Sunday, January 22, 2012

How Long Will People Take To Realise GM Foods Sterilise
I read in the book called 'Seeds Of Destruction' by William Engdahl about the development of spermicidal corn by technologies of genetic modification. The company that 'achieved' this great feat of science was bought out, and there was no further mention of it anywhere in the media. In fact the lack of any mention of GM food anywhere would be sufficient to convince most people the threat had gone away.

This clip shows that there are other forms of sterilisation being caused by corn crops, where female animals are rendered sterile. All the experiments carried out feeding GM foods to mice and rats indicated that GM foods were likely to cause sterility and cancers, but the test results were suppressed. A British scientist (Dr Arpad Pusztai) who insisted on exposing what he had discovered, lost his job the same day, with Prime Minister Blair personally involved in his sacking.

There appears to be a worldwide cover-up of the dangers of GM foods. They are hardly ever mentioned in any media. This farmer experienced them first hand, and lost his business as a result. How long will it be before it is realised that GM foods are contributing to sterility in humans?

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