Saturday, July 25, 2009

CDC Lying about H1N1 "Swine Flu" cases

James Atkinson ( writes:

Look at the fifth page of the attachment for the row that reads "Colorado,” and then the column that represents this date (7/17/2009).

This morning the CDC announced infection numbers that are an utter and complete fantasy, and they have been now caught red handed lying to the public, and endangering public welfare for political gain.

Colorado for example had a minimum of 67 newly reported cases two weeks ago (and publicly reported by the Air Force early this week), but the CDC shows that they only increased by 9. So either the Air Force is completely lying, and the staff at the Air Force Academy is lying, or the CDC is lying. These numbers from the Air Force Academy outbreak provide an excellent ethical touchstone and control case as the Academy is somewhat isolated, the students are confined, in extremely good health (before becoming deathly ill), and the Air Force, and in turn the Air Force Academy has an ethical/political nightmare on their hands. If the staff at the Air Force Academy is in fact lying, then there is an extreme issue with ethics, and thus a huge honor problem.

If we look at the numbers that the CDC released prior to this announcement on the 13th we see that over the past five weeks that Colorado has had only a very small number of H1N1 cases, and that this outbreak at the Academy should significantly increase the numbers being reported to the CDC. These are the numbers for the last five weeks [75, 103, 103, 136, 146 155] (155 is the latest number as of 7/10/2009), if the 67 confirmed cases at the Academy get properly reported the number that the CDC reports on 7/17 for Colorado should have been at least 213 infections (possibly at least 267 in the state), and likely much higher. The doctors at the Academy are also more likely to report their number to the CDC then the State level officials especially given the close media coverage on the case, and that the entire Academy could be quarantined. Colorado Spring could turn into a hot spot as a result on this infection.

The numbers reported on 7/17/2009 did not increase for Colorado by at least 67 cases or more so it is safe to suspect the veracity of all other numbers the CDC reporting and that they have been fuzzing the numbers up. The Air Force (and Air Force Academy) reported 67 confirmed cases to the CDC, but the CDC only reported 9 in the entire State of Colorado. If we do a little math backwards we can see that 9 infections would be about normal for Colorado even if the 67 Academy infections were not being included. This likely means that the CDC is not reporting the Air Force Academy numbers at all. Today the CDC stated that there were only 155 cases in Colorado, when in fact the number should have been well in excess of 213, and most likely much higher.

If the CDC is lying, (and given their wordsmithing, political maneuvers, and heavy fuzzing of these released numbers that likely are), then there is somebody at the CDC significantly concealing the magnitude of the infections for some kind of gain. This represents a 769% lie by the CDC in this particular Academy case, but it may be actually far worse then that nationwide.

If we take the propagation model for this type of virus and apply the model to where we were just before the CDC came out with their totally bogus "the virus is tapering off" press release we can see that the CDC is actually concealing that this infection is far more rampant then what they are reporting to the public. The bottom line is that the CDC is endangering the lives of you, your family, and your children by virtue of their not accurately, and honestly reporting these numbers to the public.

The CDC is irrefutably lying, this is irrefutably proven by the non-reporting of the Air Force Academy numbers that they have had confirmed results now from a military lab for the last 11 days, so it is not just a matter of the numbers getting stale, but rather of actually being fraudulently reported by the CDC to the medical community, and the veracity of anything they now say about the H1N1 infections must now in question.

I suspect that we may see at least a few deaths at the Air Force Academy, or at least a few cases of students being gravely ill due to their age and lack of native immunity (they are too young to have good immunity). Fortunately for the Academy students they are at the peak of physical condition and thus they present an excellent case study from a scientific basis.

Due to this very serious fraud by the CDC, I do request the immediate resignation of the appropriate responsible officials of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services/CDC, and strongly request that an Congressional Oversight Committee (HELP Committee) initiate emergency hearings into this lying by the CDC, and investigate the magnitude of the lie, and investigate the actual danger that the CDC has created by covering-up this H1N1 outbreak, and fuzzing up the number for what is likely to be the entire country.

If indeed the CDC has been lying about these numbers all along then the situation is far more grave, and it could be actually quite lethal to restart the Fall school season until the H1N1 vaccine is fully distributed. Just remember, that it may be your kids who die because of this, and that is may be your family who may be grieving shortly after school gets back into session this Fall.

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