Saturday, April 3, 2010

AIDS truth exposed: Un-cut exclusive footage from House of Numbers


Triumph said...

A good reporter knows never to lead the discussion; since, doing so removes objectivity. On several occasion lead the question with the answer.Clearly, the young reporter wanted to hear what he wanted.

The Western drug/vaccines are passe, and now it's suddenly fruits, vegetable, vitamins, and if you are healthy you will outlive HIV-AIDS.

First, Montagnier needs to be consistant. He said that anti-oxidants and proper diet are "NOT Spectacular," then later said they hold magical possibilities. What excellent science.

Improved nutrition and water, for example will increase immunity to infectious disease; however, to an extant. I am skeptical that certain severe, acute infectious diseases; i.e., HIV-AIDS can be defeated on Vitiman D, Disani water and fresh air alone. Yes, Fauci proudly holds a differing view.

Triumph said...

The Greek woman may have been misdiagnosed; otherwise, she is a farce. No academiic scientist upholds that HIV-AIDS is psychosomatic.

Montagnier should not flip-flop. Either you are accountable for your past research theories and errors. Basically, you become some discreditted person of the past, or you continue legimate merit-based science investigations. Suddenly, you wish to embrace the popular circle yogurt, pure water and vata D culture.

Why do I waste my time? It was obvious with the Google plug, and commercial TUBE self-feed nature and music that ironically with Google people will not think for his themselves. Nothing is peer-review.