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AIDS/Ebola: Reports Outbreaks "Man-made" and CIA-linked

Sandpoint, Idaho Two African presidents, defending against the political and biological damage caused by AIDS and a new Ebola outbreak, may find relief by giving their nation's health ministers a reading assignment. So advises the author of a bestselling book on the two most feared viruses this doctor calls "man-made."

In letters to both Kenya's president, Daniel Arap Moi, and South African president, Thabo Mbeki, Dr. Leonard Horowitz, a public health authority, and author of the bestselling book "Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola, Nature, Accident or Intentional?", the viruses most people consider an act of nature were rather instigated by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). The agency now oversees all AIDS science in America and tracks it overseas. Diplomatic sources say both leaders are poised to heed the doctor's counsel.

In recent months, President Thabo Mbeki has come under venomous attacks for his heretical suggestions that AIDS may be genocide, or at least racially linked. Scientists, most biased by pharmaceutical contracts, lambasted him for his criticism of AZT at the International Conference on AIDS hosted by the president earlier this year. More recently, his fight with political opponent Tony Leon, South Africa's Democratic Party leader, reached an international platform when Reuters News Service described the row between the economist-trained Black leader Mbeki, and the white lawyer Leon. "Difficult as it might be," Mbeki scolded the lawyer in an open letter, "the least you might try to do is to fight against the tendency to hold in contempt those whom white South Africa has held in and treated with contempt for many centuries."

Days later in Kenya, on October 14, President Arap Moi was alerted by his health ministers that all traffic from neighboring Uganda was being checked for signs and symptoms of Ebola,a hemorrhagic fever virus that kills 90% of those infected within three weeks.

HIV, the virus scientific consensus holds is linked to AIDS, and Ebola, related to HIV only in-so-far-as its effect on the immune system, were both likely bioengineered by military contractors during a top secret biological weapons program conducted by the CIA, according to Dr. Horowitz's findings.

"I've reprinted the U.S. Government contracts under which numerous AIDS-like and Ebola-like viruses were bioengineered by the Army's sixth top biological weapons contractor. At the time," the late 1960s to mid-1970s, "such viruses were hybridized from other germs using crude laboratory methods compared to today's sophisticated biotechnology," the doctor said.

The "bioweapons" strayed from their production labs in contaminated vaccines, according to the Harvard graduate's thesis which is scheduled to be published in the esteemed scientific journal Medical Hypothesis early next year. "That publication should send a clear message to skeptics in science, as well as international leaders, that President Mbeki's concerns are well founded in fact," Dr. Horowitz said.

President Mbeki has called claims that AIDS originated in Africa and Haiti "insulting." They "powerfully reinforce dangerous, firmly entrenched prejudices," he said.

In a published letter the African National Congress leader condemned the organized effort to "blame HIV/AIDS on Africans even at the time the US was the epicenter of reported deaths from AIDS . . . To me as an African, it is both interesting and disturbing that the signatories of the so-called Durban Declaration return to the thesis about the alleged original transmission of HIV from African animals to humans, given what science has said about AIDS in the last two decades."

In Dr. Horowitz's letters to the presidents he wrote of the "extensive" scientific evidence supporting a political cause of AIDS as well as Ebola. "The Ugandan shipment of contaminated monkeys that arrived in Europe's top vaccine production labs was administered by . . . the Army's sixth top biological weapons developer during the late 1960s." He evidenced two leading experts who met to discuss the mysterious origin of Ebola's closest ancestor, the Marburg virus. One was Dr. Rudolph Siegert of the Hygiene Institute of the Philipps University in Marburg, and the other was Dr. Seymour Kalter from the Southwest Foundation's primate lab and the National Cancer Institute's leading diagnostician of viruses that were believed to be "emerging" iatrogenically from labs. "Siegert," Dr. Horowitz explained, "reported in 1972 that the Marburg virus shared the closest similarity to a family of viruses known as Rhabdovirus simian. These included the culprits responsible for rabies. Dr. Kalter reported the Marburg virus was 'man-made.'"

Concerning the issues of racism that President Mbeki raised, Dr. Horowitz concurred. His letter stated, "it is likely no coincidence" that the pharmaceutical company and cancer research agency most closely linked to these "man-made" viruses, and suspected vaccines, "are among the world's leading depopulation funding sources. Viewed as population controllers might, the AIDS pandemic, heavily affecting ethnic populations, is suspiciously utilitarian if not provably Malthusian."

The doctor suggested two options for the embattled African leaders: "1) Do nothing and have the ongoing biological devastation continue unchallenged and unabated, or 2) Seriously consider, with input from your health ministers and scientific advisors, the evidence I advance, ascertain whether or not my findings are valid, and if so, take a stand for . . . people around the world by openly articulating truths that have been heretofore suppressed. This second choice must include, as President Mbeki has ordered, a reevaluation of all theories of origin, treatment options, and preventive practices concerning HIV/AIDS and Ebola. Should you follow this second path, you will likely learn, as I have, that those who delivered these plagues have also actively suppressed highly effective, low risk, cost-saving alternatives to pharmaceutical 'cocktails.'"

The doctor concluded his message to President Arap Moi, drawing optimistically on Bible scripture. "It is my sincere hope that as time passes, and more loving "watchmen" herald lifesaving and blood sparing truths, what currently stands as history's grossest example of man's inhumanity towards man, will become the greatest impetus for planetary repentance and lasting world peace."

Copies of Dr. Horowitz book, thirty-two copies of which had been purchased by Kenyan officials before their latest urgency, are available at select bookstores throughout North America, or through the publisher, Tetrahedron, LLC Press, 1-888-508-4787.

-end -

NOTE TO JOURNALISTS: For a feature article on Dr. Horowitz's research, a list of internationally recognized authorities who can verify this work, or for review copies of Dr. Horowitz's publications, please call Contessa Morton at 208-265-2575.


October 17, 2000

The Honorable President Thabo M. Mbeki
Office of the President
Private Bag X1000

Dear President Mbeki:

Colleagues from around the world have sent me newspaper clippings concerning the abuse you have received from Democratic Party leader Tony Leon "over the cause and treatment of AIDS." As the author of the American bestseller, Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola, Nature, Accident or Intentional?, a copy of which, I understand, you have received from Dr. Alim Muhammed when you visited Washington, D.C. earlier this year, I offer you my support. To bolster your position concerning the likely man-made origin of HIV/AIDS, and the pandemic's pharmaceutical company-linked underpinnings, I offer you, your allies, and critics, the following analysis.

Before I begin, however, I want to thank you for your honorable and courageous statements in-so-far-as bringing world attention to that grave likelihood that HIV evolved iatrogenically, and/or through racist (i.e., genocidal) intent. The U.S. Government documents that I reprinted in my text forcefully support your statements, regardless of how farfetched such theories may seem to uninformed or misinformed audiences.

These critical "Special Virus Cancer Program" documents, that must be brought to world attention, include the National Institute of Health contracts numbered NIH-71-2025 and NIH-71-2059, to Litton Bionetics and the Merck pharmaceutical company. U.S. Congressional Records show both of these companies were linked, during the 1960s and early 1970s, to each other as well as to biological weapons programs administered by the CIA and U.S. military contractors under National Security Agency oversight. Bionetics employed the world's leading primate cancer virus investigating team. The viruses they manufactured en masse at that time, using comparatively crude, by today's standards, laboratory methods, included viruses that were functionally and descriptively identical to HIV. The evidence for this seemingly outrageous claim is astonishingly certain.

Despite the largely false and misleading arguments that the gene sequences of Bionetics's bioengineered retroviruses differed substantially from HIV-1 and HIV-2, an argument that Dr. Robert Gallo gave me which is echoed by leading AIDS researchers today, it is clear a virtual "smoking gun" exists with these contracts that show the unique immune-suppression/leukemia/lymphoma/sarcoma cancer complex, arguably non-existent on plant earth prior to the first cases of HIV/AIDS seen around 1978, was precisely what Dr. Gallo, leading the Bionetics team for the National Cancer Institute, spent most of his time and money researching, developing, and testing during the late 1960s and early 1970s. This was precisely timed for the first simultaneous HIV/AIDS outbreaks on two far removed continents in two demographically distinct, and unique, populations.

More telling is the fact that Litton's lab affiliated with the International Agency for Research in Cancer (IARC) located in Northwest Uganda. From here hepatitis B vaccine trials were conducted on Africans as the Merck pharmaceutical company was testing another strain of this vaccine on homosexual men in New York, and yet another strain on Willowbrook State School mentally retarded children on Staten Island. These three study groups, and few others, were chosen because they were alleged to be at higher risk for hepatitis B infections. Merck also used Litton supplied, and apparently contaminated, African monkeys and chimpanzees. Litton's primate colonies were in Southeast Uganda. The HIV/AIDS-link to chimps is best explained by Merck's use of these Litton supplied non-human primates to help develop four sub-strains of their 1974-1975 hepatitis B vaccine given, once again, primarily to gay men in New York City and Blacks in Central Africa. Few tell, or want to acknowledge, that Litton's shipments of approximately 500 monkeys to European vaccine production labs in 1967 initiated the first Marburg virus (mother of Ebola) outbreak in Germany and Yugoslavia. That these vaccine related studies likely triggered AIDS is further implied by Merck's leading vaccine expert, Dr. Maurice Hilleman, President Clinton's 1998 Sabin Gold Medal of Honor awardee. Dr. Hilleman went on record, during a 1986 interview, that he brought the AIDS virus into North America in contaminated monkeys destined for vaccine research and testing at Merck. This admission alone, deserves a US Congressional, United Nations, if not World Court inquiry.

Thus, your concerns, President Mbeki, are rational, well studied, and entirely caring, while Mr. Leon's statements reflect gross ignorance furthering injustice.

Regarding the issues of racism that you have rightly associated with HIV/AIDS, space and time does not permit me to detail here the genocidal theory of HIV/AIDS. As you likely know, I dealt with this extensively in my Emerging Viruses text (Tetrahedron, LLC Press, 1998; From overseas 1-208-265-2575; web address - http://Tetrahedron, LLC.org; e-mail: tetra@tetrahedron.org), and also in a forthcoming scientific article in the esteemed journal of Medical Hypothesis (Laxdale Ltd, Stirling UK [44 (0) 1786 476001; e-mail agreen@laxdale.co.uk]). Suffice it to say it is likely no coincidence that the Merck pharmaceutical company, along with the IARC-linked Rockefeller Foundation, are among the world's leading depopulation funding sources. Viewed as population controllers might, the AIDS pandemic, heavily affecting ethnic populations, is suspiciously utilitarian if not provably Malthusian.

Sincerely and respectfully yours,

Leonard G. Horowitz, D.M.D, M.A., M.P.H.


October 18, 2000

His Excellency Daniel T. Arap Moi,
President of Kenya
Office of the President
Nairobi, Kenya
FAX 011-2542250264

Dear President Arap Moi:

The news regarding the mysterious reemergence of the deadly Ebola virus in Uganda and Kenya grieves me greatly as I know it does you. As disturbing as this new outbreak is, I am sorry to say it might have been predicted, and even prevented, given adequate attention to the documentation I published in a book you currently posses, but to my knowledge, may have not yet read, Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola, Nature, Accident or Intentional?

Since I know you are a very Godly man, and a Spiritually inspired leader who wishes the best for the people of Kenya, I trust you will receive this information with an open heart and mind in an effort to avert further bloodshed and loss of life. I believe, as is rational, that without getting to the root cause of these mysterious outbreaks through a critical review of the existing scientific literature, and related US Government documents that I have compiled, such epidemics are likely to continue and/or reemerge. Alternatively, I believe you, and other articulate and courageous African leaders like South African President Thabo Mbeki, can take a successful stand for truth, identify the root cause of these problems, and ultimately extinguish the threat, saving the lives of millions of people.

The documents I implore you to assign your health ministers and nation's infectious disease specialists to critically review strongly suggest a socio­economic­political origin of Ebola as well as AIDS, in keeping with statements made by the World Health Organization's AIDS czar, Dr. Jonathan Mann, prior to his untimely demise on Flight 111.

Regarding AIDS, the attached copy of a letter I recently sent to President Mbeki will review the evidence I have accumulated concerning the man-made nature of this pandemic, and those who profit by it.

Regarding Ebola, as detailed in Emerging Viruses, the Paul Ehrlich Institute in Frankfort/Main, Germany, (named for the early pioneer of immunology, infectious disease transmission, and drug therapy) was among the first vaccine research and development facilities to received a shipment of contaminated monkeys associated with the first outbreak of the Marburg virus, the mother of Ebola, in 1967. As detailed in my letter to President Mbeki, Litton Bionetics's history and affiliations to the Merck pharmaceutical company, and other US biological weapons contractors that worked for the CIA at that time, is highly unsettling, if not frankly incriminating.

Relatedly, Stanford University's Dr. Paul Ehrlich, the author of The Population Bomb, is considered the grand patriarch of population control and a leading voice for depopulating areas of Africa, while another likely descendant of the immunology pioneer, Dr. S. Paul Ehrlich, Jr., became Surgeon General of the US in 1976,just prior to the first large Ebola outbreak in Zaire and the Sudan, when he was called upon to defend the US Army's open air biological weapons tests on unwitting American civilians and military personnel.

Ebola, you may know, is recognized as among the most ideal biological warfare agents discussed by David Baltimore in Biological and Toxin Weapons Today (Oxford University Press, 1986). Baltimore, currently the President of the California Institute of Technology, is recognized as among the world's leading experts in the field of molecular biology, recombinant virology, and biowarfare. Additional incriminating evidence linking Dr. Baltimore to a 1969 military requisition for AIDS and Ebola-like viruses is also provided in my book. (See pp. 508-509 and 421.)

The Ugandan shipment of contaminated monkeys that arrived in Europe's top vaccine production labs was administered by Litton Bionetics, the Army's sixth top biological weapons developer during the late 1960s.

According to two experts discussing the mysterious Marburg virus outbreak of 1967, Dr. Rudolph Siegert of the Hygiene Institute of the Philipps University in Marburg, and Dr. Seymour Kalter from the Southwest Foundation's primate lab and the National Cancer Institute's leading diagnostician of viruses that were believed to be "emerging" iatrogenically from labs, the Marburg virus was "man-made."

Siegert reported in 1972 that the Marburg virus shared the closest similarity to a family of viruses known as Rhabdovirus simian. These included the culprits responsible for rabies.

During my Emerging Viruses investigation I also learned that Litton Bionetics's Director, John Landon, beginning July 1965,preceding the first Marburg virus outbreak two years later, began experimenting with Rhabdovirus simian. He reported to the NCI in 1971, that nine of the original 18 monkeys he had injected had either "died," or were "transferred." Monkeys that had survived the infection had obviously developed immunity and antibodies required for vaccine production. Thus, they were apparently "transferred" to Europe's premier vaccine production labs wherein the Marburg outbreaks occurred.

On March 19, 1975 during a cancer virus research and safety symposium, Dr. Kalter, obviously frustrated by some of his colleagues, and the scientific impropriety of avoiding the truth about the mother of Ebola, testified: "I believe simian-hemorrhagic fever is important. It appears to be a man-made disease."

Present was Dr. Alfred Hellman, a leading Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) official, and the chairman of the NCI's section on Biohazards Control and Containment. Following Dr. Kalter's stunning but accurate diagnosis of the "man-made" origin of Marburg/Ebola, Hellman, at the helm of the conference's steering committee, felt compelled to redirect discussion to less troubled waters.

Dr. Hellman, Special Virus Cancer Program reports revealed, was among the world's leading experts in airborne viruses, as Ebola is believed to be. With his links to the AEC, as well as his work at the U.S. Navy Biomedical Research Lab (NBRL) that included biological warfare research and developments, his intimate links to the CIA and their top secret bioweapons program called Project: MKNAOMI can be surmised. As discussed and documented in Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola, Hellman served as the executive project officer for the NCI in their effort to test the "Aerosol Properties of Potentially Oncogenic Viruses" with the Navy. Hellman, oversaw the NBRL studies in which viruses were spread through the air in an effort to study "virus-host interaction considering both the hazard to humans and animals and the potential for cross contamination." These studies, similar to what had been conducted on the USS Coral Sea and the USS F. D. Bailey in 1950, were apparently a follow-up to the studies conducted by the Special Operations Division of the Army in cooperation with the Navy and the CIA. This time, in 1971, instead of exposing unwitting military personnel to aerosols containing relatively mild, Serratia marcescens and Bacillus globigii bacteria, humans and animals were exposed to carcinogenic viruses. In these reports, Hellman and his colleagues wisely chose to keep the identity of their human and animal test subjects classified.

All of these studies, biological developments, and testing programs, conducted under the guise of "cancer research," "disease prevention," "vaccine development," and/or military "defense," were, in fact, according to the U.S. Congressional Record, often part of the CIA's Project: MKULTRA that included population control (including depopulation), as well as propaganda dissemination for mass shaping of public opinion.

However circumstantial this evidence may seem, the fact that the key players, as described above, and elsewhere in my publications, were all administratively and/or financially linked to CIA sponsored population management activities, and thus, by association, to Rockefeller-linked population controllers, deserves serious investigation and reconciliation.

In summary, David Baltimore played a leading role in the Rockefeller-linked National Academy of Sciences/National Research Council in 1969 when his unique expertise was apparently called upon to advise DoD officials, and Congressional appropriations committee persons, of the feasibility of developing viruses that were descriptively and functionally identical to HIV and Ebola. NCI Special Virus Cancer Program (SVCP) reports showed mutant viruses were developed for which their only conceivable use might be for population control, much like that being accomplished by HIV/AIDS. The clearest examples of this on the summary list of lethal mutant biologicals under investigation at that time by Bionetics, in association with other military contractors, was the airborne recombinants of "acute lymphocytic leukemia" and "influenza" and "Para influenza" viruses. (See page 452 of my book and related SVCP documentation.)

In other words, spreading leukemia like a common flu, would better suit a depopulation objective than it would either cancer research or biological warfare objectives. After all, leukemia kills too slowly for use in traditional biological warfare applications. Not so, however, for "non-lethal" applications for gross, insidious, and lucrative population reduction.

Additionally incriminating is the fact that these appropriations hearings and investigative efforts occurred immediately following Henry Kissinger's request for clarification by the Secretary of Defense, Melvin Laird, concerning America's biological weapons capabilities, at a time when Kissinger, as National Security Advisor, was formulating depopulation policies, particularly targeting Third World nations, and advancing "urgent" new population policy recommendations for implementation by the United Nations, USAID, and the World Bank.

Moreover, given Kissinger's foreign policy objectives for central Africa at that time, including massive depopulation, ordering the CIA to release deadly biologicals in the area is not unrealistic. The Rockefeller prot�g� had, after all: 1) instigated the Zaire/Angola war by initially dispatching CIA agent-provocateurs into the area to foment unrest; 2) arranged for payments and "soft loans" to President Mobutu of Zaire who, for an additional $250 million, leased approximately 30,000 square miles of Eastern Zaire (home to approximately 760,000 African villagers) to Atomic Energy Commission-linked ex-Nazi personnel including V2 missile project officers Dr. Kurt H. Debus, who directed Cape Canaveral's space program until 1975, Richard Gompertz,a specialist on V2 engines who later directed NASA's Chrysler space division, and Lutz Thilo Kayser, also known as "Dadieu's young man," in reference to Armin Dadieu, his mentor and prominent SS officer who reported to the infamous Nazi commander and art thief, Hermann Goering, on their special program for storing uranium; 3) directed the exfiltration of Nazi scientists from Germany to the United States, like those mentioned above, as well as Erich Traub, Hitler's top biological weapons developer, and world class cancer virologist, during the CIA's top secret Project: Paperclip. Dr. Traub, like Dr. Hellman, affiliated with the NBRL; 4) planned and effected the deployment of nuclear weapons around the world to serve Rockefeller's economic and "national security" interests. In this vein, the association of AEC officials including Dr. Hellman to the top secret testing of immune suppressive and carcinogenic aerosolized biologicals, Kissinger's selected alternatives to costly nuclear weapons, is additionally disturbing, if not incriminating; and 5) served as a leading consultant on the Board of Advisors of the Merck Pharmaceutical Company, the firm that developed the 1974-75 hepatitis B vaccine given to gay men in New York City and Blacks in Central Africa that most likely triggered the international AIDS pandemic. Merck's president and Kissinger's corporate affiliate, George W. Merck, was America's biological weapons industry director from World War II until the early 1970s when the suspected AIDS-linked vaccines, and Ebola-like hemorrhagic fever viruses, were being pilot tested.

Given the horrific implications of all of the above, President Arap Moi, I submit to you as a humble "watchman" described in Ezekial 3:17-3:21, two general options present for your consideration: 1) Do nothing and have the ongoing biological devastation continue unchallenged and unabated, or 2) Seriously consider, with input from your health ministers and scientific advisors, the evidence I advance, ascertain whether or not my findings are valid, and if so, take a stand for Kenyans and people around the world by openly articulating truths that have been heretofore suppressed. This second choice must include, as President Mbeki has ordered, a reevaluation of all theories of origin, treatment options, and preventive practices concerning HIV/AIDS and Ebola.
Should you follow this second path, you will likely learn, as I have, that those who delivered these plagues have also actively suppressed highly effective, low risk, cost-saving alternatives to pharmaceutical "cocktails."

There is a reason the Bible teaches that those who brought on God's judgment and the great plagues in the End Times practiced "sorcery" derived from "pharmacopoeia." It is my sincere hope that as time passes, and more loving "watchmen" herald life-saving and blood sparing truths, what currently stands as history's grossest example of man's inhumanity towards man, will become the greatest impetus for planetary repentance and lasting world peace. Holding this vision, I would be pleased by your fellowship and invitation to be a shepherd on this path.

Yours in the Spirit of health and hope,

Leonard G. Horowitz, D.M.D, M.A., M.P.H.


Release: No.00-EV/14
Date Mailed: October 20, 2000
For Immediate Release
Contact: Contessa Morton,208/265-2575; 800/336-9266

Harvard Grad Says Vaccine Study Triggered AIDS
Presentation Planned for Boston Public Health Association Meeting in November

Boston, The author of a bestselling book that alleges AIDS was triggered by contaminated vaccines will present his findings at the upcoming American Public Health Association meeting in Boston. The thesis, advanced by Harvard graduate Dr. Leonard Horowitz in an upcoming issue of the scientific journal of Medical Hypothesis, is the subject of a forthcoming BBC special planned for early 2001. The works herald compelling new evidence that the AIDS pandemic was initiated by early hepatitis B (HB) vaccine trials conducted on gay men in New York City and villagers in Central Africa during the early to mid 1970s. This controversial theory lends credence to widespread suspicions among minority populations as to why the disease disproportionately affects Blacks.
Based on an independent three year study into the origin of HIV that explains the chimpanzee connection to human AIDS, Dr. Horowitz determined that risky pilot HB vaccine trials were initiated by the New York University Medical Center and continued by the Merck pharmaceutical company until 1975. Collaborating with Merck, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and the National Institutes for Allergies and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) the government's top AIDS science agency, produced four lots of HB vaccine containing 200,000 human doses. The four lots, believed to be contaminated with HIV gene sequences, were prepared by passing live HB viruses, grown in contaminated African chimpanzees, to polio vaccine recipients previously exposed to monkey cancer viruses suspected of playing a role in initiating AIDS. The final preparations were injected into gay men in New York City and Blacks in Central Africa by 1975. According to several investigators, this may best explain how and why there was a sudden simultaneous outbreak of at least four major HIV strains, on two far removed continents, in two demographically distinct populations, in the late 1970s, corresponding to the only complete virus discoveries.
These disclosures come at a time of heightened concern regarding the risks posed by HIV/AIDS to U.S. national security and international finance. On April 29, 2000, the CIA issued a report declaring that global HIV/AIDS was a U.S. "national security threat," prompting President Clinton to place all of AIDS science, and the agencies conducting it, under CIA oversight. Immediate calls for the arrest of HIV/AIDS "dissident scientists" were made by officials representing consensus interests. Dr. Mark Wainberg, for instance, affiliated with McGill University in Montreal, and the president of the International AIDS Society, called for the immediate incarceration of "scientific dissidents" who proposed alternative explanations of AIDS, its origin, and treatment. These actions closely followed the highly publicized decision of South African President Thabo Mbeki to include the testimonies of "dissident" scientists in a review of HIV/AIDS. Synchronously, President Clinton approved the National Intelligence Council's (NIC) CIA-sponsored formal declaration of AIDS as a "national security threat."
No stranger to controversy, or U.S. public health officials, Dr. Horowitz has been a regular critic of health scientists biased by economics and pharmaceutical interests. His bestseller, Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola, Nature, Accident or Intentional? (Tetrahedron, LLC Press, 1998; 1-888-508-4787), for which he received the 1999 "Author of the Year Award" from the World Natural Health Organization, has gained increasing respect from members of congress and the medical and scientific communities.
In 1984, when scientists first questioned the possible HB vaccine link to the AIDS epidemic, CDC and Merck pharmaceutical officials omitted investigating homosexuals in New York City, the men known to be the primary and earliest test subjects for the suspected vaccine. Instead, they focused only on Denver and San Francisco populations that had not been immunized using the earliest, most implicated, vaccine lots. "No wonder your �expert' CDC authors remained �Anonymous' on this Morbidity & Mortality Weekly Report," Dr. Horowitz chided Dr. David Satcher, Surgeon General of the United States, when he still directed the CDC. "I too would feel ashamed to affix my name to such bogus �science.'"
" It's essential that we understand the cause of AIDS and its prevention," President Clinton told Ugandan leaders on August 26, 2000. To this Dr. Horowitz responded, "Considering the likelihood that HIV/AIDS was vaccine induced, without considering this possible cause, our prevention efforts will remain shortsighted and consistently ineffective unless, that is, your desire is global depopulation."
Lectures planned during Dr. Horowitz's visit to Boston include one at the annual meeting of the American Public Health Association, Hynes Convention Center, Room 105, on Wednesday, November 15, 2000, from 2:00-2:45PM.

-end -
NOTE TO JOURNALISTS: For a feature article on Dr. Horowitz's research, a list of internationally recognized authorities who can verify this work, or for review copies of Dr. Horowitz's publications, please call Contessa Morton at 208-265-2575.


Tetrahedron, LLC, that has published Dr. Horowitz's works, is a not-for-profit educational organization. Visit our website, archives, and catalog at: http://www.tetrahedron.org


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There is no cure, only con men out for your cash. Shame on you all for posting that rubbish about such a serious condition.

River Smitg said...

There is no cure, only con men out for your cash. Shame on you all for posting that rubbish about such a serious condition.

River Smitg said...

There is no cure, only con men out for your cash. Shame on you all for posting that rubbish about such a serious condition.

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