Wednesday, February 6, 2008

British Found Training Afghan Terrorists For UK-US Attacks

Russian Military Analysts are reporting today that the government of Afghanistan is ‘enraged’ over the discovery by Afghan Secret Police of a top secret British Military computer memory stick revealing the United Kingdoms plan to train over 2,000 Taliban rebel fighters and provide them with a base of operations.

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown had previously stated to his Parliament on contacting their Afghan enemy that "Our objective is to defeat the insurgency by isolating and eliminating their leaders. We will not enter into any negotiations with these people.”, which with the discovery of their plans showed the duplicity of the United Kingdom and its US allies.

Upon their learning of the treachery by their British NATO allies, Germany was quick to state that they would send no further troops to Afghanistan and the Canadian Prime Minister, Steven Harper, has, also, told his French counterpart, Nicolas Sarkozy, that Canadian Military forces could soon leave Afghanistan.

So serious has the Western Allies mission NATO mission in Afghanistan been compromised by these new charges against Britain that European support for the US led war has erupted in fresh tensions among the West, and as we can read as reported by Britain’s Guardian News Service:

"The past fortnight, leading up to a Nato defence ministers' meeting in Lithuania tomorrow and then a summit in Romania in April, has witnessed a transatlantic shouting match between the Pentagon and Europe over mismatched abilities, alleged cowardice and incompetence from Kunduz to Helmand.

The Dutch called in the US ambassador for a dressing down after Robert Gates, the US defence secretary, said the Europeans were no good at counter-insurgency. Gates climbed down, partly, but then fired off a letter to Berlin demanding the Germans put their lives on the line in combat in the south rather than enjoying the relatively cushy conditions of the north. A furious German response followed."

According to these reports, however, the most catastrophic revelation contained on the captured British Military computer memory stick were plans by the United Kingdom, and their American ally, to ‘utilize’ these 2,000 Afghan Taliban rebel fighters as terrorists against UK, European and US civilian ‘targets’ in a bid to further their effort towards igniting their populations passion for Total World War.

The West’s greatest fears, these reports state, are being further fueled by Russia and Irans growing blockade of Afghan opium supplies which have supplied the coffers of the British and Americans vast spy apparatus’ with untold billions of dollars of hidden wealth since 2002.

The United Nations is also reporting that ‘Afghanistan, the world's biggest opium producer, is set for another bumper crop in 2008’. But, with the inability to for Afghan opium to reach their Global markets, the United States and Britain are left with only their protected cocaine revenues from Colombia, as Israel has refused to share their revenues generated from their Global Ecstasy trade, and which leaves them with a serious shortfall of monies to fund their growing police states.

As the former Taliban rulers had nearly wiped out Afghanistan’s opium crop, as reported by the United Nations in 2001, Russian historians have long stated that the ‘roadmap’ being followed by the United Kingdom and their American allies is that of the British Empires flooding China with opium in the 19th century which destroyed the Chinese people and led to their defeat by Britain.

To the Western people themselves, and who are intended by their rulers to be victims, there remains no appetite among them to know the truest state of a World which is rapidly plunging into the chaos of Total War, and all the misery it entails. No greater evidence of this fact can be found than a newly released poll which finds that, astoundingly, 1 in 4 British citizens believe that their own World War II Leader, Winston Churchill, is a mythical person.

One can only wonder how these people can be saved from themselves before all is lost for them.

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