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AIDS: Made in America part 7

Smallpox and AIDS
Trade Your Old Diseases for New

In May 1966, the World Health Organization, nominally an agency of the United Nations, but realistically a Rockefeller fiefdom, was authorized to begin a worldwide effort to eradicate smallpox by vaccination. WHO had let on as far back as 1959 that such an eradication program was being undertaken, but their early efforts were sporadic and more limited in target countries selected for attention. So, the 1959 WHO sponsored smallpox eradication program faded from view.
Then, seven years later, the smallpox vaccination program was re-newed with unusual vigor. WHO contacted Dr. Donald A. Henderson, then at the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta, and asked him to take charge of the new and better effort. At first, Henderson demurred, but his boss, the Surgeon General of the U.S. Public Health Services told him that he had to take the job. The United States had decided at some level in the shadows to make worldwide smallpox eradication their top health priority. Period. The CDC was to put together about seventeen teams of doctors, technicians, support personnel and equipment and get over to Africa and selected other countries as quickly as possible. In these countries they were to encourage, bribe and coerce as many people as they could get their vaccine needles into, and under Henderson and with a certain amount of other nations helping, they worked for approximately ten years.
But, tragically, although the smallpox eradication program worked and on April 17, 1978 Ali Maow Maalin, a hospital cook in Somali was identified as the last person in the world to become naturally infected with smallpox, a funny thing happened on the road to world health: an even worse epidemic broke out. At first it was a sporadically appearing mix of opportunistic illnesses, many not previously thought to be particularly harmful to humans. Then the numbers began to swell. And strangely enough, they began to swell most noticeably in Third World countries that had just recently been the recipients of WHO vaccine largesse. Just what was going on?
Before we answer this question, we must say a word or two about Dr. Henderson, and that mirror image of AIDS that was suddenly to pop onto the scene in 1981, chronic fatigue syndrome.
In 1956 Henderson was the chief of the Epidemic Intelligence Service at the Communicable Disease Center of the U.S. Public Health Service. In this role, Henderson undertook to investigate a mysterious epidemic in Punta Gorda, Florida. In this small town one morning in early 1956, the citizens started out on their usual round of activities. Going to school, teaching school, doing laundry and hanging it out in the backyard. Some were walking to work in stores and others were planting gardens. But, most noticed something very unusual: there were millions and millions of mosquitoes!
Now, it was one thing for Punta Gorda to have mosquitoes, but on this spring morning it was ridiculous. Everyone doing anything outside was being bitten by mosquitoes. One local resident even phoned the U.S. meteorological office and reported the infestation. The person answering the call seemed ready with an answer. The mosquitoes, it seems, had fled from a fire in the Everglades some thirty miles away, and had sought shelter in Punta Gorda! Now, according to entomologists, mosquitoes are so insensitive to their environs that they wouldn’t flee if they were on one side of a barn and the other side was burning. But, the Punta Gorda mosquitoes evidently knew that there was a fire somewhere nearby and they headed over to the latter city… strangely enough, by-passing some small villages along the way.
Then another unusual thing happened: about a week later the first few cases of chronic fatigue syndrome ever seen in Punta Gorda, struck some of the residents. Before the year was out over 150 persons reported the symptoms of the disease, and this brought Donald Henderson to town.
But, there was something else doing with mosquitoes at the time. Up in Canada, at the Dominion Parasite Laboratory in Belleville, Ontario, the Federal Government was busy breeding one hundred million mosquitoes a month. These mosquitoes were then transferred to one of Canada’s prestigious old universities, where, in the biology department, a Dr. Guilford B. Reed contaminated them with experimental pathogens provided to him by the Canadian and American Militaries. When the mosquitoes were suitably disease-laden, Dr. Reed transferred them to the Canadian Military to share with their American counterparts. Then, in selected towns in Canada and the U.S., the military took on the job of turning them loose in the middle of the night by a variety of means. Then, a week or two later people from the Army and from the newly Nelson Rockefeller organized Public Health Services would turn up to see how the folks were making out.
Was this why Dr. Henderson went to a great deal of trouble to evaluate the effects of CFS on Punta Gorda citizens? We don’t know, but we do know this: our studies indicate that if some agency is conducting tests in an area, the person(s) that they send to ‘investigate’ already know what is going on. It would be terribly risky to send in a naive outsider.
However that may be, we know that Dr. MacArthur of the Pentagon was able to report to Congress on June 9, 1969, that one of the Pentagon’s new pathogenic disabling agents could be transmitted by primary aerosol and by a mosquito vector! Now how did he know that for sure unless it had been tested somewhere on someone.
Another thing to note: by 1956 the Huebner mycoplasma research was well under way and it had to be tested on someone, somewhere.
So, this is the Dr. Henderson who is tagged by WHO, through the CDC, to get over to Africa and vaccinate millions of Blacks. Then, sad to relate, some five plus years after getting the smallpox vaccine, millions and millions of Blacks began to present with HIV/ AIDS.
What was going on? Here is our summary timetable of events:
1942 to 1950: Huebner identifies immune suppressing PPLO later recognized as a species of mycoplasma
1946: George Merck of Biowar research reports to Secretary of Defense that his researchers have isolated the ‘disease active principle’ from bacteria in crystalline form
1946-1947: the immune compromising mycoplasma tested on school children in Iceland under the well-trained Rockefeller researcher, Bjorn Sigurdsson
1947-1959: Bjorn Sigurdsson turns major research efforts to the retrovirus that presents as Visna/ Maedi in sheep
1950-1960: (especially 1959) a variety of tests on human guinea pigs, including children accessed through the Henle’s, prisoners in various jails and prisons, nurses and hospital staff who were subject to directed vaccine programs from time-to-time, and even whole communities, exposed to the disabling mycoplasma-based co-factor, by insect vector and vaccines. Koprowski moved from Lederle to Wistar, and co-operates with Belgian and Portuguese medical administrators to conduct vaccine tests in selected areas of Africa, wherein the immune suppressing co-factor of the mycoplasma is united with the retrovirus of sheep in various vaccines…including in a major way, oral polio vaccines. Sporadic deaths reported in Africa, Manchester, and other places of African women vaccinated earlier by Koprowski; of David Carr, vaccinated in the Royal Navy as a ‘pretreatment’ for something; and, others.
1960-1963: a hiatus in many activities following the election of John F. Kennedy who opposed all talk of eugenics and population control.
1963: Mr. Kennedy succeeded by liar and eugenics minded President Lyndon B. Johnson. LBJ appoints John D. Rockefeller lll as co-chair of a government population control committee and boasts that expenditure for population control programs grew from $6 million annually to $115 million under his administration. The secret CIA MK-SVLP moved into official government activity category as Special Virus Leukemia/ Lymphoma Program
1966: All systems are ‘Go’ for worldwide population control action.
1966: Henderson placed in charge of vaccinating millions of Blacks against smallpox.
1969: Richard Nixon elected President. As a result of a pre-election political deal with Nelson Rockefeller, Nixon appoints Henry Kissinger, arch-criminal, as his National Security Advisor. SVLP turned into SVCP… and millions of dollars made available for Nixon’s ‘war on cancer’.
1969, on June 9, Dr. Donald MacArthur tells Congress that by 1980 the Pentagon will have two new biowar agents in place: AIDS to kill and CFS to disable.
1981: MacArthur’s promises come true: AIDS and CFS spring into being.

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