Wednesday, December 24, 2008


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President-Elect Barack Obama
Presidential Transition Headquarters
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December 11, 2008

SUBJECT: Preparation of the United States of America for the Next Climate Change.

Dear President-Elect Obama,

Congratulations on your historic election victory! Doubtless, the vast majority of Americans regardless of party affiliation, hope your administration will take action for the benefit of all on the problems we face. You certainly have my own best wishes toward that goal.

On the matter of climate change however, we now face a totally different future from what you have been told, what we all have been told, over the last twenty years. Although I have been asked to provide space program and science advice to the White House and Congress in the past, what I am writing in this letter far outweighs the importance of any advice I have given before.

In essence, there is now substantial and convincing evidence that global warming has ended. In fact, many scientists world wide along with me are now saying that the next climate change has already begun and that it will take the planet’s temperatures steadily downwards over the next three decades. The past warming phase of the Earth’s climate peaked during the last ten years and by the time the new cold era reaches bottom around 2031 we will all be facing the worst cold the world has seen in over 200 years! The cold will likely be intense enough to cause catastrophic losses in the world’s grain crops with the unfortunate prospect of a major global subsistence crisis.

This is all the result of a repeating 206 year cycle of the Sun. This cycle has completed its warm phase and has now entered its cold phase. In addition to the recently confirmed significantly lower global temperatures that are now in place on Earth, the Sun has begun what I call a “solar hibernation.” Such a period of dramatically reduced solar activity has always brought long, deep cold to the planet. These are facts and not speculation or just another climate change theory. The Earth has already begun to cool rapidly. The ongoing drop in the Sun’s output bringing decades of increasingly cold weather is unstoppable!

These facts above are easily verified by those private, US government and other international agencies that monitor both the Sun’s behavior and the Earth’s climate. The attached detailed letter also provides much additional information surrounding the next climate change.

I respectfully request as soon as you take office, that you quickly end support to the now discredited theory of man made global warming, and acknowledge what many of the world’s meteorologists and climatologists, the current administration, and most major media outlets already privately know; that global warming is over. We now need you to lead the people of the United States if not the planet, in preparation for the difficult, cold, climatic period ahead.

Best Regards,

John L. Casey

Attachment: Letter from the Space and Science Research Center, dated September 22, 2008; SUBJECT: Warning about the Next Climate Change.

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