Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Trillion Dollar Lie

This gives details about how Israel receives reparations paid to her as a nation even though she was not a nation at the time of World War II. - Millions of "Jews" receive 5,000 German marks annually for "damages arising from the holocaust". - Many billions of OUR tax dollars end up being given over to Israel as a result of this mammoth lie. Also: Economic Manipulation—The Anti-Defamation League—The Torah And The Talmud—Ollie North—South African Invasion Planned—Who Are & Are Not “Jews”—The Protocols Of Zion.

We are given details of how the economy is being manipulated to put our nation and the world into financial strait-jackets so that the NEW WORLD ORDER can be further used to control us. - The Anti-Christ is making great advances. - The details about David Duke and the uproar over his running for political office - The Anti-Defamation League and how they exercise control of virtually all of the media, a "de facto" removal of "free speech". - Who are and are not "Jews" and why it is very important to know the answer. - What is the importance of the Torah and the Talmud? - Comments about Ollie North's book - S. African invasion planned - The latest on geological activity of the planet and how it is being controlled.

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