Monday, February 25, 2008

"Mercury is good for you!"

This is how insanely corrupt the United States has become.

The pharmaceutical industry that has handicapped countless children with mercury-based vaccines is able to buy a study that says a known neuro-toxin is good for the brains of infants and small children and improves their behavior!

First, "behavior" is not quantifiable and is completely subjective. There's no science here. Just corruption of science on an inconceivable scale.

Second, mercury is a poison, a neuro-toxin that destroys the functioning of the central nervous system. There is no conceivable justification for it to be mainlined into the bloodstream of anyone for any reason ever.

You may want to watch this twice so you can be sure you really heard what you thought you heard.

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Vacant shamisen said...

Aside from the lobotomizing mercury, there are other nutrients in vaccines such as exotic DNA, RNA, and proteins acting like Trojan horses. And let's not forget the aluminum. My mother always used to tell me "You can't have any Aspartame until you've finished all your aluminum."