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CDC Lying about H1N1 "Swine Flu" cases II

James Atkinson writes:

Last week I was able to prove that the CDC was lying about the actual number of H1N1 "Swine Flu" cases that they were reporting to the public, and was able to find a very serious anomaly were one branch of the government (Air Force Academy) reported numbers to the CDC, and issued a press release (by the Air Force) that the numbers were reported to the CDC. But I was able to prove that the CDC did not included these known numbers in the weekly statistics that they published.

Thus we had a known number, that was confirmed by a different government then the CDC, and the CDC ignored the confirmed numbers, and in turn were have proof that the CDC was lying. There is also the serious matter that the CDC is playing down the actual numbers due to a political agenda, and is refusing to inform the public or Congress as to the magnitude of the infection, and that the government and in turn the CDC is essentially powerless against it.

All of a sudden, after they got caught lying, the CDC has announced that they will no long publish any numbers in relationship to how many patients are infected in each state. This in effect makes it even easier for them to fuzz up the number they report as it will be impossible to catch further lies where we know of a cluster such as the Air Force Academy, and then see the CDC refuse to include the number.

"July 24, 2009 is the last day that CDC is providing individual confirmed and probable cases of novel H1N1 influenza. CDC will report the total number of hospitalizations and deaths each week, and continue to use its traditional surveillance systems to track the progress of the novel H1N1 flu outbreak."

A very careful evaluation of the raw number regarding this virus shows that in the numbers report on May 15, 2009, the reported numbers began deviating from what you would expect to see form a viral propagation, and instead the numbers begin released to the public began to "flatter out" and not reflect the spread of a respiratory illness which would normally sweep through the population like wildfire. Instead the CDC has a strong growth of the virus up to this date, and then after the date ... well, it just seemed to slow down in the publicly reported numbers for no apparent reason. Then the CDC started publishing press releases that the virus was slowing down, BUT the WHO numbers showed the virus rapidly spreading elsewhere, but though some feat of magic (or fuzzed up CDC statistics) the rate of infection in the United States appeared to have started decelerating.

The trouble with someone playing around with statistics is that when they start to fake numbers, or one week they publish the numbers one way, and then mid-stream they change how things get reported it tends to create what we will call "a speed bump," this point took place on 15 May 2009. Prior to that date the numbers may have been accurate, and by the speed at which the virus was propagating the numbers the reported seemed to be close to accurate. For lack of a better word, we will call this "velocity" in that the virus was traveling at one rate one day, and then suddenly the CDC lies and says the velocity had just drastically dropped. This velocity didn't make a smooth shift from say 60 mph to 60, and then to 55, but rather it dropped from 70 mph to 15 mph virtually overnight.

The problem with the CDC telling lies is that they had to use one lie to cover up the first lie, which lead to another lie, and eventually lead to the CDC making a big press release claiming that the virus was slowing down, but weeks later their own false numbers indicate that this was not true at all. As time goes on the numbers that the CDC started to follow a straight line, and it started to look like someone back in May had drawn a chart of where they wanted H1N1 to be months down the road, and that suddenly through the magic of creative press releases the numbers being reported followed closely along the line... the problem is that the numbers were complete bullsh*t. There is no polite way to put it, no way to dress it up, and no way to make it stink less and make it smell better. The HHS/CDC took a steamy pile of bovine feces and fed it to the American public and told them not to worry.

It takes some pretty huge gall to totally ignore documented cases of infection, and just pretend that they didn't exist, and then to massage what does get reported so as to make it appear that this H1N1 business is not as bad as it really is.

What the CDC did on May 15th, is that they stopped reporting on confirmed cases, and instead only reported on confirmed cases WHERE THE PATIENT DIED OR WAS IN THE HOSPITAL and "circling the drain", "preparing to reach room temperature" or "booking table reservations at St. Peters Restaurant." However you want to call it, or however you want to put it, whatever euphemism suits you ... the CDC completely and utterly stopped reporting the numbers of people actually confirmed to be infected, and started only reporting the confirmed numbers of infected people who might actually die.

Whoa, wait a minute ... so what is going on is that is 1000 people get sick, feel feverish and miserable and go to their doctors and get a swabbed for H1N1, and 500 of then come back as being confirmed as actually having H1N1 but the CDC will only publish the number of them that become deathly ill and require hospitalization (let's say 3.2 people). This would mean that 496 people were actually infected but that the CDC refused to report that number, and instead chose to report the significantly lower number.

Then along comes one of the senior scientists from the CDC who states that the CDC is deliberately misreported all the numbers by a factor of 14.28, so that out of 14.28 people who are confirmed to be infected that only 1 of then requires hospitalization (could die, etc.), and thus only this single case gets included in the CDC's weekly numbers. So to get any number that is even remotely close to reality we have to take the numbers that the CDC is publishing and multiple them by at 14.28 times.

If the CDC publishes that there are 43,771 confirmed cases (where the person died or was so sick that they had to be hospitalized) and multiply by 14.28 (the ratio of confirmed infected versus confirmed infected AND in the hospital) we find that it is likely that actual number of confirmed infected people is likely closer to 625,049.

OK, well this is fine if everybody who was sick ran to their doctor to get swabbed, but the symptoms for most people are very mild, and can be confused with just an allergy that kicks your behind for a few days, and not likely to kill most otherwise healthy people or make then sick enough to go to the doctor to get a swab (by the way, the nasal swab is an especially pleasurable experience, that everybody should encounter at least once in their life). A little fever, a little runny nose, some coughing, a little chicken soup, some bed rest, no doctors visits, and the patient is back to work a couple of days later (and infecting all of their co-workers). This creates another problem where people simply do not feel sick enough not to go to work, school, church, or other social function, and in turn they infect everybody else around them. It is really tough to say how many people are in the groups of "infected, but not sick enough to see a doctor and get a swab," but it could easily be a 100:1 ratio.

Next, there is a sensitivity of the initial tests that are being used, and on average they will catch the swine flu on a swab about 70% of the time (this 70% number is from CDC courseware on flu), so that even though there may be 43,771 confirmed, hospitalized "circling the drain" patients with H1N1 the actual number could be 30% higher.

Ok, let's recap: As of 7/24/2009 the CDC admits to their being 43,771 cases of H1N1 where the patient was so sick that they died, or were so sick that they had to be admitted to the hospital. Then the CDC (in a different forum) states that there is a 30% error rate where 30% more people could be infected but not show up on the test (43,771 x 1.30 = 56,902). But if the CDC is only reporting that only 7% of the people who are confirmed to have swine flu are dying or hospitalized (and making it into the report, then it means that we have to multiply any numbers they make public first by 130%, and then bump that number by 14.28 times to figure out how many actual cases are out there, or what works out to be 812,564 infection in the United States.

Now the funny thing about the number 812,564 is that if we use the CDC's own propagation models, and we work solely from the data that the CDC made public before 5/18/2009 "the speed bump" (where they stopped reporting most infections) we find that right now we should have well over 700,000 infections by using the polynomial of: y = 0.1836x3 + 12.247x2 - 120.42x + 241.66 which is about 89% of the number the CDC is fuzzing, re-fuzzing, and then fuzzing again to get down to under 50,000 cases.

The problem is that the CDC has been caught lying, was given a chance to correct the "error" and instead just reported more fictitious number the next week and added the caveats that they were "hospitalized" cases, and not actual infections. Then the week after they get caught fuzzing numbers for a fourth week in a row they decide just to forgo providing any future numbers at all at the state level, which makes even more difficult to catch them in their lies.

The CDC spin control seems to run in a three-week period where they tell a lie, watch it for the week they tell the lie, then wait 21 days beyond that (3 weeks), and then tell a slightly modified version of the previous lie, or issue a press release that explains the press release from three weeks previous.

Attached you will find more charges, graphs, source data based on what was reported by the CDC. The numbers that provide are highly biased on the part of the CDC and are not based on the number of infections, but rather number of infections with serious side effects. Attached you will also find a set of WHO graphs and charts based on the data that the CDC provided to the WHO which shows that the numbers are even more fuzzed up then the numbers the CDC is admitting to publically.

The really huge concern is that once school gets back into session this Fall, there is going to be a significant number of children dying from this because their parents let the kids go back to school based on the CDC telling the public some really fuzzed up numbers, and that the numbers of infected people in this country is many, many times higher then they are admitting. Children do not have the natural defenses to this virus that adults do, and it is completely wreaking havoc with the young people who get infected.

Significant pressure needs to be placed on the CDC via Congress to publish "corrected" statistics and to admit their moral, factual, and medical "errors", and explain how virulent this virus is, and how many people are actually infected … or not. Hey why not just let everybody in the country get infected with it, so then the government will not have to worry about a H1N1 immunizations … just body bags.

The CDC is lying, has been caught lying, has been proven lying, and it is going to get people sick, to the point that people will end up dying because the CDC had some kind of political agenda.

Then we have Great Britain who suddenly doubles the number of H1N1 infected patients with the scope on one week (from 50,000 to 100,000), and starts handing out Tamiflu via an online order form like it is candy. According to the CIA the UK has a population of 60,943,912, or basically 20% the size of the United States. If the U.K has 100,000 confirmed cases doesn't it seem rather odd that the U.S. Government only admits to less then 50,000 cases?

If we actually use the U.K. as a metric where 1 person in every 609.43 is suspected, estimated, or confirmed to be infected then the metric when applied to the population of the U.S. there should be at least 508,672 infected people that have been reported to the CDC. This is way closer to the "over 700,000" mentioned above in this analysis (based on data from before the CDC decided to fuzz up the numbers) then the "only 43,771" that is claimed by the CDC.

I suspect that the confirmed number of people infected in the United States is actually well over 750,000 people, and possibly in excess of 800,000. I am very curious as to the CDC political agenda behind lying to the public about how virulent this virus is, and why they are going to such effort to conceal the danger it poses to the young people. I also would be surprised that one month after school is fully back into session that the United States does not have over 25 million infections.

It was telling, when months ago the CDC deployed 75 million doses of anti-viral drugs from the National Stock pile, and an untold number of body bags.

Also telling that the HHS/CDC (U.S. government) has purchased 195 million doses of H1N1 swine flu vaccine plus has contracted for 120 million doses of Adjuvant (to stretch the number of doses of vaccine). So the CDC appears to be preparing to immunize the entire country of 315 million people.

There is nothing to see here, just move along, just some public servants jiggering some numbers to political gain and endangering the public needlessly.

The CDC is a public servant, so is Congress.... so if you have a servant and they are not doing their job correctly (i.e., Congress supervising the CDC) then it is time to let whomever is your servant know your wishes.

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