Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The plan is to get everyone microchipped

By Vincent L. Guarisco
Online Journal Guest Writer

Jul 22, 2008, 00:13

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“Think for yourself and question authority.” --Timothy Leary (1920 – 1996),

American writer, psychologist, futurist and icon of psychedelic drug research and use.

I hate to be the bogeyman or bearer of bad news in many of my essays, but listen-up: In this authoritarian driven 21st century so full of numerous Orwellian creations, a long developed scientific control tactic may soon be realized in our lifetime in order to steal everyone’s personal freedom. Yes, the powers that be want to implant tiny little microchips into our bodies for surveillance purposes, behavior manipulation, and more . . .

For me, just the thought of this intrusive Machiavellian scheme is comparable to having a bad hallucinogenic acid trip. In fact, I consider this whole chip-trip more dangerous than taking a massive overdose of LSD, then wildly running down the middle of a busy expressway at rush hour in a major metropolitan city. Indeed, I’m sure Timothy Leary would greatly appreciate me quoting him on this one! And I’m equally sure if he were alive today, he would offer ‘something snappy’ to counter this hideous idea of chipping everyone up. He once said, ‘Science is all Metaphor.’ How ironic and often true. But Leary is best known for coining the phrase, ‘turn-on, tune-in, drop-out.’ However, after learning about this electronic assault on technology, I’m sure he would probably offer the following sober advise -- turn-me-over, tune your lips on-my-ass and drop-dead. Indeed, I’d bet my sanity on that one.

The idea of controlling the world populace through new and improved scientific electronic control technology has been up-graded for decades. It’s an on-going sadistic dream birthed in the belly of old CIA programs such as Dr. Jose Delgado’s MKULTRA project group. The goal is simple, the powerful elites want to find a better, easier, more efficient way to control everyone at will with fewer jackboots in the streets.

Quickly now, pinch me hard and fast. And, if I should die before I wake, please send my ashes into space on a jet plane just like Timothy Leary did so many years ago. Because I, too, may soon want to escape my earthly bounds as well. I may soon think this ominous planet earth is not worthy of the experience. I am not a ‘chip’ off the old puppet-block for fuck-heads to pull my strings at will.

Believe it or not, this reality is now reaching a critical juncture for totally wiping out the freedom we have known and enjoyed for 232 years. Bottom line, this new technology promises to usher in a new era of modern day slavery -- in the extreme. A lowly, monstrous prodigy that could stream for generations.

Ostensibly, manipulative electronic implants are for real. And these new chips are ready to be unknowingly injected into the public bloodstream through the end of any hypodermic needle. Let’s entertain the possibility that a massive vaccination program may soon be announced at a clinic near you, where everyone will be required to receive a mandatory immunization shot in the name of ‘public safety.’ Although this scheme was cloaked in secrecy behind closed doors, Homeland Security (and FEMA) already have executive orders in place to quickly implement this microchip program into reality upon a minute’s notification. Conspiracy theory? Think again . . .

What are these microchips all about you say? Well, these crazy scientists have developed this insane technology far beyond the confines of simple GPS-tracking ability via satellite. In fact, they have made great leaps and bounds in the area of ‘neuroscience.’ Get ready to pop your cork -- the experimental monkey is on our back now.

In addition to having the ability to easily track anyone’s whereabouts on the globe (just like our current passports and money), they can now monitor and/or regulate our physical and emotional state in real human form. Thus, once the chip is in, they will be able to manipulate us at will using either remote electronic signaling, or by relying on the chip’s pre-integrated software program. Sort of like loading a disk directly into a computer hard drive, only this is us, not computers.

Scary stuff! Yes, they can now sufficiently alter our natural emotional functions, nervous system and genetic, or ligand-receptor, networks, in order to manage desirable or undesirable behavior, thought processes and even motor skills. In essence, they can change the way our body metabolizes serotonin. Unreal? Think again, It’s limitless, including ‘death,’ with a mere push of a button if they so desire. How convenient, they can now inject miniature hit men into our bodies.

Let me explain this further. In terms of body function, serotonin can affect the heart, muscles and various elements of the endocrine system, or hormones and glands. I’m trying to keep this as simple as I can, but our body chemistry is very complex; it contains many different hormones, neurotransmitters, and other substances influencing how we think, feel and act. I want you to consider the ramifications of anyone having the ability to affect any of these changes inside our body . . . yeah, I know, this sounds like some crazy X-File stuff, straight out of Chris Carter’s imagination. But this is for real . . . it is not fiction.

After considering where we are in today’s grand global scheme of things, is it really that hard to believe? The elites have been moving mountains for decades in order to globalize the planet under one monetary banner. A one-world government using all populations as a cheap docile workforce to further their wants and needs. Ideas such as this only realize that goal even quicker and more efficiently. Yes, a lot of time, money and resources went into this project.

What better way to destroy independent thought and free will (and lives) than to kill it inside our bodies before it can begin? How hard can it be for them to control us once the chips are implanted? My God, this is the ultimate form of absolute control without tarnishing a bit of landscape. Atomic weapons and most conventional warfare could be a thing of the past in the near future. Why pollute and destroy industrial factories, critical infrastructure, agriculture fields, small towns or major cities when they can steal lives, control our thoughts, manipulate our bodily functions and harness the slave matrix without firing a single shot? Now this is control!

In ending, I have given you just enough information about this subject to inspire you to do more research on your own. Naturally, I could be lying. I don’t expect you to take my word for it. I want you to find your own answers. Only then, will you realize the full gravity of our situation. The truth has always been out there, you just need to find it -- and then act accordingly. The horrible technology is here, the only question is how much persuading will be necessary to make us obediently -- even gleefully -- accept it?

One thing is certain, this will move forward in the name of national security and public safety. I used to believe it would happen slowly, step by step. But now, I think it’s going to be escalated soon. Perhaps, as quickly as mid 2009. Remember this well, if this is allowed to happen, we will be led into a place where no one, if they thought about it, would ever willingly go. Once we have crossed that line, there will be no means to escape this madness . . .
Vincent L Guarisco is a freelance writer from Bullhead City, Arizona, a contributing writer for many web sites, and a lifetime founding member of the Alliance of Atomic Veterans. Reprint permission is given as long as article content is not altered or changed and credit is given to the author. The 21st century, once so full of shining promise, now threatens to force countless millions of us at home and abroad into a dark abyss of languishing poverty and silent servitude; a lowly prodigy of painful struggle and suffering that could stream for generations to come. I’m wishing for a miracle, before it is too late, that the masses will figure it out and will stand as one and roar. So, pass the word. It’s past time to take back what is ours — the American Dream where the pursuit of happiness, the ability to live in a free and peaceful nation is a reality. We bought it, and we paid for it. It’s time to take it back. For replies, contact vincespainting1@hotmail.com.

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