Saturday, November 21, 2009

Unconfirmed Reports of Large Numbers of Deaths from the Vaccine in the Ukraine

Unconfirmed reports are coming in that thousands of people in what appears to be a rural area under quarantine in the western Ukraine have been killed by vaccines.

A Ukrainian woman who crossed into neighbouring Poland told people there that she had driven into the Ukraine to meet a friend but was stopped about 60 km from the border and told that parts of the Western Ukraine were closed at a distance of about 100 kilometers from the border with Poland.

These people allegedly told her that there were thousands of dead people lying on the streets inside those closed off areas.

Also, there are mass graves filled with bodies covered with lime.

The woman said the people had died as a result of vaccinations. The vaccines allegedly came from France.

This report cannot be independently verified. The woman has reported what others have told her leaving room for the story to be distorted if there is any basis in fact at all. The woman did not see these things with her own eyes.

Life in the town of Drohobych in the Western Ukraine appears to be continuing as normal, say eyewitness reports from there.

The Ukrainian government has recently clamped down on the media, shutting down bloggers, and there are no reports so far in the mainstream or alternaitve media that confirm this story.

Rural parts of Western Ukraine are difficult to access.

The Ukrainian government has said that it has put parts of Western Ukraine under quarantine as a result of an outbreak of pandemic.

Also, the government has announced its intention to carry out mass vaccinations under the instructions of WHO to counter the “pandemic”.

Reports have come in of pneunomic plague following unusual aircraft activity.

Doctors are reported to have been told that they cannot write down pneumonic plague as a cause of death and must write down swine flu.

This is an email from a source in Poland:

I reveived a phone call from the friend of my parents, a healer, who had a client from Ukraine - woman, who allegedly ran away from Ukraine yesterday. What she says is very scary. She tried to drive into Ukraine to meet her friend. About 60 km from the border she was stopped by people. They warned her that some parts of Western Ukraine are closed, around 100-10 km from the border.

Those people allegedly were crying that there are thousands of dead victims lying on the streets, and nobody wants to touch them. Also, that there are some mass graves filled with bodies, which were disinfected with lime (calcium). Thousands people died not from the disease but from the vaccines.

I tried to verify this info, my cousin called friends in Drohobycz (also Western Ukraine) - there is nothng abnormal there. So it could be a provocation or to run false stories.

Of course there is a chance that only small part of the region is affected, maybe they tried there untested vaccine and these are the results.

Nevertheless, there is complete media blackout about it except some comments in my blog which for already 2 weeks confirm the fact of “thousands of victims”.

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