond this gross criminal seduction that neglects natural, alternative and complementary care in “health care reform,” the obvious intent of the Federal Government officials, in partnerships and collaborations with pharmaceutical and media industrialists, to engage in organized crime by conspiring to commit psychological warfare to effect a genocidal vaccination agenda is proven by:


i)Gross chronic criminal irresponsibility for safety testing lasting adequate lengths of time to provide reasonable assurances that new or old vaccines are safe, and will not cause disease or premature death months and years after inoculations.


ii)Reliance of Federal licensing officials on studies and data exclusively provided by drug companies--vaccine makers who have consistently manipulated data for profit.


iii)Gross criminal neglect of readily available, lower-to-no cost, risk reducing/zeroing, highly reliable natural alternatives to risky vaccinations and chemotherapies for the flu (e.g., Tamiflu), such as mega-doses of Vitamins C and D, or the new silver hydrosols (e.g., OxySilver). If health officials were not subject to a drug-cult mentality they would be educating the public appropriately how to avoid or recover most naturally and cost-effectively from the flu.


iv)Gross criminal malfeasance in co-creating persuasive deadly propaganda that generates fears and phobias in people everywhere adding to the psychosocial, economic, and ecological burdens of water polluting and behavior modification from antidepressant drugs’ uses and abuses.


v)Gross criminal failure of Federal officials to establish legitimate vaccine reaction reporting, data collection, injury analysis, and compensation protocols. Today, certifiable reporting of vaccination injuries and illnesses are grossly/criminally neglected, often intentionally hidden; and compensation is non-existent for the vast majority of people injured. For instance, the “Thimerosal VSD Study, Phase I, Update 2/29/00” produced for the CDC, then censored and later altered before publication, gives officials fraudulent information and license to claim mercury in vaccines and recipients is safe at concentrations far exceeding Environmental Protection Agency toxic dose limits. (EXHIBIT_23.pdf)


vi)Deliberate obfuscation of the meanings of the words “vaccination” and “immunization,” the former reflecting an administrative process imposing man-made intoxication, the later a natural defense process that develops following natural exposures to germs.


vii)Gross criminal neglect of common sense and reasoned analysis regarding the epidemiological tracking of the 2009 H1N1 flu outbreak’s origin; purposefully evading substantial evidence that the current pandemic virus appeared suddenly, suspiciously, unnaturally, and immediately following companies in the PNYC trust issuing vaccine sales propaganda.


viii)Gross criminal breach of obtaining adequate informed consent for medical experimentation using inadequately tested vaccines. Obviously, new H1N1 swine flu vaccines containing “live” “mock” viruses, “fast-tracked” to provide only a few weeks of safety testing are risky. It is scientifically established, widely known, and criminally neglected that autoimmune reactions to vaccinations and even cancers caused by recombination of unstable viruses commonly take place months or even years to develop following vaccinations.


ix)Gross criminal breach of informed consent while “mandating” medical experimentation in recipients of new H1N1 swine flu vaccines containing “live” “mock” viruses that are genetically engineered and expected to recombine with other circulating viruses potentially creating more potent pathogenic strains of flu and more dangerous pandemics.


x)Fraudulent inducements of people of all ages to accept “mandatory” vaccinations for access to schools and workplaces, to avoid fines and quarantines, and/or to avoid persecution by social service agents and agencies involving child custody battles with officials trained and paid to condemn vaccine objectors.


xi)Gross neglect of human rights and US Constitutional freedoms of: religion, the press, and to life, liberty, and personal pursuits because Federal officials overstep their statutory authorities when “mandating” vaccinations, even during declared epidemics.


xii)Official malfeasance and neglect of 4th Amendment rights of people to be secure in their persons and houses, without threat of unwanted invasions of their bodies and properties.


xiii)Official malfeasance and neglect of people’s 5th Amendment rights to secure life, liberty, or personal property, including their body sovereigns, and due process of law;


xiv)Nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation. Without compensating people for the taking of their natural immunity, and natural immune system function, due to the medical intervention and immunological intoxication called vaccination, this Constitutional right is grossly subverted.

xv)Gross criminal neglect of the US Genocide Accountability Act of 2007, TITLE 18, PART I, CHAPTER 50A, § 1091 wherein “We The People of the United States of America,” by way of forced, fraudulently coerced, or extortionately compelled vaccinations, are:


(1)being killed in sufficient numbers to initiate this complaint and charge of genocide;

(2)submitting to serious bodily injury;

(3)being permanently impaired in mental faculties through drugs, including Tamiflu, and by mercury in vaccines linked to neuro-developmental and behavioral disorders in children, and aluminum in vaccines potentially triggering or aggravating Alzheimer’s dementia;

(4)subject to conditions of life under “mandatory” vaccination containing human sterilizers, toxic chemicals, and foreign genetic materials that are intended to cause the physical destruction of fertility and immunity as it these occur naturally in human bodies according to God’s laws; and

(5)subject to common side effects requiring detoxification, natural remediation, or risky medical interventions yielding further intoxications depopulating the group in whole or in part;

(6)imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group as has been documented in Vaccine Wkly (1995 May 29 - Jun 5:9-10) wherein it states, “[T]etanus vaccines laced with hCG have been uncovered in the Philippines and in Nicaragua. In addition to the World Health Organization (WHO), other organizations involved in the development of an anti-fertility vaccine using hCG include the UN Population Fund, the UN Development Programme, the World Bank, the Population Council, the Rockefeller Foundation, the US National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, and Uppsala, Helsinki, and Ohio State universities.” (It should be noted that Barack Obama’s science czar, John Holdren, co-authored the book Ecoscience in 1977 calling for population reduction through the use of sterilizing vaccinations);

(7)transfers by force of children of one social group to another group is prohibited under the anti-genocide act--precisely what happened to my daughter in Hawaii forced to leave High School for failing to become intoxicated by vaccinations and TB tests. This is happening throughout America when unvaccinated children are forced to take the injection or else suffer the stigma of allegedly presenting greater risk to the community of vaccinated children. This policy is psychologically and emotionally abusive; whereas the vaccination alternative is physically intoxicating, generally stressful, and chronically debilitating.

20.In conclusion, compelling evidence in this sworn affidavit including EXHIBITS 1 thru 23 is sufficient to persuade most reasonable people that dangerous conflicts of interest between US Federal health officials and this Rockefeller-established trust are grossly genocidal and frankly criminal. This cartel of drug/media industrialists are killing far more than 1 million Americans annually according to my highly conservative calculations as an expert in this field.

21.For reasons written above, I pray that this honorable Court will carefully examine the evidence exhibited and referenced herein, and rule judiciously by granting an immediate injunction on the FDA’s licensing and health agencies’ administration of the specious swine flu vaccines until this urgent evidencing of genocide and anti-trust violations can be sufficiently studied and due process of law applied.

22.I declare under penalty of law that the foregoing is true and accurate.

DATED: August 22, 2009


Leonard George Horowitz

State of Washington

County of Pend Oreille

Subscribed and sworn to before me, this _________________ [day of month] day of _________________ [month], 20____.

[Notary Seal:]


[signature of Notary]


Below is a list of statutes that relate to the criminal violations attested to and evidenced above:

Antitrust Section 1 of the Sherman Act, 15 U.S.C. § 1, provides criminal sanctions against any person "who shall make any contract or engage in any conspiracy" in restraint of commerce. A civil plaintiff must establish that: (1) two or more entities formed a combination or conspiracy; (2) the combination or conspiracy produces, or potentially produces, an unreasonable restraint of trade or commerce; and (3) the restrained trade or commerce is interstate in nature. In a criminal antitrust prosecution, the government must also prove that the defendants intended to restrain commerce and acted with knowledge of the probable consequences of their actions. (e.g., United States v. United States Gypsum Co., 438 U.S. 422, 444 (1978).

Restraint of commerce, vaccine barons suppress publicity for silver hydrosols (e.g., OxySilver), and persecute those who promote natural methods and materials for prevention and cure through the FDA and FCC.

Commerce is defined as:

The exchange of commodities for commodities. Considered in a legal point of view, it consists in the various agreements which have for their object to facilitate the exchange of the products of the earth or industry of man, with an intent to realize a profit.

Commodities is defined as:

Any tangible good or product that is the subject of sale or barter.

The PNYC trust conducts commerce that violates:

(1) the Clean Water Act, 33 U.S.C. §§ 1251-1387, which is designed to control and minimize the effects of water pollution by either prohibiting or regulating the discharge of pollutants into water;

People who consume medications urinate and defecate drugs now causing people to consume unwittingly, and without consent, toxic pharmaceuticals. . . .

(2) Safe Drinking Water Act, 43 U.S.C. §§ 300f et seq., which regulates and controls the discharge of harmful contaminants into public water systems as well as the underground injection of contaminants into groundwater that supplies public water systems;

(3) Toxic Substances Control Act, 15 U.S.C. §§ 2601-2692, which imposes criminal sanctions for the knowing violation of the Act which regulates the manufacture, processing distribution or disposal of chemicals that pose an unreasonable risk of injury to the public or environment; and

(4) The False Claims Act of 1863, 18 U.S.C. § 287, provides criminal penalties for the presenting of a false, fictitious or fraudulent claim to a federal agency. This statute has been liberally construed, enabling the government to use it to prosecute a wide array of offenses, including fraudulent federal tax refunds, Medicare and Medicaid Fraud, Social Security Fraud, government contract irregularities and fraudulent claims for unperformed services under government contracts.

Drug industrialists are routinely making false claims, and advancing false study data, to FDA officials who typically overlook the frauds.

Congressional amendments to the False Claim Act in 1986 blurred the dividing line between criminal actions and civil false claims, by strengthening "qui tam" actions. As a result, private citizens may recover up to 25% of a government recovery where the government intervenes and up to 30% where the government does not intervene. Thus, private citizens have a powerful tool and may play an important role in prosecutorial decisions. 31 U.S.C. §§ 3729- 3733. The Act provides both for treble damages and a civil penalty of $5,000 to $10,000 per false claim.

Federal Conflict Of Interest Statutes

A. 18 U.S.C. § 201 prohibits the bribery of, or the giving of illegal gratuities, to a public official with the intent to influence the official in carrying out an official act.

B. 18 U.S.C. § 203 criminalizes the use of a public office for private gain, whether it be by the officeholder/employee or by an outside individual attempting to influence the governmental official. The "matters" covered include a "contract, claim, controversy . . . [or] charge.

C. Ethics Reform Acts, flowing from Watergate and other public scandals, have imposed criminal sanctions for numerous other actions by public officials and private citizens making criminal use of a public office for private gain. See Note, The Congressional Ethics Dilemma: Constituent Service or Conflict of Interest?, 28 Am. Crim. L. Rev. 343 (1991).

The Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act, 21 U.S.C. §§ 301-394, provides for criminal sanctions and forfeiture as part of its scheme to prevent deleterious, adulterated or misbranded articles from entering interstate commerce. Under this Act, "food" is defined to include "(1) articles used for food or drink for man or other animals, (2) chewing gum, and (3) articles used for components of any such article." 21 U.S.C. § 321(f).

Health Care Fraud

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, P.L. 104-191, created five new health care fraud crimes and expanded existing money laundering, asset forfeiture and fraud injunction statutes to cover "federal health care offenses." These new crimes, which mirror existing white collar offenses such as mail and wire fraud, embezzlement, false statements and obstruction of justice, provide for jail terms of up to 10 years.

B. 18 U.S.C. §982: "The court, in imposing sentence on a person convicted of a Federal health care offense, shall order the person to forfeit property, real or personal, that constitutes or is derived, directly or indirectly, from the gross proceeds traceable to the commission of the offense."

D. 18 U.S.C. §1347: "Whoever knowingly and willfully executes, or attempts to execute, a scheme or artifice (1) to defraud any health care benefit program; or (2) to obtain, by means of false or fraudulent pretenses . . . any of the money of . . . any health care benefit program" shall be sentenced up to 10 years in prison and fined up to $250,000.

E. 18 U.S.C. §1518: Obstruction of criminal investigations of health care offenses is punishable by up to 5 years in prison and a fine of as much as $250,000.

F. 18 U.S.C. §1956: Money laundering statutes apply to the "laundering" of funds derived from the proceeds from health care offenses, allowing for prison sentences of up to 20 years and fines up to $500,000 or twice the value of the property involved.

G. 18 U.S.C. §3486: Administrative demands are authorized. The federal False Claims Act, 31 U.S.C. § 3729 et seq., and its qui tam or "whistleblower" provisions, which reward private citizens who help the government discover fraudulent claims, are also applicable to health care providers who submit Medicare or other federal funds claims.

Mail And Wire Fraud

The federal mail and wire fraud statutes are the "prosecutor's darling." They criminalize "the full range of consumer frauds, stock frauds, land frauds, bank frauds, insurance frauds, and commodity frauds [as well as] blackmail, counterfeiting, election fraud and bribery." Rakoff, The Federal Mail Fraud Statute (Part 1), 18 Duq. L. Rev. 771 (1980). These statutes are frequently utilized to bring federal prosecutions for what would otherwise be state court offenses.

The Mail Fraud Statute, 18 U.S.C. § 1341, provides criminal sanctions for those who:


(1)engage in a scheme or artifice to defraud;

(2)with an intent to defraud;

(3)using the mails to further the fraudulent scheme.

The Wire Fraud Statute, 18 U.S.C. § 1343, contains nearly identical language as the Mail Fraud Statute and prohibits fraud or wire communications.

Money Laundering

The Money Laundering Control Act of 1986, 18 U.S.C. §§ 1956-1957, was enacted to deter organized crime and narcotics traffickers from "money laundering," defined as the process by which one conceals the existence, illegal source, or illegal application of income, and disguises that income to make it appear legitimate.

This Act provides criminal sanctions for anyone who conducts a monetary transaction knowing, or with reason to know, that the funds involved were derived from unlawful activity.

While this Act was aimed at "the lifeblood of organized crime," it has been utilized by prosecutors against numerous corporations and otherwise legitimate businesses because it enables prosecutors to reach proceeds of criminal conduct, such as tax offenses.

Obstruction Of Justice

The Obstruction of Justice and Perjury statutes, 18 U.S.C. §§ 1501 et seq., are popular statutes for federal prosecutors. These laws, which are designed to protect the integrity of judicial proceedings -- before grand juries, federal agencies and Congress -- are often utilized to pursue criminal investigations, with otherwise marginal evidence of substantive offenses, because of (a) concealment, alteration or destruction of documents; or (b) encouraging or rendering of false testimony.

RICO Offenses

Over the past decade, federal prosecutors have turned to the "RICO" (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act of 1970) statute, 18 U.S.C. §§ 1961-1968, as a tool in enterprise affecting interstate commerce; (b) acquiring or maintaining through a pattern of racketeering activity or through collection of an unlawful debt an interest in an enterprise affecting interstate commerce; (c) conducting or participating in the conduct of, through a pattern of racketeering activity or through collection of an unlawful debt, the affairs of an enterprise affecting interstate commerce; or (d) conspiring to participate in any of these activities.

Federal prosecutors utilize the RICO statute as a powerful weapon to prosecute offenses such as mail and wire fraud, bankruptcy fraud, and securities fraud. Prosecutors also take advantage of the statute's provisions authorizing courts to enter restraining orders prior to conviction to prevent the transfer of potentially forfeitable property.

While enacted in 1970 as a "frontal attack" on organized crime, prosecutors have taken advantage of the Act's specific statement that it should be interpreted "liberally . . . to effectuate its remedial purposes" to justify its use in other contexts.

The Act prohibits "any person" from: (a) using income received from a pattern of racketeering activity or through collection of an unlawful debt to acquire an interest in an enterprise affecting interstate commerce; (b) acquiring or maintaining through a pattern of racketeering activity or through collection of an unlawful debt an interest in an enterprise affecting interstate commerce; (c) conducting or participating in the conduct of, through a pattern of racketeering activity or through collection of an unlawful debt, the affairs of an enterprise affecting interstate commerce; or (d) conspiring to participate in any of these activities.