Monday, January 7, 2008

You CAN Handle The Truth - Poison DUst

Depleted Uranium Kills -- US soldiers are
returning from Iraq to die of "mysterious"
ailments - and the depleted uranium
(DU) poisoning scandal just won't go away,
despite efforts to cover it up.

Protesters in New Haven spoke out
against the U.S. military's use of DU,
its effects on US troops, and cutbacks
in veterans' medical benefits.

The DU test costs $1,000, so the U.S.
government won't test for DU poisoning.
"More than 240,000 Gulf War veterans are
on permanent medical disability and more
than 11,000 are dead. They have been
denied testing, medical care,
and compensation for depleted uranium
exposure and related illnesses since 1991,"
say reports. A U.S. government study found
that 67% of post-Gulf War babies have serious
birth defects or serious illnesses.

In Italy, eight soldiers home from Iraq
died of cancer, probably caused by DU
exposure. Today, Italy proposed new
legislation to censor media covering
the military. The new law would bar
any reporting on the health effects of
depleted uranium. Anyone who breaks the
law could face up to 20 years
in a military prison, including
civilians. You thought they came home safely from
the war. They didn't.

Poison DUst tells the story of three
young men from New York who could not
answers for their mysterious ailments
after their National Guard unit's 2003
tour of duty in Iraq. A mother reveals
her fears about the extent of her
child's birth defects and the growing
disablity of her young husband - a vet.

This Generation has the ability since
the beginning of mankind to be the most
informed about the world around you.

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